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James Karinchak for Eli Morgan (2023)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
  James Karinchak
James Karinchak
Eli Morgan
Eli Morgan
Recommended by
5 of 5 experts
Recommended by
0 of 5 experts
Rest of Season# 153
VBR# 372# 439
Injury Alert--
Expert Ranks 
Mike Maher
# 133# 217
Brandon 'B_Don' Myers
# 147
Keith Lott
Fantasy Six Pack
# 117
Mick Ciallela
# 159
Scott Youngson
Pitcher List
# 129
Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  James Karinchak
James Karinchak
Eli Morgan
Eli Morgan
2023 Stats 
Games Played2518
Games Started00
Innings Pitched21.222.1
Blown Saves20
Hits Allowed1323
Earned Runs114
Home Runs Allowed63
Who Should I Trade? Player Projections
  James Karinchak
James Karinchak
Eli Morgan
Eli Morgan
2023 Projections 
Games Played4538
Games Started00
Innings Pitched44.745.0
Blown Saves20
Hits Allowed3242
Earned Runs1719
Home Runs Allowed57
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  James Karinchak
James Karinchak
Eli Morgan
Eli Morgan
 James Karinchak allowed one run on one hit in one inning of work in a 4-3 loss to the Tigers in Game 1 of a doubleheader on Tuesday.
Matthew Terelle
Tue, Apr 18th
Eli Morgan got the final three outs of a 12-11 game to earn the save on Monday. Morgan allowed one run on one hit while notching a strikeout in the 10-inning game.
Matthew Terelle
Tue, Apr 4th
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Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  James Karinchak
James Karinchak
Eli Morgan
Eli Morgan
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Thu, Mar 30th@ SEALuis Castillo (4-2)#3@ SEALuis Castillo (4-2)#3
Fri, Mar 31st@ SEARobbie Ray (0-1)@ SEARobbie Ray (0-1)
Sat, Apr 1st@ SEALogan Gilbert (3-2)#23@ SEALogan Gilbert (3-2)#23
Sun, Apr 2nd@ SEAMarco Gonzales (4-1)#145@ SEAMarco Gonzales (4-1)#145
Mon, Apr 3rd@ OAKJames Kaprielian (0-5)#247@ OAKJames Kaprielian (0-5)#247
Tue, Apr 4th@ OAKJP Sears (0-3)#94@ OAKJP Sears (0-3)#94
Wed, Apr 5th@ OAKKyle Muller (1-4)#215@ OAKKyle Muller (1-4)#215
Fri, Apr 7thvs SEALogan Gilbert (3-2)#23vs SEALogan Gilbert (3-2)#23
Sat, Apr 8thvs SEAMarco Gonzales (4-1)#145vs SEAMarco Gonzales (4-1)#145
Sun, Apr 9thvs SEAGeorge Kirby (5-4)#24vs SEAGeorge Kirby (5-4)#24
Mon, Apr 10thvs NYYDomingo German (2-3)#60vs NYYDomingo German (2-3)#60
Tue, Apr 11thvs NYYGerrit Cole (6-0)#2vs NYYGerrit Cole (6-0)#2
Wed, Apr 12thvs NYYClarke Schmidt (2-5)#131vs NYYClarke Schmidt (2-5)#131
Fri, Apr 14th@ WSHTrevor Williams (2-2)#108@ WSHTrevor Williams (2-2)#108
Sat, Apr 15th@ WSHChad Kuhl (0-3)#360@ WSHChad Kuhl (0-3)#360
Sun, Apr 16th@ WSHPatrick Corbin (4-5)#173@ WSHPatrick Corbin (4-5)#173
Tue, Apr 18th@ DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#31@ DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#31
Wed, Apr 19th@ DETSpencer Turnbull (1-4)#181@ DETSpencer Turnbull (1-4)#181
Sat, Apr 22ndvs MIABraxton Garrett (1-2)#110vs MIABraxton Garrett (1-2)#110
Sun, Apr 23rdvs MIAJesus Luzardo (4-3)#70vs MIAJesus Luzardo (4-3)#70
Mon, Apr 24thvs COLAustin Gomber (4-4)#306vs COLAustin Gomber (4-4)#306
Tue, Apr 25thvs COLRyan Feltner (2-3)#364vs COLRyan Feltner (2-3)#364
Wed, Apr 26thvs COLGerman Marquez (2-2)vs COLGerman Marquez (2-2)
Fri, Apr 28th@ BOSNick Pivetta (3-3)#158@ BOSNick Pivetta (3-3)#158
Sat, Apr 29th@ BOSBrayan Bello (3-2)#118@ BOSBrayan Bello (3-2)#118
Sun, Apr 30th@ BOSChris Sale (5-2)#45@ BOSChris Sale (5-2)#45
Mon, May 1st@ NYYDomingo German (2-3)#60@ NYYDomingo German (2-3)#60
Tue, May 2nd@ NYYGerrit Cole (6-0)#2@ NYYGerrit Cole (6-0)#2
Wed, May 3rd@ NYYClarke Schmidt (2-5)#131@ NYYClarke Schmidt (2-5)#131
Fri, May 5thvs MINBailey Ober (3-2)#79vs MINBailey Ober (3-2)#79
Sat, May 6thvs MINSonny Gray (4-0)#35vs MINSonny Gray (4-0)#35
Sun, May 7thvs MINJoe Ryan (7-1)#15vs MINJoe Ryan (7-1)#15
Mon, May 8thvs DETJoey Wentz (1-5)#277vs DETJoey Wentz (1-5)#277
Tue, May 9thvs DETMichael Lorenzen (2-2)#116vs DETMichael Lorenzen (2-2)#116
Wed, May 10thvs DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#31vs DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#31
Fri, May 12thvs LAATyler Anderson (2-0)#93vs LAATyler Anderson (2-0)#93
Sat, May 13thvs LAAReid Detmers (0-4)#81vs LAAReid Detmers (0-4)#81
Sun, May 14thvs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-4)#57vs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-4)#57
Tue, May 16th@ CWSLance Lynn (4-5)#59@ CWSLance Lynn (4-5)#59
Wed, May 17th@ CWSMike Clevinger (3-3)#156@ CWSMike Clevinger (3-3)#156
Thu, May 18th@ CWSDylan Cease (3-3)#34@ CWSDylan Cease (3-3)#34
Fri, May 19th@ NYMCarlos Carrasco (1-2)#87@ NYMCarlos Carrasco (1-2)#87
Sun, May 21st@ NYMJustin Verlander (2-2)#17@ NYMJustin Verlander (2-2)#17
Mon, May 22ndvs CWSJimmy Lambertvs CWSJimmy Lambert
Tue, May 23rdvs CWSDylan Cease (3-3)#34vs CWSDylan Cease (3-3)#34
Wed, May 24thvs CWSMichael Kopech (3-4)#90vs CWSMichael Kopech (3-4)#90
Fri, May 26thvs STLMatthew Liberatore (1-1)#200vs STLMatthew Liberatore (1-1)#200
Sat, May 27thvs STLJack Flaherty (3-4)#88vs STLJack Flaherty (3-4)#88
Sun, May 28thvs STLJordan Montgomery (2-6)#52vs STLJordan Montgomery (2-6)#52
Mon, May 29th@ BALTyler Wells (3-1)#65@ BALTyler Wells (3-1)#65
Tue, May 30th@ BALKyle Gibson (6-3)#77@ BALKyle Gibson (6-3)#77
Wed, May 31st@ BALBruce Zimmermann#266@ BALBruce Zimmermann#266
Thu, Jun 1st@ MINPablo Lopez (3-3)#25@ MINPablo Lopez (3-3)#25
Fri, Jun 2nd@ MINBailey Ober (3-2)#79@ MINBailey Ober (3-2)#79
Sat, Jun 3rd@ MINSonny Gray (4-0)#35@ MINSonny Gray (4-0)#35
Sun, Jun 4th@ MINJoe Ryan (7-1)#15@ MINJoe Ryan (7-1)#15
Tue, Jun 6thvs BOSvs BOS
Wed, Jun 7thvs BOSvs BOS
Thu, Jun 8thvs BOSvs BOS
Fri, Jun 9thvs HOUvs HOU
Sat, Jun 10thvs HOUvs HOU
Sun, Jun 11thvs HOUvs HOU
Tue, Jun 13th@ SD@ SD
Wed, Jun 14th@ SD@ SD
Thu, Jun 15th@ SD@ SD
Fri, Jun 16th@ ARI@ ARI
Sat, Jun 17th@ ARI@ ARI
Sun, Jun 18th@ ARI@ ARI
Tue, Jun 20thvs OAKvs OAK
Wed, Jun 21stvs OAKvs OAK
Thu, Jun 22ndvs OAKvs OAK
Fri, Jun 23rdvs MILvs MIL
Sat, Jun 24thvs MILvs MIL
Sun, Jun 25thvs MILvs MIL
Tue, Jun 27th@ KC@ KC
Wed, Jun 28th@ KC@ KC
Thu, Jun 29th@ KC@ KC
Fri, Jun 30th@ CHC@ CHC
Sat, Jul 1st@ CHC@ CHC
Sun, Jul 2nd@ CHC@ CHC
Mon, Jul 3rdvs ATLvs ATL
Tue, Jul 4thvs ATLvs ATL
Wed, Jul 5thvs ATLvs ATL
Thu, Jul 6thvs KCvs KC
Fri, Jul 7thvs KCvs KC
Sat, Jul 8thvs KCvs KC
Sun, Jul 9thvs KCvs KC
Fri, Jul 14th@ TEX@ TEX
Sat, Jul 15th@ TEX@ TEX
Sun, Jul 16th@ TEX@ TEX
Mon, Jul 17th@ PIT@ PIT
Tue, Jul 18th@ PIT@ PIT
Wed, Jul 19th@ PIT@ PIT
Fri, Jul 21stvs PHIvs PHI
Sat, Jul 22ndvs PHIvs PHI
Sun, Jul 23rdvs PHIvs PHI
Mon, Jul 24thvs KCvs KC
Tue, Jul 25thvs KCvs KC
Wed, Jul 26thvs KCvs KC
Thu, Jul 27th@ CWS@ CWS
Fri, Jul 28th@ CWS@ CWS
Sat, Jul 29th@ CWS@ CWS
Sun, Jul 30th@ CWS@ CWS
Mon, Jul 31st@ HOU@ HOU
Tue, Aug 1st@ HOU@ HOU
Wed, Aug 2nd@ HOU@ HOU
Fri, Aug 4thvs CWSvs CWS
Sat, Aug 5thvs CWSvs CWS
Sun, Aug 6thvs CWSvs CWS
Mon, Aug 7thvs TORvs TOR
Tue, Aug 8thvs TORvs TOR
Wed, Aug 9thvs TORvs TOR
Thu, Aug 10thvs TORvs TOR
Fri, Aug 11th@ TB@ TB
Sat, Aug 12th@ TB@ TB
Sun, Aug 13th@ TB@ TB
Tue, Aug 15th@ CIN@ CIN
Wed, Aug 16th@ CIN@ CIN
Thu, Aug 17thvs DETvs DET
Fri, Aug 18thvs DETvs DET
Sat, Aug 19thvs DETvs DET
Sun, Aug 20thvs DETvs DET
Tue, Aug 22ndvs LADvs LAD
Wed, Aug 23rdvs LADvs LAD
Thu, Aug 24thvs LADvs LAD
Fri, Aug 25th@ TOR@ TOR
Sat, Aug 26th@ TOR@ TOR
Sun, Aug 27th@ TOR@ TOR
Mon, Aug 28th@ MIN@ MIN
Tue, Aug 29th@ MIN@ MIN
Wed, Aug 30th@ MIN@ MIN
Fri, Sep 1stvs TBvs TB
Sat, Sep 2ndvs TBvs TB
Sun, Sep 3rdvs TBvs TB
Mon, Sep 4thvs MINvs MIN
Tue, Sep 5thvs MINvs MIN
Wed, Sep 6thvs MINvs MIN
Thu, Sep 7th@ LAA@ LAA
Fri, Sep 8th@ LAA@ LAA
Sat, Sep 9th@ LAA@ LAA
Sun, Sep 10th@ LAA@ LAA
Mon, Sep 11th@ SF@ SF
Tue, Sep 12th@ SF@ SF
Wed, Sep 13th@ SF@ SF
Fri, Sep 15thvs TEXvs TEX
Sat, Sep 16thvs TEXvs TEX
Sun, Sep 17thvs TEXvs TEX
Mon, Sep 18th@ KC@ KC
Tue, Sep 19th@ KC@ KC
Wed, Sep 20th@ KC@ KC
Thu, Sep 21stvs BALvs BAL
Fri, Sep 22ndvs BALvs BAL
Sat, Sep 23rdvs BALvs BAL
Sun, Sep 24thvs BALvs BAL
Tue, Sep 26thvs CINvs CIN
Wed, Sep 27thvs CINvs CIN
Fri, Sep 29th@ DET@ DET
Sat, Sep 30th@ DET@ DET
Sun, Oct 1st@ DET@ DET