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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Going For the Title

Oct 28, 2021
Jalen Hurts

Fantasy football is all about winning that title in December. This is especially true for dynasty players. So this week, instead of giving ideas to teams on the fence or likely out of it, I’m going to focus on players to target if you’re contending. Let’s look deeper into this idea and break it down a little more.

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Production Value versus Trade Value

My favorite category of players to target for contending dynasty teams is those with more production value than trade value. When you evaluate a player in dynasty, you have to think both about the points they’re putting on the board as well as the potential to maintain those points for the long term.

For this and all future articles, let me explain this a little further. The value of how many points a player puts up on a week to week basis is called production value. The value of a player’s ability to maintain that production value is called their trade value. In most leagues, trade value is king. People want to have as much trade value as possible, but they often ignore actual production value.

Older players are perfect examples of this. Guys like Melvin Gordon (RB – DEN) and Leonard Fournette (RB – TB) are putting up points now. This means they have high production value. However, they don’t have a lot of potential to maintain that output, so their trade value is low. Contending teams should look for players that have a higher production value than their trade value.

Older receivers like Emmanuel Sanders (WR – BUF) and Antonio Brown (WR – TB) are great examples. These are perfect trade targets for contenders because while they’re scoring you points now, they might not even be in the league in a year or two. If a team isn’t winning anything this year, they won’t want these players on their teams, potentially making them cheaper and easier to acquire for contenders.

If you’re contending, you want points above all else.

If your team is in the top half of the league in scoring and at least top 4 in the standings, then you are contending. Therefore, it’s in your best interest as manager of that team to help add depth and production value wherever you can without sacrificing your entire future potential.

This isn’t to say that you should trade away all of your future picks for players, just that doing so isn’t the worst idea. Rebuilding teams are likely looking for picks over players, so they’d make for a great trade partner in most cases.

For instance, I sent my 2022 1st (likely late) in a trade for Jalen Hurts (QB – PHI) in one Superflex dynasty league where I’m contending. Hurts might not even be an Eagle next year, let alone be the starter, so the other team wanted him gone. I didn’t mind sending my likely late first for a QB that’s scoring points now. I want to win the title more than horde my picks. I need to go all-in, and I think Hurts can help me do that.

Don’t sell the farm, but don’t be afraid to lease it.

What I mean by this is that trading away your picks for players scoring points isn’t necessarily the end of that transaction. There is plenty of time to either get that pick back or trade other teams for their picks. As the draft approaches, the trade value of picks will go up, but they have zero production value, so don’t worry too much about sending them away right now.

If you’re built to win, you should be built to win for a couple of years. It’s not often that a team wins it all one year and is in the basement immediately afterward. Sure, it happens, but it’s not likely. Sending away a future pick won’t entirely kill your future ability to score points. You’ve got time.

To that end, I would try to send some later picks for players like Jeff Wilson (RB – SF) or Darrel Williams (RB – KC), who could be producers for multiple weeks down the stretch. I’d even try to send an offer or two for Dawson Knox (TE – BUF) or Chris Carson (RB – SEA), who are injured but could come back to a solid workload as the season wraps up. Don’t be afraid to buy the injury dip on players who have a job when they return. We’ll deal with next season when that time comes.


If you’re contending, have fun with it. The one thing to keep in mind is that you should always be looking for ways to improve your roster, even if your team is dominating. Look at the lower-end players and see what’s left on waivers. Maybe you can churn your roster to gain some value there for contenders looking to add some youth.

You add a few late-round rookie picks, and before you know it, you’re packaging things up in January to add that first-round pick back to your arsenal. Never stop working. Constantly be grinding, and you’ll be a dynasty champion for years and years.

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