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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

George Kittle Note
George Kittle photo 3. George Kittle (at LAR)
Since Kittle came into the NFL, he's produced TE1-type numbers in 58.5 percent of his games, which ranks third among all tight ends since 2000, ahead of guys like Tony Gonzalez and Jimmy Graham. He's in the prime of his career and now gets an upgrade at quarterback? He hasn't scored many touchdowns (never more than five), which has kept him out of the Travis Kelce territory. If he gets a bump in touchdowns with Trey Lance, we could see a Kelce-like finish in 2021 for Kittle. Health has proven to be an obstacle, but you shouldn't bet against Kittle finishing as a top-two tight end.
16 weeks ago
Ross Dwelley Note
Ross Dwelley photo 71. Ross Dwelley (at LAR)
Charlie Woerner Note
Charlie Woerner photo 100. Charlie Woerner (at LAR)
Tanner Hudson Note
Tanner Hudson photo 152. Tanner Hudson (at LAR)
Joshua Perkins Note
Joshua Perkins photo 171. Joshua Perkins (at LAR)