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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2020 Draft Rankings
Tyler Eifert Note
Tyler Eifert photo 30. Tyler Eifert (at IND)
We've seen tight ends have success in Jay Gruden's offense and Eifert does have one year of experience in his offense, dating all the way back to 2013. He's on his third straight one-year deal, as no team wants to commit to him. The Jaguars will be racking up the pass attempts, and they did just lose Josh Oliver for the season. It's possible Eifert has streamable weeks, but he's not in the every-week consideration.
13 weeks ago
James O'Shaughnessy Note
James O'Shaughnessy photo 65. James O'Shaughnessy (at IND)
Tyler Davis Note
Tyler Davis photo 99. Tyler Davis (at IND)
Eric Saubert Note
Eric Saubert photo 121. Eric Saubert (at IND)
Ben Ellefson Note
Ben Ellefson photo 132. Ben Ellefson (at IND)