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By Chris Zolli, Yankees Correspondent, Sun, Feb 22nd 1:16pm EST

New hitting coach Jeff Pentland, McCann's third in three years, will work to put McCann's worst MLB season behind him. A lot of that progress begins with McCann managing teams that shift when he comes to the plate. (Source: New York Post)

Fantasy Impact: Brian McCann still had 23 home runs in 2014 and his 75 RBI were his most since 2010, but he slumped to only a .692 OPS. His low batting average, .232, was a major part of his tough first season in the Bronx as was his lowest walk total of his career. McCann will work with the Yankees new hitting coach to change his batting stance towards the shifts that his new AL East competitors employ against him, as he looks to regain his top-ten catcher value. McCann is nearly a certainty for 20 or more home runs and he averages 69 RBI over the past five seasons; if is able to work around the shift and get his BA to .250 or even .260, he can be very valuable this season.

By Chris Zolli, Yankees Correspondent, Thu, Feb 12th 4:49pm EST

Brian McCann saw his batting average drop mightly in 2014 and he is making ever effort to remedy that issue in 2015. Of the 76 players that qualified for the AL batting title, McCann finished in last in Batting Average in Balls Played. Some of that was attributed to a lack of solid contact but most of that is because of the heavy shifts that he faced. (Source: New York Post)

Fantasy Impact: The easy way out would be for Rob Manfred to ban shifts, assisting both McCann and Yankees teammate Mark Teixeira. In lieu of that mandate, McCann is looking to shorten his swing to regain his past successes. In the first seven years of his major league career, McCann produced a .286/.358/486 slash line. In his last three seasons, he dropped to .238/.305/.419; he started his Yankees career with a .232 batting average. McCann has averaged 22 home runs over the past nine seasons, only once going under 20, and had an .823 OPS coming into 2014. There is still a lot of potential with McCann and if his batting average can even creep over .250, his home run and RBI totals could be enough to make him a top-five catcher.

By Chris Zolli, Yankees Correspondent, Tue, Jan 27th 11:22am EST

Brian McCann had a rough start to his Yankees career and a lot of that could be attributed to hitting into shifts deployed by AL East rivals. Commissioner Rob Manfred wants to remove shifts as soon as possible, something that could alleviate McCann's issues. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: There were other issues for McCann last year, mainly falling in love with the right field porch and therefore swinging for a home run rather than looking for contact, but hitting into the shift was also an issue. McCann had the second lowest batting average of his career in 2014 and the lowest OPS of his career; the Yankees invested a lot in McCann and are looking for him to at least hit for power. McCann did have the second most HR in his career in 2014 and the possible rule changes could help his BA raise closer to his .272 career average. He still has potential as a top-10 catcher this year and optimistic owners could site last year's issues as a brief downfall in an otherwise solid hitting portfolio.

By Chris Zolli, Yankees Correspondent, Wed, Jan 21st 3:56pm EST

Brian McCann finished the season, his first in the American League, strong in 2014 and he needs to have that momentum carry over to 2015. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: McCann finished the season with 23 home runs and 75 RBI after an eight home run, 18 RBI September, posting his best RBI total since 2010 and home run tally since 2011. Although that is positive, McCann did see his OPS drop by 100 points from 2013 to 2014, fueled by the worst walk total of his career and a sub-.300 OBP. A huge positive for McCann, and one that was expected with a move to the AL where there is a DH, was that he played 140 games after averaging 117 games played in the previous three seasons. If McCann is healthy and able to utilize the right field porch at Yankee Stadium, he hit 19 of his 23 home runs at Yankee Stadium, McCann could hit 25+ home runs and be a top-ten catcher.