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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 1 Rankings

Chris Hogan Note
Chris Hogan photo 107. Chris Hogan (BYE)
Ted Ginn Jr. Note
Ted Ginn Jr. photo 115. Ted Ginn Jr. (BYE)
Ginn should be listed as one of the starting receivers in Chicago, but that doesn't mean that he's someone you should be looking at for fantasy football. Ginn will be used primarily as a field-stretcher and will see his occasional deep shot downfield to keep the defense honest.
32 weeks ago
Isaiah Ford Note
Isaiah Ford photo 116. Isaiah Ford (BYE)
DeAndre Carter Note
DeAndre Carter photo 146. DeAndre Carter (BYE)
Brennan Eagles Note
Brennan Eagles photo 163. Brennan Eagles (BYE)
Darrius Shepherd Note
Darrius Shepherd photo 176. Darrius Shepherd (BYE)
Geremy Davis Note
Geremy Davis photo 180. Geremy Davis (BYE)
Josh Bellamy Note
Josh Bellamy photo 183. Josh Bellamy (BYE)
Charone Peake Note
Charone Peake photo 185. Charone Peake (BYE)
Michael Walker Note
Michael Walker photo 188. Michael Walker (BYE)
Chris Lacy Note
Chris Lacy photo 193. Chris Lacy (BYE)
Quadree Henderson Note
Quadree Henderson photo 197. Quadree Henderson (BYE)
Cody Core Note
Cody Core photo 200. Cody Core (BYE)
Tevin Jones Note
Tevin Jones photo 205. Tevin Jones (BYE)
Chad Hansen Note
Chad Hansen photo 213. Chad Hansen (BYE)
J'Mon Moore Note
J'Mon Moore photo 215. J'Mon Moore (BYE)
Ricardo Louis Note
Ricardo Louis photo 219. Ricardo Louis (BYE)
Maurice Harris Note
Maurice Harris photo 224. Maurice Harris (BYE)
Tim White Note
Tim White photo 229. Tim White (BYE)