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numberFire | Feb 9th, 10:23am ET
Joe Ross, brother of Padres pitcher Tyson Ross, appears to be poised for a breakout this season in Washington. Can he do it?
FanGraphs | Feb 9th, 10:15am ET
If you participate in snake or circular drafts, you’ll have asked the following questions. Do I need to reach for Player X? Can I wait on Player Y? Once you’re in the draft room, the meta game revolves around guessing upon which players your...
Rotoprofessor | Feb 9th, 9:45am ET
With the release of our Top 10 San Francisco Giants prospect list this morning, we’ve officially launched all of our Top 10 prospect lists!  Next week we will begin rolling out our positional rankings, so make sure to check back for that! Who are...
The Fantasy Fix | Feb 9th, 9:45am ET
It isn’t often that a player regarded as highly as Trea Turner is traded away, but that’s exactly what happened in 2014 when the Nationals, in a three-team trade, acquired Turner from the Padres and only had to give up Steven Souza and...
The Fantasy Fix | Feb 9th, 8:45am ET
Rating the other positions was relatively easy. Runs above replacement tends to work pretty well and you only needed 20 players at each position. Grading out pitchers is considerably more difficult. Additionally, most teams carry at least five starters, and...
Lesters Legends | Feb 9th, 8:36am ET
. I present the Lester’s Legends 2016 fantasy baseball first baseman rankings for AL Only fantasy leagues. . 1. Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers 2. Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox 3. Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles 4. Edwin Encarnacion, Toronto Blue Jays...
FanGraphs | Feb 9th, 8:15am ET
Yesterday, I used Alex Chamberlain’s xBABIP formula to determine which hitters most underperformed in the BABIP department, if you believe in xBABIP, of course. Today, I check in on the other side of the coin — those hitters whose xBABIPs were...
Rotoprofessor | Feb 9th, 6:15am ET
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) You can argue that both Jason Kipnis and Anthony Rendon are coming off disappointing 2015 campaigns, though for drastically different reasons. For Rendon it was injuries costing him any chance of producing a productive...
RotoBaller | Feb 9th, 6:00am ET
It happens every year: A bunch of players produce way above expectations, and we spend the entire offseason arguing over whether or not the improvement was genuine. Separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to last year’s breakout performances...
Razzball | Feb 9th, 3:01am ET
With the top 80 starters for 2016 fantasy baseball, we are so close to the end of the rankings I can almost taste it!  Wait, that's not rankings I taste, I bit my lip and it's blood.  I wonder if when Dracula bites his lip it's like when Cougs goes...
Rotoworld | Feb 9th, 12:55am ET
Nate Grimm takes a look at some overvalued players in the NL West, including Carlos Gonzalez, Shelby Miller and Matt Kemp.
ScoutFantasy | Feb 8th, 9:18pm ET
Mark Deming gives you six players with immense upside you may want to keep your eye on in the later rounds of your Fantasy Baseball draft! (PREMIUM)
ScoutFantasy | Feb 8th, 9:17pm ET
Senior Fantasy Baseball Expert Shawn Childs provides an in-depth look at the St. Louis Cardinals heading into the 2016 MLB season. (PREMIUM)
FanGraphs | Feb 8th, 7:51pm ET
2/8/16 The latest episode of “The Sleeper and the Bust” is live! Follow us on Twitter @sporer @enosarris Strategy Section Revisiting SP Ranks – Discussing Outside the Top-25 Carlos Martinez ended the season ailing w/a shoulder (3:08) James...
Roto Rob | Feb 8th, 5:54pm ET
Oh man, as super talented kids start arriving in the Bigs younger and younger and make a bigger impact each season, picking this award gets harder all the time. So many choices! This is just an article tease. Visit for full articles, plus plenty...
RotoBaller | Feb 8th, 4:29pm ET
Jake Odorizzi's name has been linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals in trade talks, so there is a chance he never throws another pitch for the Tampa Bay Rays. Regardless, he should continue to improve in...
numberFire | Feb 8th, 3:53pm ET
These five kings of the strikeout should be going earlier in 2016 drafts.
FanGraphs | Feb 8th, 3:15pm ET
Sorry for not having as many Quick Looks this off season. Instead of watching games inside while exercising, I have been exercising outside. I will try to get some more once spring training games start up so let me know of any pitchers you would like to see...
RotoBaller | Feb 8th, 2:44pm ET
Many of the headlines surrounding the Boston Red Sox’s pitching rotation have to do with David Price. After all, he did receive the largest contract in the history of baseball for a pitcher. However, behind Price is a group of young guns (and I guess...
RotoBaller | Feb 8th, 2:35pm ET
At only 23, Joc Pederson is clearly one of the best young talents in baseball. Already having a full season under his belt should serve him well as he attempts to continue the success he enjoyed in the first half of the 2015 season where he clobbered 20 HR...