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Washington Nationals

NL East

What are fantasy baseball depth charts?
Fantasy baseball depth charts represent each MLB team's starters and backups based on current playing status. Expert Consensus Rankings are displayed to indicate each player's positional rating. The chart can be used to quickly identify potential injury replacements and waiver targets.

Washington Nationals Catchers
Keibert Ruiz 8819
Riley Adams 284866

Washington Nationals First Basemen
First BasemenECRBestWorst
Juan Yepez 4483114
Harold Ramirez
Trey Lipscomb
Ildemaro Vargas
Jesse Winker
Riley Adams

Washington Nationals Second Basemen
Second BasemenECRBestWorst
Luis Garcia 222655
Ildemaro Vargas 5482107
Trey Lipscomb
Nasim Nunez

Washington Nationals Third Basemen
Third BasemenECRBestWorst
Trey Lipscomb 3349102
Ildemaro Vargas 4778105

Washington Nationals Shortstops
CJ Abrams 5513
Ildemaro Vargas 407391
Trey Lipscomb
Nasim Nunez

Washington Nationals Left Fielders
Left FieldersECRBestWorst
James Wood 6366197
Jesse Winker 6655174
Ildemaro Vargas 116191234
Harold Ramirez 5658160
Jacob Young 92130248

Washington Nationals Center Fielders
Center FieldersECRBestWorst
Jacob Young 92130248
James Wood 6366197

Washington Nationals Right Fielders
Right FieldersECRBestWorst
Lane Thomas 151961
Harold Ramirez 5658160
Jacob Young 92130248

Washington Nationals Designated Hitters
Designated HittersECRBestWorst
Jesse Winker 213066
Harold Ramirez 253657
Riley Adams

Washington Nationals Starting Pitchers
Starting PitchersECRBestWorst
MacKenzie Gore 3852142
Mitchell Parker
Jake Irvin 104144404
Patrick Corbin 82110467

Washington Nationals Bullpen
Kyle Finnegan 142248
Dylan Floro 3938209
Derek Law 169261376
Robert Garcia 136199310
Jordan Weems 138204417
Eduardo Salazar
Tanner Rainey 6951217
Jacob Barnes 237506605