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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Rest of Season Rankings

Kyler Murray Note
Kyler Murray photo 1. Kyler Murray (vs . SEA)
At the mid-point of last season, Kyler Murray was on pace to make history as the first QB to ever rush for 1K yards and pass for 4K. He closed the season at 3,971 passing yards and 819 rushing yards. This was due in part to being crushed Week 11 and tweaking his shoulder. The next few weeks, Murray did his best, but he was not 100% healthy. That's the risk/reward of Kyler Murray. At 5'10" and 207 lbs, he doesn't have the same size as Josh Allen, but he plays the same style. It's why I would recommend backing up any investment in him with a solid QB2 on your bench as an insurance policy, even in a single QB league. D'Andre Hopkins was a considerable addition last year, and the two developed fantastic chemistry right away. The inconsistency of the run game and the play-calling created some drastic swings in the offense's productivity. A 4K/1K yard season is certainly within his grasp in 2021, as are 10+ rushing TDs (Murray was 2nd among all QBs with 11 in '20). Last year was a preview of how special Murray can be. Let's hope that Kliff Kingsbury and poor health don't screw it all up again.
2 weeks ago