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2024 NBA All-Star Game Picks: Skills Challenge, 3-Point & Dunk Contests

2024 NBA All-Star Game Picks: Skills Challenge, 3-Point & Dunk Contests

NBA All-Star Saturday Night is a highlight of All-Star weekend and offers a variety of betting opportunities for NBA fans. Here’s a look at some wagers to look at for the three events: Skills Challenge, 3-Point Contest, and Dunk Contest.

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Best 2024 NBA All-Star Saturday Night Prop Bets

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NBA All-Star Skills Challenge

Team All-Stars

Shockingly, Team All-Stars is second on the odds list. Team Top Picks is first, and Team Pacers is last in the implied odds. While there’s probably more talent on the Team Top Picks, I’m unsure of their ability to pass effectively and don’t know about the consistency they’ll have with shooting the ball.

In the first challenge, we’ll get the relay. This is where each team participates in a timed relay where you have outlet passes, dribbling, short shots, three-point shots, and dunks. Team All-Stars has the most speed, with Trae Young and Tyrese Maxey running the show. Scottie Barnes is also very versatile as a player in general.

The Pacers have Myles Turner, and the Top Picks have only forwards/centers. I’m not picking on Banchero, Edwards, and Wembanyama. They’re all terrific passers and ultimate playmakers. But can they keep up with Team All-Stars? I don’t think so.

After Round 1, I have Team All-Stars leading with 100 points.

In Round 2, it’s the passing portion. Each team has 30 seconds to add points and must make one pass attempt at each target on the court. Again, the team with the most points in passing will earn 100 challenge points. The team with multiple point guards and the most speed also seems to have the advantage in Round 2.

In Round 3, it’s the shooting challenge. The winner of the shooting challenge will get 200 points. Shots made from different locations have different values. The 30-foot three-pointer is worth five points, other three-pointers are 3 or 4 points, and shots inside the arc are 1 or 2 points, depending on where you shoot.

Again, Team All-Stars has multiple guards who can shoot it from the logo and a versatile forward in Barnes who can make any of the shots from 1, 2, 3, or 4 points out.

Therefore, I think we’re getting value at +175 with Team All-Stars. They’ve got the most balanced and fastest team of the three. That should be enough.

Bet: Team All-Stars (+175)

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NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest

Malik Beasley

Malik Beasley has only scored 11.4 points per game this year. He’s also shooting about 47% from the field and has attempted fewer threes than in his previous five seasons.

Still, he’s a career 38.6% three-point shooter and averages about three threes per game for the Bucks this year.

Beasley has always been good under pressure. He’s a better three-point shooter coming off screens and on handoff 3s. I could be overthinking this, but that’s kind of what the three-point contest is all about. Each rack he gets to is kind of him coming off the screen. Each ball he grabs off the rack is essentially a handoff, except he’s not moving.

Everyone’s excited about Dame Lillard’s potential in this year’s contest. But his teammate will move up the ladder in this contest.

Bet: Malik Beasley (+550)

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NBA All-Star Dunk Contest

Mac McClung

It’s no secret that McClung is favored in this four-man contest.

McClung won the competition last year after earning multiple 50s. However, the competition wasn’t so high last year. McClung put on a show and didn’t have a single dunk that wasn’t a 50.

You’d like to think he’ll put more effort into this contest than a player like Jaylen Brown, who is likely just doing this for fun. McClung could likely use the sponsors and the income from this contest. Brown doesn’t need any of that.

I thought McClung was more original than we’ve seen in the past. In his first dunk last year, he jumped over two people on top of each other. In the next dunk, he did a kick-it, twist-it, 360-dunk.

Then, with his third dunk, McClung grabbed the ball on top of a person’s head, double-clutched it, put it between his legs, and then slammed it down behind his head.

By his fourth dunk, it was basically over when McClung had another spectacular dunk. McClung added three 50s in four attempts.

Even the commentators admitted that he saved the dunk contest. So whatever he has in store is probably super original and fun.

Bet: Mac McClung (-170)

-Jason Radowitz

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