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Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Feb 19, 2019

Fantasy baseball draft season is nearly upon us. Far and wide, commissioners are logging in and booting up another season for their fantasy leagues. As you receive your email requests to return, one very important question looms. No, we’re not talking about your first-round pick or your list of 2019 keepers. We’re talking about your team name.

Yes, the team name. Your brand.

Such a huge decision (league jokes hang in the balance), but where to begin? Some are in favor of using the same name year after year unrelated to a real-life team or player. Others prefer to use the names of players drafted to their fantasy squad (but please don’t reach for a player only to use them in your team name).

Whatever your decision, there’s one thing that we and all of your league mates ask. Please do better than ‘Team 9’ or another default like ‘Bob’s Best Team.’ You’re better than that.

Without further adieu, here are your best fantasy baseball team names of 2019!

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Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names

For those of you that like to name your teams after your top picks, here are options for some of the top players in our Expert Consensus Rankings.

And in honor of everyone’s favorite shiny new toy of 2019, Vlad Guerrero Jr.:

  • Vlad to the Bone
  • Vlad Company
  • Don’t Get Mad, Get Vlad
  • The Good, the Vlad, and the Ugly
  • Ain’t Half Vlad
  • Vlad to Meet You

Finally,  here are the best of the rest:

  • Tulo-git 2 Quit
  • Syndergaarden Cop
  • Kershawshank Redemption
  • A Puig of their Own
  • The Trevor Ending Story
  • The Bryce is Right
  • Bryce, Bryce Baby
  • Of Bryce and Men
  • Judge Dredd
  • Miggy Mouse Clubhouse
  • Hold Me Close Ohtani Dancer
  • The Cahills Have Eyes
  • Obi Wan Jacoby
  • Odor Eaters
  • Bauer Rangers
  • Kluber Lang
  • Duda, Where’s My Car?
  • Pineda the Tail on the Donkey
  • Big League Choo
  • Bird Is The Word
  • Yu’s on First
  • Yu Tube
  • Can’t Cutch This
  • Eggs Odorizzi
  • Grand Theft Votto
  • I Maeda Mistake
  • Kimbrels ‘N Bits
  • Stanton Island
  • Santana Claus
  • Rhys Lightning
  • Morton Hears a Choo!
  • Living Avila Loca
  • CC Needs To Take A Sabathia
  • A to the Rizzo

There’s our list. Good luck with the ever-difficult decision of what to name your squad. Comment below or tweet us your favorite fantasy baseball team names @FantasyPros.

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