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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Travis Kelce Note
Travis Kelce photo 1. Travis Kelce KC (at DEN)
We're getting close to the age where tight ends typically fall off with Kelce (32 in October) but he's shown no signs of slowing down, as he just broke the all-time record for yards in a season by a tight end. The Chiefs didn't really add anyone to the offense who should jeapordize his targets, and in fact, losing Sammy Watkins may only add to his appeal. Not only did he finish as the No. 1 tight end and give you a massive weekly advantage at an unpredictable position, but he would've finished as the No. 4 wide receiver. So, if drafting a tight end early scares you, just think of him like a wide receiver who you can play in your tight end slot. He's worth a late first-round pick.
1 week ago
George Kittle Note
George Kittle photo 2. George Kittle SF (at LAR)
Since Kittle came into the NFL, he's produced TE1-type numbers in 58.5 percent of his games, which ranks third among all tight ends since 2000, ahead of guys like Tony Gonzalez and Jimmy Graham. He's in the prime of his career and now gets an upgrade at quarterback? He hasn't scored many touchdowns (never more than five), which has kept him out of the Travis Kelce territory. If he gets a bump in touchdowns with Trey Lance, we could see a Kelce-like finish in 2021 for Kittle. Health has proven to be an obstacle, but you shouldn't bet against Kittle finishing as a top-two tight end.
1 week ago
Darren Waller Note
Darren Waller photo 3. Darren Waller LV (vs . LAC)
I remember getting Waller in the fifth or sixth round last year, and though it never felt amazing while doing it, the end result worked out. Why didn't it feel amazing? He's part of the Raiders offense, that lacks potency. The targets were what we were chasing, and the targets are what we got. But when you're paying TE2 prices in the second round, you not only need the targets, you need touchdowns. While Waller scored nine of them last year, he scored just three of them in 2019 in the same offense. There's a reason people pay up for Travis Kelce, and while I like Waller, I just don't have that guaranteed Kelce-like production.
1 week ago
Mark Andrews Note
Mark Andrews photo 4. Mark Andrews BAL (vs . PIT)
It's kind of crazy how much Andrews gets disrespected by the fantasy community. He's tallied 2,105 yards and 20 touchdowns over his first three seasons in the league. That's the ninth-most yardage by a tight end in the post-merger era during his first three seasons. You know what other tight ends are on that list? George Kittle, Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, and Kellen Winslow. Sure, the Ravens went out and added some pass catchers, but Andrews is the go-to option for Lamar Jackson over the middle of the field and in the red zone. Health has been the biggest obstacle for Andrews, but if he's able to stay on the field, he should be the No. 4 tight end off the board.
1 week ago
T.J. Hockenson Note
T.J. Hockenson photo 5. T.J. Hockenson DET (vs . GB)
We can talk about all the good things that Hockenson did last year, but it wouldn't matter. His world has been flipped upside down in 2021, as he has a new coaching staff, and more importantly, a new quarterback. The team isn't going to be in scoring position nearly as much, but the good news for Hockenson is that he's now the clear-cut No. 1 target on the team after we watched Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones leave in free agency. Jared Goff has limitations as a quarterback, but his skill-set should actually align with Hockenson's role quite well. It may not be exciting to start Hockenson week-to-week for upside purposes, but he should deliver a rock-solid floor that allows you to start him every week.
1 week ago
Kyle Pitts Note
Kyle Pitts photo 6. Kyle Pitts ATL (vs . NO)
He should be a very good player for a very long time, but we've seen highly-athletic tight ends have trouble out of the gate before. In fact, rookie tight ends in general have trouble producing. I want to ask you a question: Since 1998, how many tight ends do you think have topped 627 yards in their rookie season? Two of them. Both of those tight ends saw 115-plus targets, a number Pitts isn't likely to see with Arthur Smith as the new head coach. It helps that Julio Jones has left town, but don't forget that ultra-athletic Jonnu Smith saw just 65 targets in Smith's offense just last year, and he wasn't a rookie.
1 week ago
Dallas Goedert Note
Dallas Goedert photo 7. Dallas Goedert PHI (vs . DAL)
Despite Zach Ertz on the roster and stealing tons of targets, Goedert has managed to rack up 1,131 yards and eight touchdowns over his last 26 games. Had Goedert played all 16 games in 2020, his pace would've been 762 yards and four touchdowns, which would've been good enough to finish as a top-10 tight end (again, with Ertz around). It seems like a foregone conclusion that Ertz will be off the team soon, which clears a path for Goedert to be among the league leaders in targets for a tight end. It's a new offense, but Nick Sirianni comes from the Frank Reich tree, which has a history of producing tight end production. Goedert may not be a can't-miss tight end, but if there's someone who has top-five upside without being drafted there, it's him.
1 week ago
Robert Tonyan Note
Robert Tonyan photo 8. Robert Tonyan GB (at DET)
If there's one player who saw his stock significantly rise when Aaron Rodgers announced his return, it's Tonyan. He wouldn't have been in my top-15 tight ends had Rodgers not played, but instead, he's now inside my top-eight tight ends. While doing research for my "Which tight ends were better/worse than expected" article, I found out that based on the opportunity he received, and more importantly where he received it, Tonyan was supposed to finish as the No. 18 tight end. He scored 61.2 more fantasy points than the average tight end would've, pushing him all the way up to the No. 3 tight end on the season. That's a 15-spot leap over opportunity. No other tight end jumped more than six spots than their opportunity. To be fair, that screams regression, and that will happen on a per-target basis, but we can't forget it was Tonyan's first season in a full-time role, so there's some natural career progression. The chemistry between him and Rodgers can't be denied, either, as he caught 88.1 percent of his targets, a new record for tight ends. Tonyan isn't going to see 100-plus targets like the top-tier tight ends, but he's one of the best bets for a touchdown each and every week, which is all you can ask for when taking a tight end in the later rounds.
2 days ago
Noah Fant Note
Noah Fant photo 9. Noah Fant DEN (vs . KC)
Despite being an freakish athlete, Fant was an incredibly boring fantasy asset to roster in 2020, finishing with 35-57 yards in 9-of-15 games, while failing to top 81 yards in any one game. The issue stems from his quarterback, as the targets are simply not that valuable, because 93 of them (what Fant saw) is more than enough to be a reliable fantasy asset. Unfortunately, we don't know if Drew Lock will still be the quarterback, and the Broncos have Courtland Sutton returning to the lineup, which will surely cut into Fant's target share. On top of that, the team seemed to like using both Fant and Albert Okwuegbunam prior to Okwuegbunam's injury last year, which is another ding on Fant's fantasy stock. He's fine, but unless there's a change at quarterback, he's nothing you can't live without.
1 week ago
Tyler Higbee Note
Tyler Higbee photo 10. Tyler Higbee LAR (vs . SF)
There've been six times over the course of Higbee's career where he's tallied more than 67 yards. Five of those games came at the end of the 2019 season when Gerald Everett was either out of the lineup or very limited. Well, Everett has been signed by the Seahawks, and the next man up on the Rams depth chart to fill his spot is Bryce Hopkins, who's seen as many targets as I have in an NFL uniform (none). Eliminating Everett's targets and upgrading Higbee's quarterback is the recipe for success, and it shouldn't shock anyone to see Higbee finish as a top-10 tight end in 2021.
1 week ago
Logan Thomas Note
Logan Thomas photo 11. Logan Thomas WAS (at NYG)
We certainly watched Thomas break out last season, particularly from Week 6 forward. Head coach Ron Rivera said a lightbulb went off for him, and it led to him finishing as the No. 3 tight end through his final 11 games, behind only Travis Kelce and Darren Waller. The issue with expecting that continue into 2021? Well, there are many variables. The Football Team went out and acquired Ryan Fitzpatrick - who's never targeted tight ends heavily - as well as Curtis Samuel in free agency, Dyami Brown in the draft, and they've vowed to give Antonio Gibson more work this year. Volume is everything for tight ends, and if we can't guarantee it for Thomas, he's not worthy of an early-round pick. There's still certainly an avenue for 100 targets; it's just not guaranteed. Thomas should be considered a mid-to-low-end TE1.
1 week ago
Mike Gesicki Note
Mike Gesicki photo 12. Mike Gesicki MIA (vs . NE)
Part of the reason we liked Gesicki last year was due to the lack of verified options in the Dolphins passing attack. That's changed as we head into 2021, as the Dolphins have added Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle to the arsenal. Despite the lack of options last year, Gesicki saw just 85 targets. There is a new offensive coordinator, which can certainly shake things up, but the additions of Fuller and Waddle reduce the need for Gesicki's athleticism, and he's not a possession-style tight end. His upside is capped, and his floor might be in jeopardy, too.
1 week ago
Irv Smith Jr. Note
Irv Smith Jr. photo 13. Irv Smith Jr. MIN (vs . CHI)
We've been saying, "just wait until the Vikings get rid of Kyle Rudolph." That was when we were supposed to see Smith's breakout. Well, unfortunately for him, Justin Jefferson came around. Despite the Vikings inflating their pass attempts last year, the combination of Rudolph and Smith netted just 80 targets. Even if Smith received all of Rudolph's departed targets, that's no guarantee to net top-12 production. Their defense should get back on track this year, and it's not like Jefferson will become less involved. You shouldn't be paying for top-12 production, but rather hoping for it.
1 week ago
Rob Gronkowski Note
Rob Gronkowski photo 14. Rob Gronkowski TB (vs . CAR)
Naturally, we should've expected some rust on Gronkowski after taking a year off football. He was a bit slot out of the gate, but was ultimately able to finish as the No. 8 tight end in 2020. That's not a huge accomplishment or anything, as he still failed to record more than 48 yards in 11-of-16 games, and that's despite Chris Godwin missing time to injury, and Antonio Brown not joining the team until midseason. We also can't forget about O.J. Howard, who had more production and targets than Gronkowski when he tore his Achilles. Gronkowski will certainly offer some streamable weeks, but relying on him as your every-week tight end would be a mistake with all the mouths they have to feed in Tampa Bay.
1 week ago
Jonnu Smith Note
Jonnu Smith photo 15. Jonnu Smith NE (at MIA)
Smith's talent was not put on display nearly enough with the Titans, as he never saw more than 65 targets in a single season. Despite that, he finished as a top-12 tight end in 2020. The Patriots were aggressive with him, signing him the first day of free agency to a four-year, $50 million deal, which tells us all we need to know: They aren't going to hide him. The signing of Hunter Henry hurt his projection a bit, but the drafting of Mac Jones improved it a bit because once he takes over as the starter, this team will throw a lot more. Once you get outside the top five tight ends, you're chasing upside, and Smith has plenty of it.
1 week ago
Hunter Henry Note
Hunter Henry photo 16. Hunter Henry NE (at MIA)
Henry has never been an elite tight end in my eyes. He's always been someone who benefitted from a lot of volume in an offense with not a whole lot of options to throw to. Based on the opportunity he had last year and where it took place on the field, Henry scored 18.7 fewer fantasy points than he was expected to, which ranked as the fourth-worst number in football. He's now the No. 2 tight end on a Patriots team that figures to have Cam Newton under center for at least the first few games. Henry is nothing more than a streamer in 2021, and to be honest, I don't anticipate there being many weeks to use him without an injury ahead of him on the depth chart.
1 week ago
Evan Engram Note
Evan Engram photo 17. Evan Engram NYG (vs . WAS)
Based on the targets Engram received and where they took place on the field, he scored 41.4 fewer fantasy points than he was expected to, which ranked as the second-worst mark among tight ends. In fact, he was supposed to finish as the TE5 based on his opportunity. It's no surprise the Giants felt the need to go out and add playmakers this offseason. On top of adding Kenny Golladay, Kyle Rudolph, and Kadarius Toney, they'll also get Saquon Barkley back, which will surely cut into Engram's target share. He's no longer an every-week starter in fantasy.
1 week ago
Adam Trautman Note
Adam Trautman photo 18. Adam Trautman NO (at ATL)
When running through projections on the Saints, it's easy to fall in love with Trautman this year. Outside of Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, they don't have any reliable targets, and Trautman did well with his opportunity last year. After parting ways with both Emmanuel Sanders and Jared Cook, there's suddenly a lot of opportunity available for him. There would certainly be less appeal if Taysom Hill were the starter, but many are expecting Jameis Winston to be under center come Week 1. Whatever the case, Trautman makes for a great late-round pick where you'll find out exactly what you have in the first game of the season. There's a scenario where he finishes as a top-10 tight end, especially now that we know Michael Thomas is going to miss time at the start of the season.
1 week ago
Blake Jarwin Note
Blake Jarwin photo 19. Blake Jarwin DAL (at PHI)
Some will suggest that Jarwin can't break out as a top-10 tight end in 2021 due to the presence of Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallup, but that's not really the case. If you need any proof of that, just look at Dalton Schultz last year. He was Jarwin's backup, took over in Week 2, and played with a backup quarterback for almost a full season. Still, he finished as the TE14 in fantasy football while having the 13th-most expected fantasy points. With Prescott back under center and Jarwin back to full health, there is breakout potential here. At the very worst, Jarwin will be a streaming-worthy tight end on multiple occasions.
1 week ago
Jared Cook Note
Jared Cook photo 20. Jared Cook LAC (at LV)
If there's one thing Cook has going for him with the Chargers, it's that he knows the offense that's being installed by Joe Lombardi. Unfortunately, that's the only thing. He's now 34 years old, starting over with a new quarterback who certainly played favorites last year, and Hunter Henry wasn't even one of them. Prior to playing with Drew Brees, Cook had never topped six touchdowns in a season, so dialing back expectations would be wise. He could be a solid streamer in projected shootouts, but relying on him every week wouldn't be wise.
1 week ago
Austin Hooper Note
Austin Hooper photo 21. Austin Hooper CLE (vs . CIN)
Despite Odell Beckham missing most of the 2020 season, Hooper wound up with just 70 targets on his new team. Sure, Hooper himself missed three games, but we also watched rookie Harrison Bryant making a name for himself, and will likely get more targets in 2021. With tight ends, you need someone who'll consistently get 5-6 targets per game, or you're streaming the position. With Beckham back and Bryant ascending in his career, you're not going to get a consistent 5-6 targets per game out of Hooper, making him a streamer.
1 week ago
Cole Kmet Note
Cole Kmet photo 22. Cole Kmet CHI (at MIN)
It appeared the Bears were headed towards going to Kmet as their starting tight end over the tail end of 2020 and moving on from Jimmy Graham. However, they did have the chance to cut Graham this offseason and save $7 million against the cap, but they chose to release Kyle Fuller and Charles Leno instead. This highlights the fact that they still value Graham with his $10 million salary. With Graham still around, it's going to be tough for Kmet to become an every-week starter. Things can change quickly, but for now, Kmet is just a streaming option.
1 week ago
Gerald Everett Note
Gerald Everett photo 23. Gerald Everett SEA (at ARI)
Eric Ebron Note
Eric Ebron photo 24. Eric Ebron PIT (at BAL)
Ebron saw more targets than most expected last year, finishing with 91 of them, which ranked eighth among tight ends. Unfortunately, he wasn't particularly efficient with them, finishing 15th in fantasy scoring. The reason was because he lacked upside and never scored more than 13.7 half PPR points all season. That's going to happen when you're the No. 4 option behind the three wide receivers. Now we add Najee Harris to this offense, and suddenly, Ebron may not even get the volume he did last year, and we haven't even talked about the addition of Pat Friermuth in the second round of the draft. Ebron should be labeled as a streamer, and not an every-week option.
1 week ago
Anthony Firkser Note
Anthony Firkser photo 25. Anthony Firkser TEN (at HOU)
There was some real excitement surrounding Firkser a few months ago, but then Julio Jones was acquired, bringing that enthusiasm down a level. Still, there's no competition for targets among the tight ends, and with Arthur Smith out of town, it's very likely the Titans throw the ball more in 2021. The issue with thinking Firkser could be a breakout tight end is due to the fact that he's just 6-foot-2 and 246 pounds, which is not very big for a tight end, and it's shown in the red zone, as he's scored just three career touchdowns on 97 targets. There's going to be streaming opportunities when the Titans are playing in a projected shootout, but he's not someone you want to rely on week-in and week-out.
1 week ago
Zach Ertz Note
Zach Ertz photo 26. Zach Ertz PHI (vs . DAL)
Dawson Knox Note
Dawson Knox photo 27. Dawson Knox BUF (vs . NYJ)
We were hoping to see a second-year jump from Knox, but what we got was essentially the same thing we saw his rookie season. This has led to us hearing about the Bills exploring a trade for Evan Engram, as well as Zach Ertz. They signed Jacob Hollister, who's expected to compete for the starting job, though with all the receiving options they have, it's not likely either provides much fantasy value. There were just three occasions where a Bills tight end saw more than four targets last year, which means you'll use them in streaming situations. It's tough envisioning any sort of breakout season from Knox.
1 week ago
Hayden Hurst Note
Hayden Hurst photo 28. Hayden Hurst ATL (vs . NO)
Hurst is also a very good football player who's going to be on the field quite a bit, as Arthur Smith's offense used more 12 personnel (two tight ends) than any other team in the NFL last year. It's why Jonnu Smith was capped at 65 targets while Anthony Firkser saw 53 of his own. I'm not saying that'll be the split between these two, but Hurst is going to get more targets than some expect, limiting Kyle Pitts' true target ceiling.
1 week ago
O.J. Howard Note
O.J. Howard photo 29. O.J. Howard TB (vs . CAR)
We barely got to see Tom Brady toss the ball to Howard in 2020, but what we did see was Howard out-producing Rob Gronkowski. It's easy to forget that Howard was supposed to be the next big thing at tight end, similar to how people feel about Kyle Pitts today. Early reports out of Bucs camp suggest Howard is being flexed as a receiver and that Brady sees him as a legit threat in the passing game. With Gronkowski getting up there in age/bumps/bruises, we could see Howard finally take the step many thought he would years ago. Best of all, you'll find out for free.
1 week ago
Dan Arnold Note
Dan Arnold photo 30. Dan Arnold CAR (at TB)
Chris Herndon IV Note
Chris Herndon IV photo 31. Chris Herndon IV NYJ (at BUF)
After an impressive rookie campaign where he tallied 502 yards and four touchdowns on just 56 targets, Herndon's last two seasons have been... non-existent. Adam Gase didn't make Herndon a priority in the offense, but he's gone, which can give us room for optimism. This is a brand-new offense and one that should reset your thinking on what Herndon is/isn't.
1 week ago
Jack Doyle Note
Jack Doyle photo 32. Jack Doyle IND (at JAC)
With Trey Burton no longer on the roster, does Doyle have more appeal in fantasy? Well, yeah. The Colts targeted their tight ends 118 times last year, but dividing that three ways proved to be worthless for fantasy. Those targets should be divided between Doyle and Mo Alie-Cox in 2021, which makes him a bit more attractive, but Alie-Cox is the one with the true breakout potential, whereas Doyle will probably be the higher floor play.
1 week ago
Jimmy Graham Note
Jimmy Graham photo 33. Jimmy Graham CHI (at MIN)
Kyle Rudolph Note
Kyle Rudolph photo 34. Kyle Rudolph NYG (vs . WAS)
Ian Thomas Note
Ian Thomas photo 35. Ian Thomas CAR (at TB)
Dalton Schultz Note
Dalton Schultz photo 36. Dalton Schultz DAL (at PHI)
Will Dissly Note
Will Dissly photo 37. Will Dissly SEA (at ARI)
Jordan Akins Note
Jordan Akins photo 38. Jordan Akins HOU (vs . TEN)
The exit of Darren Fells should've made Akins a potential breakout tight end, and while I suppose he still is, it's a lot tougher when you have a quarterback who's never thrown for more than 20 touchdowns in a season. You need the targets for Akins to be considered an option, because on top of Tyrod Taylor's struggles, Akins himself has scored just three touchdowns on 129 career targets, which is well below the league average for tight ends. There were four games last year where Akins saw six-plus targets in Tim Kelly's offense, but that didn't amount to much, as he never topped 10.9 half-PPR points in a game, and that was with Deshaun Watson under center.
2 days ago
Mo Alie-Cox Note
Mo Alie-Cox photo 39. Mo Alie-Cox IND (at JAC)
David Njoku Note
David Njoku photo 40. David Njoku CLE (vs . CIN)
Harrison Bryant Note
Harrison Bryant photo 41. Harrison Bryant CLE (vs . CIN)
C.J. Uzomah Note
C.J. Uzomah photo 42. C.J. Uzomah CIN (at CLE)
Donald Parham Jr. Note
Donald Parham Jr. photo 43. Donald Parham Jr. LAC (at LV)
Pat Freiermuth Note
Pat Freiermuth photo 44. Pat Freiermuth PIT (at BAL)
Drew Sample Note
Drew Sample photo 45. Drew Sample CIN (at CLE)
Albert Okwuegbunam Note
Albert Okwuegbunam photo 46. Albert Okwuegbunam DEN (vs . KC)
Cameron Brate Note
Cameron Brate photo 47. Cameron Brate TB (vs . CAR)
Tyler Conklin Note
Tyler Conklin photo 48. Tyler Conklin MIN (vs . CHI)
Jacob Hollister Note
Jacob Hollister photo 49. Jacob Hollister BUF (vs . NYJ)
Tyler Eifert Note
Tyler Eifert photo 50. Tyler Eifert FA (BYE)
Brevin Jordan Note
Brevin Jordan photo 51. Brevin Jordan HOU (vs . TEN)
Foster Moreau Note
Foster Moreau photo 52. Foster Moreau LV (vs . LAC)
Maxx Williams Note
Maxx Williams photo 53. Maxx Williams ARI (vs . SEA)
Do you know how many times a Cardinals tight end scored double-digit half-PPR points last year? One. It was when Dan Arnold caught two balls for 61 yards and two touchdowns. Heck, there was just one time in 2019 where a Cardinals tight end caught more than three balls. It's simple: Kliff Kingsbury doesn't care about tight ends producing, especially when they added a couple receivers to the mix this offseason.
1 week ago
Hunter Long Note
Hunter Long photo 54. Hunter Long MIA (vs . NE)
Geoff Swaim Note
Geoff Swaim photo 55. Geoff Swaim TEN (at HOU)
Jace Sternberger Note
Jace Sternberger photo 56. Jace Sternberger GB (at DET)
James O'Shaughnessy Note
James O'Shaughnessy photo 57. James O'Shaughnessy JAC (vs . IND)
Ryan Griffin Note
Ryan Griffin photo 58. Ryan Griffin NYJ (at BUF)
Tyler Kroft Note
Tyler Kroft photo 59. Tyler Kroft NYJ (at BUF)
Darren Fells Note
Darren Fells photo 60. Darren Fells DET (vs . GB)
Jacob Harris Note
Jacob Harris photo 61. Jacob Harris LAR (vs . SF)
Brycen Hopkins Note
Brycen Hopkins photo 62. Brycen Hopkins LAR (vs . SF)
Kahale Warring Note
Kahale Warring photo 63. Kahale Warring HOU (vs . TEN)
Kylen Granson Note
Kylen Granson photo 64. Kylen Granson IND (at JAC)
Tommy Tremble Note
Tommy Tremble photo 65. Tommy Tremble CAR (at TB)
Tim Tebow Note
Tim Tebow photo 66. Tim Tebow JAC (vs . IND)
Nick Boyle Note
Nick Boyle photo 67. Nick Boyle BAL (vs . PIT)
Noah Gray Note
Noah Gray photo 68. Noah Gray KC (at DEN)
Josh Oliver Note
Josh Oliver photo 69. Josh Oliver BAL (vs . PIT)
Adam Shaheen Note
Adam Shaheen photo 70. Adam Shaheen MIA (vs . NE)
Nick Vannett Note
Nick Vannett photo 71. Nick Vannett NO (at ATL)
Trey Burton Note
Trey Burton photo 72. Trey Burton FA (BYE)
Richard Rodgers Note
Richard Rodgers photo 73. Richard Rodgers PHI (vs . DAL)
Tre' McKitty Note
Tre' McKitty photo 74. Tre' McKitty LAC (at LV)
Ross Dwelley Note
Ross Dwelley photo 75. Ross Dwelley SF (at LAR)
Devin Asiasi Note
Devin Asiasi photo 76. Devin Asiasi NE (at MIA)
Chris Manhertz Note
Chris Manhertz photo 77. Chris Manhertz JAC (vs . IND)
Darrell Daniels Note
Darrell Daniels photo 78. Darrell Daniels ARI (vs . SEA)
Hunter Bryant Note
Hunter Bryant photo 79. Hunter Bryant DET (vs . GB)
Pharaoh Brown Note
Pharaoh Brown photo 80. Pharaoh Brown HOU (vs . TEN)
Colby Parkinson Note
Colby Parkinson photo 81. Colby Parkinson SEA (at ARI)
Kenny Yeboah Note
Kenny Yeboah photo 82. Kenny Yeboah NYJ (at BUF)
Durham Smythe Note
Durham Smythe photo 83. Durham Smythe MIA (vs . NE)
Blake Bell Note
Blake Bell photo 84. Blake Bell KC (at DEN)
Marcedes Lewis Note
Marcedes Lewis photo 85. Marcedes Lewis GB (at DET)
Jared Pinkney Note
Jared Pinkney photo 86. Jared Pinkney TEN (at HOU)
Ryan Izzo Note
Ryan Izzo photo 87. Ryan Izzo HOU (vs . TEN)
John Bates Note
John Bates photo 88. John Bates WAS (at NYG)
Josiah Deguara Note
Josiah Deguara photo 89. Josiah Deguara GB (at DET)
Johnny Mundt Note
Johnny Mundt photo 90. Johnny Mundt LAR (vs . SF)
Nick Keizer Note
Nick Keizer photo 91. Nick Keizer KC (at DEN)
Thaddeus Moss Note
Thaddeus Moss photo 92. Thaddeus Moss CIN (at CLE)
Dalton Keene Note
Dalton Keene photo 93. Dalton Keene NE (at MIA)
Luke Farrell Note
Luke Farrell photo 94. Luke Farrell JAC (vs . IND)
Jeremy Sprinkle Note
Jeremy Sprinkle photo 95. Jeremy Sprinkle DAL (at PHI)
Tommy Sweeney Note
Tommy Sweeney photo 96. Tommy Sweeney BUF (vs . NYJ)
Garrett Griffin Note
Garrett Griffin photo 97. Garrett Griffin NO (at ATL)
Jaeden Graham Note
Jaeden Graham photo 98. Jaeden Graham ATL (vs . NO)
Charlie Woerner Note
Charlie Woerner photo 99. Charlie Woerner SF (at LAR)
Derek Carrier Note
Derek Carrier photo 100. Derek Carrier LV (vs . LAC)
Troy Fumagalli Note
Troy Fumagalli photo 101. Troy Fumagalli NE (at MIA)
Zach Davidson Note
Zach Davidson photo 102. Zach Davidson MIN (vs . CHI)
Caleb Wilson Note
Caleb Wilson photo 103. Caleb Wilson PHI (vs . DAL)
Brandon Dillon Note
Brandon Dillon photo 104. Brandon Dillon MIN (vs . CHI)
Tyler Davis Note
Tyler Davis photo 105. Tyler Davis JAC (vs . IND)
Hunter Thedford Note
Hunter Thedford photo 106. Hunter Thedford DET (vs . GB)
Ethan Wolf Note
Ethan Wolf photo 107. Ethan Wolf NO (at ATL)
Kaden Smith Note
Kaden Smith photo 108. Kaden Smith NYG (vs . WAS)
Jordan Thomas Note
Jordan Thomas photo 109. Jordan Thomas IND (at JAC)
Ricky Seals-Jones Note
Ricky Seals-Jones photo 110. Ricky Seals-Jones WAS (at NYG)
Jason Croom Note
Jason Croom photo 111. Jason Croom PHI (vs . DAL)
Ross Travis Note
Ross Travis photo 112. Ross Travis ARI (vs . SEA)
Kendall Blanton Note
Kendall Blanton photo 113. Kendall Blanton LAR (vs . SF)
Stephen Anderson Note
Stephen Anderson photo 114. Stephen Anderson LAC (at LV)
Austin Fort Note
Austin Fort photo 115. Austin Fort DEN (vs . KC)
Deon Yelder Note
Deon Yelder photo 116. Deon Yelder WAS (at NYG)
Antony Auclair Note
Antony Auclair photo 117. Antony Auclair HOU (vs . TEN)
Tyler Mabry Note
Tyler Mabry photo 118. Tyler Mabry SEA (at ARI)
Stephen Sullivan Note
Stephen Sullivan photo 119. Stephen Sullivan CAR (at TB)
Lee Smith Note
Lee Smith photo 120. Lee Smith ATL (vs . NO)
Matt Bushman Note
Matt Bushman photo 121. Matt Bushman LV (vs . LAC)
Zach Gentry Note
Zach Gentry photo 122. Zach Gentry PIT (at BAL)
Eric Saubert Note
Eric Saubert photo 123. Eric Saubert DEN (vs . KC)
Stephen Carlson Note
Stephen Carlson photo 124. Stephen Carlson CLE (vs . CIN)
Tanner Hudson Note
Tanner Hudson photo 125. Tanner Hudson TB (vs . CAR)
MyCole Pruitt Note
MyCole Pruitt photo 126. MyCole Pruitt SF (at LAR)
Levine Toilolo Note
Levine Toilolo photo 127. Levine Toilolo NYG (vs . WAS)
Evan Baylis Note
Evan Baylis photo 128. Evan Baylis KC (at DEN)
J.P. Holtz Note
J.P. Holtz photo 129. J.P. Holtz CHI (at MIN)
Alex Ellis Note
Alex Ellis photo 130. Alex Ellis LV (vs . LAC)
Ian Bunting Note
Ian Bunting photo 131. Ian Bunting ARI (vs . SEA)
Dominick Wood-Anderson Note
Dominick Wood-Anderson photo 132. Dominick Wood-Anderson SEA (at ARI)
Cethan Carter Note
Cethan Carter photo 133. Cethan Carter MIA (vs . NE)
Charlie Taumoepeau Note
Charlie Taumoepeau photo 134. Charlie Taumoepeau DET (vs . GB)
Brock Wright Note
Brock Wright photo 135. Brock Wright DET (vs . GB)
Jake Hausmann Note
Jake Hausmann photo 136. Jake Hausmann DET (vs . GB)
Trevon Wesco Note
Trevon Wesco photo 137. Trevon Wesco NYJ (at BUF)
Briley Moore-McKinney Note
Briley Moore-McKinney photo 138. Briley Moore-McKinney TEN (at HOU)
Pro Wells Note
Pro Wells photo 139. Pro Wells CIN (at CLE)
Marcus Baugh Note
Marcus Baugh photo 140. Marcus Baugh PIT (at BAL)
Mitchell Wilcox Note
Mitchell Wilcox photo 141. Mitchell Wilcox CIN (at CLE)
Mason Schreck Note
Mason Schreck photo 142. Mason Schreck CIN (at CLE)
Daniel Brown Note
Daniel Brown photo 143. Daniel Brown NYJ (at BUF)
Alize Mack Note
Alize Mack photo 144. Alize Mack DET (vs . GB)
Eric Tomlinson Note
Eric Tomlinson photo 145. Eric Tomlinson BAL (vs . PIT)
Noah Togiai Note
Noah Togiai photo 146. Noah Togiai IND (at JAC)
Shane Zylstra Note
Shane Zylstra photo 147. Shane Zylstra MIN (vs . CHI)
Temarrick Hemingway Note
Temarrick Hemingway photo 148. Temarrick Hemingway WAS (at NYG)
Giovanni Ricci Note
Giovanni Ricci photo 149. Giovanni Ricci CAR (at TB)
Dylan Soehner Note
Dylan Soehner photo 150. Dylan Soehner NO (at ATL)
Jake Breeland Note
Jake Breeland photo 151. Jake Breeland BAL (vs . PIT)
Tony Poljan Note
Tony Poljan photo 152. Tony Poljan BAL (vs . PIT)
Colin Thompson Note
Colin Thompson photo 153. Colin Thompson CAR (at TB)
Eli Wolf Note
Eli Wolf photo 154. Eli Wolf BAL (vs . PIT)
Sammis Reyes Note
Sammis Reyes photo 155. Sammis Reyes WAS (at NYG)
Isaac Nauta Note
Isaac Nauta photo 156. Isaac Nauta GB (at DET)
Cary Angeline Note
Cary Angeline photo 157. Cary Angeline ARI (vs . SEA)
Bruno Labelle Note
Bruno Labelle photo 158. Bruno Labelle ARI (vs . SEA)
Jerell Adams Note
Jerell Adams photo 159. Jerell Adams TB (vs . CAR)
Tyrone Swoopes Note
Tyrone Swoopes photo 160. Tyrone Swoopes WAS (at NYG)
Kevin Rader Note
Kevin Rader photo 161. Kevin Rader PIT (at BAL)
Matt Sokol Note
Matt Sokol photo 162. Matt Sokol LAC (at LV)