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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 18 Rankings

Ja'Marr Chase Note
Ja'Marr Chase photo 1. Ja'Marr Chase CIN (vs . BAL)
Chase remains "that dude" with a 29.0% target share (eighth-best), a 36.6% air yard share (ninth-best), and 24 red zone targets (third-best). Chase ranks 13th in open rate. Since Week 16, the Ravens' outside corner duo has operated in zone coverage on 60.3-60.6% of their coverage snaps. Chase ranks 20th in PFF receiving grade and 27th in yards per route run (57.4% of his target volume against zone) against zone coverage (minimum 15 zone targets). Chase will run about 76% of his routes against Marlon Humphrey (65.2% catch rate, 70.3 passer rating) and
12 weeks ago
Justin Jefferson Note
Justin Jefferson photo 2. Justin Jefferson MIN (at CHI)
Jefferson has been an elite player all season. He's 194 receiving yards away from breaking Calvin Johnson's single season receiving yardage record. The Bears don't have a corner on their roster that can hang with Jefferson. I expect them to push for this record.
12 weeks ago
Davante Adams Note
Davante Adams photo 3. Davante Adams LV (vs . KC)
Stefon Diggs Note
Stefon Diggs photo 4. Stefon Diggs BUF (vs . NE)
Diggs has been chirping for more targets recently. This is a perfect time to feed this monster. Diggs ranks tenth in target share, 15th in air-yard share, and fourth in red zone targets among wide receivers. He is ranked eighth in open rate, immediately behind Justin Jefferson. Diggs will run about 65% of his routes against Jonathan Jones (53.9% catch rate, 71.2 passer rating) and Tae Hayes (three career targets defended).
12 weeks ago
CeeDee Lamb Note
CeeDee Lamb photo 5. CeeDee Lamb DAL (at WAS)
Lamb is a true alpha wide receiver. He ranks seventh in target share, sixth in target per route run rate, and 11th in air-yard share among wide receivers. He is also seventh in deep targets and 17th in red zone targets. Lamb has logged 100 yards receiving in five of his last eight games. Lamb will run about 61% of his routes against Bobby McCain (83.3% catch rate, 96.7 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
A.J. Brown Note
A.J. Brown photo 6. A.J. Brown PHI (vs . NYG)
Brown is ninth in target share, eighth in air yard share, and tenth in target per route run rate among wide receivers. He's also seventh in deep targets and 14th in red zone targets. The last time he played against the Giants, he secured four of his six targets with 70 receiving yards and a score. Brown will run about 74% of his routes against Fabian Moreau (62.7% catch rate, 107.0 passer rating), Nick McCloud (61.5% catch rate, 107.5 passer rating), and Cordale Flott (76.5% catch rate, 121.9 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Tyreek Hill Note
Tyreek Hill photo 7. Tyreek Hill MIA (vs . NYJ)
Tee Higgins Note
Tee Higgins photo 8. Tee Higgins CIN (vs . BAL)
Higgins has an 18.6% target share, a 27.5% air yard share, and 12 red zone targets (29th). He ranks 26th in open rate. Higgins is 24th in PFF receiving grade and 16th in yards per route run (59.8% of his target volume has come against zone) against zone coverage (minimum 15 zone targets). A premium Burrow double stack for this slate. Sign me up. Higgins will run about 80% of his routes against Humphrey and
12 weeks ago
Amon-Ra St. Brown Note
Amon-Ra St. Brown photo 9. Amon-Ra St. Brown DET (at GB)
St. Brown has vacuumed up targets all season. He ranks 11th in target share, second in target rate per route run and sixth in raw target volume among wide receivers. St. Brown is also fifth in red zone targets, fifth in YAC, and seventh in yards per route run. St. Brown will run about 60% of his routes against Darnell Savage (66.7% catch rate, 109.0 passer rating) in the slot.
12 weeks ago
DeVonta Smith Note
DeVonta Smith photo 10. DeVonta Smith PHI (vs . NYG)
Since Goedert's return, Smith has maintained heavy usage in the offense. Over the last two games, he has had a 37.9% target share, a 66.7% end zone target share, and a 41.4% air yard share. Smith ranks 12th in yards per route run, 17th in open rate, and 13th in deep targets. He will run about 76% of his routes against Moreau, McCloud, and Flott.
12 weeks ago
DK Metcalf Note
DK Metcalf photo 11. DK Metcalf SEA (vs . LAR)
Metcalf has commanded a 25.4% target share (19th) and 36.2% air yard share (tenth-best) this season. He is 13th in deep targets and first in red zone targets among wide receivers. Metcalf will run about 83% of his routes against Jalen Ramsey (64.6% catch rate, 108.7 passer rating) and Troy Hill (69.1% catch rate, 95.0 passer rating). Ramsey and Hill have operated in zone coverage on 63-66.8% of their coverage snaps this season. Metcalf has seen 52.7% of his target volume against zone, ranking 31st in PFF receiving grade and 40th in yards per route run (minimum 15 zone targets).
12 weeks ago
Garrett Wilson Note
Garrett Wilson photo 12. Garrett Wilson NYJ (at MIA)
Wilson has a 23.3.% target share, a 28.2% air yard share, and a 25.2% target per route run rate. He's eighth in red zone targets, and 34th in total route wins among wide receivers. Wilson has proven he can fill the box score regardless of who is under center for the Jets. Wilson will run about 61% of his routes against Noah Igbinoghene (47.8% catch rate, 77.1 passer rating) and Keion Crossen (58.6% catch rate, 111.7 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Amari Cooper Note
Amari Cooper photo 13. Amari Cooper CLE (at PIT)
Brandon Aiyuk Note
Brandon Aiyuk photo 14. Brandon Aiyuk SF (vs . ARI)
Christian Kirk Note
Christian Kirk photo 15. Christian Kirk JAC (vs . TEN)
Kirk has seen a 22.9% target share with the 13-most deep targets and fifth-most red zone targets among wide receivers. He's 25th in yards per route run and 27th in route win rate this season. Kirk has 78 receptions and 1,009 receiving yards this season. This could be money week for Kirk as he has contract incentives paying him $500,000 at 80, 90, and 100 receptions and 1,100 and 1,200 receiving yards. It's time for Lawrence to get his number-one wide receiver a late Christmas gift. Kirk will run about 77% of his routes against Roger McCreary (71.3% catch rate, 112.9 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
DJ Moore Note
DJ Moore photo 16. DJ Moore CHI (vs . MIN)
With Darnold under center, Moore has had a 29.9% target share, a 45.5% end zone target share, and a 57.3% air yard share. Since Week 12, Moore has been sixth in PFF receiving grade, fifth in yards per reception, and fourth in yards per route run (minimum ten targets). In that five-game span, he has four weeks with at least 73 receiving yards and six red zone targets (four touchdowns). Moore will run about 70% of his routes against Marshon Lattimore (55.6% catch rate, 57.6 passer rating) and Alontae Taylor (46.0% catch rate, 59.2 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Keenan Allen Note
Keenan Allen photo 17. Keenan Allen LAC (at DEN)
Jaylen Waddle Note
Jaylen Waddle photo 18. Jaylen Waddle MIA (vs . NYJ)
Mike Williams Note
Mike Williams photo 19. Mike Williams LAC (at DEN)
Chris Olave Note
Chris Olave photo 20. Chris Olave NO (vs . CAR)
Olave returned from his one-game injury hiatus to earn a 21.7% target share, a 36.4% air yard share, and a 93.5% route run rate. Olave ranks tenth in open rate, fifth in deep targets and tenth in yards per route run among wide receivers. Olave will run about 66% of his routes against Keith Taylor (76.7% catch rate, 139.4 passer rating) and C.J. Henderson (71.6% catch rate, 112.3 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Christian Watson Note
Christian Watson photo 21. Christian Watson GB (vs . DET)
Battling through a hip issue, Watson still commanded a 19.2% target share and 48.5% air yard share while managing a 60.7% route run rate. Assuming Watson is healthier this week (limited in practice on Wednesday), he should return to his full-time role this week. In the full games he has played since his breakout in Week 10, Watson has a 23.4% target share, 50% end zone target share, 42.6% air yard share, and 2.92 yards per route run. Watson will run about 67% of his routes against Mike Hughes (74% catch rate, 132.3 passer rating) and Jerry Jacobs (55.8% catch rate, 71.0 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Allen Lazard Note
Allen Lazard photo 22. Allen Lazard NYJ (at MIA)
In that five-game sample with a full-time Watson at his side, Lazard had an 18.4% target share, 8.3% end zone target share, a 26.1% air yard share, and 1.59 yards per route run. Lazard ranks tenth in deep and red zone targets among wide receivers. He will run about 58% of his routes against Hughes and Jacobs.
12 weeks ago
Jerry Jeudy Note
Jerry Jeudy photo 23. Jerry Jeudy DEN (vs . LAC)
Gabe Davis Note
Gabe Davis photo 24. Gabe Davis BUF (vs . NE)
JuJu Smith-Schuster Note
JuJu Smith-Schuster photo 25. JuJu Smith-Schuster NE (at BUF)
If you're double stacking or loading up Mahomes with three pass catchers, Smith-Schuster and Toney should both be in your player pool. Smith-Schuster has a 17.8% target share (6.6 targets per game), 17.3% air yard share, and 15 red zone targets (14th among wide receivers). He ranks 11th in route run rate this season. Smith-Schuster will run about half of his routes in the slot. When inside he'll match up with Tyler Hall (47.1% catch rate, 53.8 passer rating). When he's on the perimeter, he'll run routes against Amik Robertson (58.5% catch rate, 94.1 passer rating) and Nate Hobbs (72.6% catch rate, 109.7 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Terry McLaurin Note
Terry McLaurin photo 26. Terry McLaurin WAS (vs . DAL)
It's possible, but unlikely, Trevon Diggs follows McLaurin in this game. Diggs has shadowed five times this season, but he didn't shadow him in their first meeting. McLaurin has a 22.2% target share while ranking fourth in deep targets and 22nd in yards per route run. If McLaurin isn't facing a shadow situation, he'll run about 78% of his routes against Diggs (68.3% catch rate, 99.4 passer rating) and Nahshon Wright (61.9% catch rate, 64.6 passer rating). McLaurin is risky, with Ron Rivera stating that they want to get a look at some of the younger players this week, but he could be a risk worth taking.
12 weeks ago
Tyler Lockett Note
Tyler Lockett photo 27. Tyler Lockett SEA (vs . LAR)
I'll update Lockett's status on Friday. His hand still isn't 100%, but he also missed practice on Wednesday with a shin issue.
12 weeks ago
Drake London Note
Drake London photo 28. Drake London ATL (vs . TB)
Since Week 13, London has been seventh in targets per game (ten targets per game) with a 38.1% target share, a 50% end zone target share, a 45.6% air yard share, and 2.93 yards per route run. London ranks 21st among 82 qualifying wide receivers in open rate. Last week London ran 48% of his routes from the slot, which was a season-high, so we'll see if that takes place again this week. If so, he'll match up with Antoine Winfield (69.2% catch rate, 105.3 passer rating) for half of the game. London has run 80% of his routes on the perimeter this season, so he could easily see Jamel Dean (50.7% catch rate, 82.4 passer rating) and Sean Murphy-Bunting (61.1% catch rate, 86.7 passer rating) all day.
12 weeks ago
Michael Pittman Jr. Note
Michael Pittman Jr. photo 29. Michael Pittman Jr. IND (vs . HOU)
Zay Jones Note
Zay Jones photo 30. Zay Jones JAC (vs . TEN)
Jones has a 22.0% target share while ranking 17th in red zone targets and 32nd in total route wins. The last time these teams met, Jones snagged eight of his 12 targets for 77 receiving yards and a score. Jones will run about 60% of his routes against Tre Avery (56.8% catch rate, 105.3 passer rating) and Greg Mabin (66.7% catch rate, 96.3 passer rating). Jones could also get his pockets lined this week. He stands at 78 receptions and 802 receiving yards this season. Jones can collect $250,000 for reaching 80 receptions and another $250,000 for getting to 90 receptions. Jones can also pocket an extra $500,000 for reaching 900 receiving yards.
12 weeks ago
Marquise Brown Note
Marquise Brown photo 31. Marquise Brown ARI (at SF)
Courtland Sutton Note
Courtland Sutton photo 32. Courtland Sutton DEN (vs . LAC)
Diontae Johnson Note
Diontae Johnson photo 33. Diontae Johnson PIT (vs . CLE)
Mike Evans Note
Mike Evans photo 34. Mike Evans TB (at ATL)
Jakobi Meyers Note
Jakobi Meyers photo 35. Jakobi Meyers LV (vs . KC)
With Damien Harris returning last week, the Patriots' backfield has reverted to a split workload situation, so Meyers is the only Patriot I'm investing in. In the ten games Meyers has played at least 80% of the snaps, he has had a 25.4% target share, a 28.9% air yard share, an 85.7% route run rate, and 2.18 yards per route run. Meyers has two red zone targets and two touchdowns over his last two games. Meyers ranks 21st out of 82 qualifying wide receivers in open rate. Meyers will run about 69% of his routes against Taron Johnson (72.7% catch rate, 108.7 passer rating). Since Week 12, the Bills have allowed the tenth-most fantasy points per game to slot receivers. Meyers was limited in practice all week (shoulder). He's been listed as questionable. I expect him to be a full-go.
12 weeks ago
Chris Godwin Note
Chris Godwin photo 36. Chris Godwin TB (at ATL)
DJ Chark Jr. Note
DJ Chark Jr. photo 37. DJ Chark Jr. CAR (at NO)
Donovan Peoples-Jones Note
Donovan Peoples-Jones photo 38. Donovan Peoples-Jones CLE (at PIT)
Jahan Dotson Note
Jahan Dotson photo 39. Jahan Dotson WAS (vs . DAL)
Since Week 13, Dotson has been balling with a 24.2% target share, 57.1% end zone target share, a 34.5% air yard share, and 2.14 yards per route run. Dotson is my favorite stacking partner with Howell. If Diggs isn't in McLaurin's back pocket, he'll run about 73% of his routes against Diggs and Wright. If Diggs does follow McLaurin, the speedy Dotson can feast on the 6'4″ Wright, who runs a 4.5 40 and has a 4th percentile agility score.
12 weeks ago
Brandin Cooks Note
Brandin Cooks photo 40. Brandin Cooks DAL (at WAS)
Rashid Shaheed Note
Rashid Shaheed photo 41. Rashid Shaheed NO (vs . CAR)
Since Week 13, Shaheed has had a 22.6% target share (leads the team), a 28.7% air yard share, and an 84.8% route run rate. Over his last four games, he ranks 11th in PFF receiving grade, sixth in YAC per reception, and second in yards per route run (minimum ten targets). Shaheed was clocked at 20.0 MPH on a punt return in Week 13. The blazing speed is real. Shaheed will run about 73% of his routes against Taylor and Henderson.
12 weeks ago
George Pickens Note
George Pickens photo 42. George Pickens PIT (vs . CLE)
Michael Gallup Note
Michael Gallup photo 43. Michael Gallup DAL (at WAS)
Treylon Burks Note
Treylon Burks photo 44. Treylon Burks TEN (at JAC)
Last week with Doubs under center, Burks had a 21.1% target share with an end zone target, a 76.2% route run rate, and 2.06 yards per route run (66 receiving yards). Burks is the Titans' best instrument to move the ball in the passing game. He is 21st in yards per route run and 12th in route win rate. Burks will run about 84% of his routes against Tyson Campbell (since Week 11: 58.6% catch rate, 94.6 passer rating) and Darious Williams (Since Week 11: 42.3% catch rate, 69.2 passer rating). Since Week 11, the Jaguars have permitted the fourth-fewest fantasy points per game to boundary wide receivers. While this is horrible for Burks, he has the overcome the bad matchup if Tennessee fuels him with volume.
12 weeks ago
Curtis Samuel Note
Curtis Samuel photo 45. Curtis Samuel WAS (vs . DAL)
Adam Thielen Note
Adam Thielen photo 46. Adam Thielen CAR (at NO)
Van Jefferson Note
Van Jefferson photo 47. Van Jefferson LAR (at SEA)
Corey Davis Note
Corey Davis photo 48. Corey Davis NYJ (at MIA)
Tyler Boyd Note
Tyler Boyd photo 49. Tyler Boyd CIN (vs . BAL)
Romeo Doubs Note
Romeo Doubs photo 50. Romeo Doubs GB (vs . DET)
Marquez Valdes-Scantling Note
Marquez Valdes-Scantling photo 51. Marquez Valdes-Scantling KC (at LV)
Parris Campbell Note
Parris Campbell photo 52. Parris Campbell NYG (at PHI)
Mack Hollins Note
Mack Hollins photo 53. Mack Hollins ATL (vs . TB)
K.J. Osborn Note
K.J. Osborn photo 54. K.J. Osborn MIN (at CHI)
Joshua Palmer Note
Joshua Palmer photo 55. Joshua Palmer LAC (at DEN)
Kadarius Toney Note
Kadarius Toney photo 56. Kadarius Toney KC (at LV)
Toney has only played 30-32% of the snaps the last two games. In Week 17, he managed a 33.3% route run rate and 27% target per route run rate with 4.73 yards per route run (four targets, four receptions, 71 receiving yards). Since joining the Chiefs, Toney has a 27% target per route run rate and 3.23 yards per route run. He has three red zone looks over his last two games. While Toney might remain regulated to a part-time role, he has the efficiency to counteract the limited snap count. If he sees his playing time increase at least marginally, he could be one of the best plays of this small slate.
12 weeks ago
Greg Dortch Note
Greg Dortch photo 57. Greg Dortch ARI (at SF)
Last week, with David Blough tossing passes, Dortch handled a 26.3% target share while running about 78% of his routes from the slot. The 49ers have been eaten alive by slot receivers all year. They have allowed the fourth-most fantasy points per game to slot wide receivers. Dortch should see another high-volume game matching up against Jimmie Ward (81.8% catch rate, 94.0 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Richie James Jr. Note
Richie James Jr. photo 58. Richie James Jr. FA (BYE)
Alec Pierce Note
Alec Pierce photo 59. Alec Pierce IND (vs . HOU)
Deebo Samuel Note
Deebo Samuel photo 60. Deebo Samuel SF (vs . ARI)
Samuel has begun this week practicing in full, so it looks like he'll be back this week. Samuel only has half of one game with Purdy as the starter, so it's difficult to surmise Purdy's fondness for him. Just approaching the matchup, Samuel (assuming he's a full go) should be a central figure in their offensive attack. Despite the missed time, Samuel still leads the team in YAC while ranking third in YAC per reception among wide receivers (minimum 25 targets). Samuel has a 25.9% target share (17th) and 11 red zone targets this season. Samuel will run about 59% of his routes against Christian Matthew (65% catch rate, 101.0 passer rating) and Jace Whittaker (88% catch rate, 106.7 passer rating). Since Week 15, Arizona has operated in zone coverage on 66-72% of their snaps. Samuel has seen 71.8% of his target share against the coverage, ranking 12th in PFF receiving grade and 18th in yards per route (minimum 12 zone targets).
12 weeks ago
Russell Gage Note
Russell Gage photo 61. Russell Gage TB (at ATL)
Chris Moore Note
Chris Moore photo 62. Chris Moore FA (BYE)
While Moore hasn't come close to matching his amazing Week 14 stat line, that's not why he makes the Primer this week. Moore has played 52-68% of the snaps from the slot over the last two weeks. The Colts have been bleeding fantasy points to opposing slot receivers. Since Week 13, without Kenny Moore, the Colts have allowed the most fantasy points per game to slot receivers. Since Week 15, Moore has had a 17.2% target share, a 20% end zone target share, a 22.3% air yard share, and two red zone targets. Moore will match up against Jullian Blackmon (84.6% catch rate, 141.2 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Elijah Moore Note
Elijah Moore photo 63. Elijah Moore CLE (at PIT)
Darius Slayton Note
Darius Slayton photo 64. Darius Slayton NYG (at PHI)
Marvin Jones Jr. Note
Marvin Jones Jr. photo 65. Marvin Jones Jr. DET (at GB)
Tutu Atwell Note
Tutu Atwell photo 66. Tutu Atwell LAR (at SEA)
Demarcus Robinson Note
Demarcus Robinson photo 67. Demarcus Robinson FA (BYE)
Tyquan Thornton Note
Tyquan Thornton photo 68. Tyquan Thornton NE (at BUF)
Terrace Marshall Jr. Note
Terrace Marshall Jr. photo 69. Terrace Marshall Jr. CAR (at NO)
Isaiah McKenzie Note
Isaiah McKenzie photo 70. Isaiah McKenzie IND (vs . HOU)
Robert Woods Note
Robert Woods photo 71. Robert Woods HOU (at IND)
Isaiah Hodgins Note
Isaiah Hodgins photo 72. Isaiah Hodgins NYG (at PHI)
Hunter Renfrow Note
Hunter Renfrow photo 73. Hunter Renfrow LV (vs . KC)
Renfrow is someone to consider if you're rolling 20-150 lineups. Josh McDaniels has cemented his status as a fake sharp this season utilizing 11 personnel on 65.1% of their snaps. This didn't look any better last week with Renfrow (49.3%). This has regulated one of the team's best wide receivers to part-time status all year. Renfrow has drawn a 14.9% target share and two red zone targets over his last three games. He will run about 77% of his routes against L'Jarius Snead (70.7% catch rate, 92.2 passer rating).
12 weeks ago
Chase Claypool Note
Chase Claypool photo 74. Chase Claypool CHI (vs . MIN)
Jauan Jennings Note
Jauan Jennings photo 75. Jauan Jennings SF (vs . ARI)
Randall Cobb Note
Randall Cobb photo 76. Randall Cobb FA (BYE)
Kendrick Bourne Note
Kendrick Bourne photo 77. Kendrick Bourne NE (at BUF)
Noah Brown Note
Noah Brown photo 78. Noah Brown HOU (at IND)
Kalif Raymond Note
Kalif Raymond photo 79. Kalif Raymond DET (at GB)
Josh Reynolds Note
Josh Reynolds photo 80. Josh Reynolds DET (at GB)
Jameson Williams Note
Jameson Williams photo 81. Jameson Williams DET (at GB)
Quez Watkins Note
Quez Watkins photo 82. Quez Watkins PHI (vs . NYG)
Olamide Zaccheaus Note
Olamide Zaccheaus photo 83. Olamide Zaccheaus FA (BYE)
Trenton Irwin Note
Trenton Irwin photo 84. Trenton Irwin CIN (vs . BAL)
T.Y. Hilton Note
T.Y. Hilton photo 85. T.Y. Hilton FA (BYE)
Dante Pettis Note
Dante Pettis photo 86. Dante Pettis FA (BYE)
Equanimeous St. Brown Note
Equanimeous St. Brown photo 87. Equanimeous St. Brown CHI (vs . MIN)
Byron Pringle Note
Byron Pringle photo 88. Byron Pringle FA (BYE)
Brandon Powell Note
Brandon Powell photo 89. Brandon Powell MIN (at CHI)
Nelson Agholor Note
Nelson Agholor photo 90. Nelson Agholor BAL (at CIN)
Nick Westbrook-Ikhine Note
Nick Westbrook-Ikhine photo 91. Nick Westbrook-Ikhine TEN (at JAC)
Here's your seemingly thin, rando play of the slate. Westbrook-Ikhine only garnered two targets last week, but he's a strong matchup play this week. Westbrook-Ikhine managed a 71.4% route run rate last week despite the limited targets. With two games of 72 or more yards receiving and eight or more targets this season, Westbrook-Ikhine has shown the ability to pop off for good games when the situation calls for it. He'll run about 60% of his routes against the ever-burnable Tre Herndon (77.3% catch rate, 115.2 passer rating). Since Week 11, the Jaguars have allowed the 11th-most fantasy points per game to slot receivers.
12 weeks ago
Laviska Shenault Jr. Note
Laviska Shenault Jr. photo 92. Laviska Shenault Jr. CAR (at NO)
Shi Smith Note
Shi Smith photo 93. Shi Smith CAR (at NO)
Trent Sherfield Note
Trent Sherfield photo 94. Trent Sherfield BUF (vs . NE)
Justin Watson Note
Justin Watson photo 95. Justin Watson FA (BYE)
Amari Rodgers Note
Amari Rodgers photo 96. Amari Rodgers HOU (at IND)
DeAndre Carter Note
DeAndre Carter photo 97. DeAndre Carter LV (vs . KC)
Laquon Treadwell Note
Laquon Treadwell photo 98. Laquon Treadwell SEA (vs . LAR)
A.J. Green Note
A.J. Green photo 99. A.J. Green FA (BYE)
Scotty Miller Note
Scotty Miller photo 100. Scotty Miller ATL (vs . TB)
Ray-Ray McCloud III Note
Ray-Ray McCloud III photo 101. Ray-Ray McCloud III SF (vs . ARI)
Sammy Watkins Note
Sammy Watkins photo 102. Sammy Watkins FA (BYE)
Steven Sims Jr. Note
Steven Sims Jr. photo 103. Steven Sims Jr. HOU (at IND)
Jamal Agnew Note
Jamal Agnew photo 104. Jamal Agnew JAC (vs . TEN)
David Bell Note
David Bell photo 105. David Bell CLE (at PIT)
DeSean Jackson Note
DeSean Jackson photo 106. DeSean Jackson FA (BYE)
Marcus Johnson Note
Marcus Johnson photo 107. Marcus Johnson FA (BYE)
Kenny Golladay Note
Kenny Golladay photo 108. Kenny Golladay FA (BYE)
Damiere Byrd Note
Damiere Byrd photo 109. Damiere Byrd FA (BYE)
DeVante Parker Note
DeVante Parker photo 110. DeVante Parker NE (at BUF)
Braxton Berrios Note
Braxton Berrios photo 111. Braxton Berrios MIA (vs . NYJ)
Khalil Shakir Note
Khalil Shakir photo 112. Khalil Shakir BUF (vs . NE)
Velus Jones Jr. Note
Velus Jones Jr. photo 113. Velus Jones Jr. CHI (vs . MIN)
KhaDarel Hodge Note
KhaDarel Hodge photo 114. KhaDarel Hodge FA (BYE)
Jalen Reagor Note
Jalen Reagor photo 115. Jalen Reagor MIN (at CHI)
Keelan Cole Sr. Note
Keelan Cole Sr. photo 116. Keelan Cole Sr. LV (vs . KC)
Tre'Quan Smith Note
Tre'Quan Smith photo 117. Tre'Quan Smith NO (vs . CAR)
James Proche II Note
James Proche II photo 118. James Proche II BAL (at CIN)
Brandon Johnson Note
Brandon Johnson photo 119. Brandon Johnson DEN (vs . LAC)
Cole Beasley Note
Cole Beasley photo 120. Cole Beasley BUF (vs . NE)
Breshad Perriman Note
Breshad Perriman photo 121. Breshad Perriman FA (BYE)
Zach Pascal Note
Zach Pascal photo 122. Zach Pascal ARI (at SF)
Jalen Nailor Note
Jalen Nailor photo 123. Jalen Nailor MIN (at CHI)
N'Keal Harry Note
N'Keal Harry photo 124. N'Keal Harry FA (BYE)
Deven Thompkins Note
Deven Thompkins photo 125. Deven Thompkins TB (at ATL)
Lance McCutcheon Note
Lance McCutcheon photo 126. Lance McCutcheon LAR (at SEA)
Denzel Mims Note
Denzel Mims photo 127. Denzel Mims NYJ (at MIA)
Danny Gray Note
Danny Gray photo 128. Danny Gray SF (vs . ARI)
Michael Woods II Note
Michael Woods II photo 129. Michael Woods II CLE (at PIT)
Dyami Brown Note
Dyami Brown photo 130. Dyami Brown WAS (vs . DAL)
Andre Baccellia Note
Andre Baccellia photo 131. Andre Baccellia ARI (at SF)
Racey McMath Note
Racey McMath photo 132. Racey McMath TEN (at JAC)
Gunner Olszewski Note
Gunner Olszewski photo 133. Gunner Olszewski PIT (vs . CLE)
River Cracraft Note
River Cracraft photo 134. River Cracraft MIA (vs . NYJ)
Keith Kirkwood Note
Keith Kirkwood photo 135. Keith Kirkwood NO (vs . CAR)
Jalen Virgil Note
Jalen Virgil photo 136. Jalen Virgil DEN (vs . LAC)
Lawrence Cager Note
Lawrence Cager photo 137. Lawrence Cager NYG (at PHI)
Samori Toure Note
Samori Toure photo 138. Samori Toure GB (vs . DET)
Freddie Swain Note
Freddie Swain photo 139. Freddie Swain MIA (vs . NYJ)
Cam Sims Note
Cam Sims photo 140. Cam Sims LV (vs . KC)
Chris Conley Note
Chris Conley photo 141. Chris Conley TEN (at JAC)
Mike Strachan Note
Mike Strachan photo 142. Mike Strachan IND (vs . HOU)
Austin Trammell Note
Austin Trammell photo 143. Austin Trammell LAR (at SEA)
Andy Isabella Note
Andy Isabella photo 144. Andy Isabella BAL (at CIN)
Ashton Dulin Note
Ashton Dulin photo 145. Ashton Dulin IND (vs . HOU)
John Brown Note
John Brown photo 146. John Brown FA (BYE)
Miles Boykin Note
Miles Boykin photo 147. Miles Boykin FA (BYE)
Tylan Wallace Note
Tylan Wallace photo 148. Tylan Wallace BAL (at CIN)
Pharoh Cooper Note
Pharoh Cooper photo 149. Pharoh Cooper ARI (at SF)
Cade Johnson Note
Cade Johnson photo 150. Cade Johnson SEA (vs . LAR)
Dareke Young Note
Dareke Young photo 151. Dareke Young SEA (vs . LAR)
Javon Wims Note
Javon Wims photo 152. Javon Wims ARI (at SF)
Johnny Johnson III Note
Johnny Johnson III photo 153. Johnny Johnson III HOU (at IND)
Keke Coutee Note
Keke Coutee photo 154. Keke Coutee FA (BYE)
KaVontae Turpin Note
KaVontae Turpin photo 155. KaVontae Turpin DAL (at WAS)
Josh Ali Note
Josh Ali photo 156. Josh Ali ATL (vs . TB)
Frank Darby Note
Frank Darby photo 157. Frank Darby ATL (vs . TB)
Stanley Berryhill III Note
Stanley Berryhill III photo 158. Stanley Berryhill III DET (at GB)
Tim Jones Note
Tim Jones photo 159. Tim Jones JAC (vs . TEN)
Trent Taylor Note
Trent Taylor photo 160. Trent Taylor CIN (vs . BAL)
Marquez Callaway Note
Marquez Callaway photo 161. Marquez Callaway DEN (vs . LAC)
Ihmir Smith-Marsette Note
Ihmir Smith-Marsette photo 162. Ihmir Smith-Marsette KC (at LV)
Raleigh Webb Note
Raleigh Webb photo 163. Raleigh Webb NE (at BUF)
Britain Covey Note
Britain Covey photo 164. Britain Covey PHI (vs . NYG)
Dax Milne Note
Dax Milne photo 165. Dax Milne WAS (vs . DAL)
Jaelon Darden Note
Jaelon Darden photo 166. Jaelon Darden CLE (at PIT)
Stanley Morgan Jr. Note
Stanley Morgan Jr. photo 167. Stanley Morgan Jr. CIN (vs . BAL)
Andre Roberts Note
Andre Roberts photo 168. Andre Roberts FA (BYE)
Tay Martin Note
Tay Martin photo 169. Tay Martin SF (vs . ARI)