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FanGraphs | Feb 10th, 10:15am ET
We’ve started our annual Depth Chart Discussions, re-branded as Playing Time Battles for 2016. You can catch up on every team we’ve covered in the Playing Time Battles Summary post or following along using the Depth Chart Discussions tag. On Monday,...
Yahoo! Sports | Feb 10th, 10:06am ET
Slaying the sportsbook is a monstrous task. Some days bettors take up residence in a penthouse suite. Other times, they curl up in the nearest ditch, shirtless and toothless. In an attempt to avoid complete destitution, I will post my picks, whether profitable...
The Fantasy Fix | Feb 10th, 9:45am ET
The St. Louis Cardinals fell short of a magical feat last season when they won 100 games during the regular season only to lose to their divisional foe Chicago in the first round. The team, which has not had a losing season in their least eight years, has...
The Fantasy Fix | Feb 10th, 8:45am ET
Rating position players was relatively easy. Runs above replacement tends to work pretty well and you only needed 20 players at each position. Grading out pitchers is considerably more difficult. Additionally, most teams carry at least five starters,...
RotoBaller | Feb 10th, 7:00am ET
Turning Two: Who Will Save 50 Games? Welcome back to our fifth edition of Turning Two. We've now discussed who will hit 50 HR, who will win 20 games, who can put up a 20/20, and who can hit .350. This week's topic revolves around the...
Rotoprofessor | Feb 10th, 6:15am ET
by Ray Kuhn At this point there really is no such thing as a true “sleeper” (especially as the definition has evolved and become less than crystal clear). Knowledge is readily available and consumed and sleepers have become players that people...
RotoBaller | Feb 10th, 6:00am ET
It happens every year: A bunch of players produce way above or below expectations, and we spend the entire offseason arguing over whether or not the improvement or decline was genuine. Separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to last year’s...
Lesters Legends | Feb 10th, 6:00am ET
. I present the Lester’s Legends 2016 fantasy baseball first baseman rankings for NL Only fantasy leagues. . 1. Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks 2. Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs 3. Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds 4. Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves 5....
Razzball | Feb 10th, 3:01am ET
If I told you this post ends our position 2016 fantasy baseball rankings, would you believe me?  What if I told you it while holding your mom's hand while calling you son, would you believe it more or less?  Man, you got issues!  So, yes, this...
ScoutFantasy | Feb 9th, 11:17pm ET
Senior Fantasy Baseball Expert Shawn Childs provides an in-depth look at Paul Goldschmidt and the 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks. (PREMIUM)
ScoutFantasy | Feb 9th, 11:16pm ET
After seven years with the Washington Nationals, SS Ian Desmond has yet to find a new team this offseason. What is his value in Fantasy Baseball leagues heading into the 2016 season?
numberFire | Feb 9th, 3:47pm ET
Arrieta is being drafted as the third pitcher overall, but can he live up to the price?
FanGraphs | Feb 9th, 2:18pm ET
We looked at strikeouts plus pop-ups minus walks, even if I need to re-run those numbers with pop-ups divided by plate appearances. And then we looked at Arsenal Scores, even if I need to re-run those numbers with more precision. Those things, plus projections,...
Razzball | Feb 9th, 1:00pm ET
Howdy Razzballero! Razzballians? Did we ever come to a consensus on a term to identify the loyal followers of this great site? *checks glossary* Hmmm... don't see one. I do see the term DLzebub though. That one isn't used nearly enough. He pays me a visit...
RotoBaller | Feb 9th, 12:25pm ET
Brandon Moss and his frustrated fantasy owners may have had little to be proud of in 2015 as he scuffled mightily, but a late season trade to the Red Birds gave his fortunes a slight turnaround. If you are wondering how this story may play out...
Sporting News | Feb 9th, 12:19pm ET
Average draft position (ADP) reports are something all owners should look at before their fantasy baseball drafts. While not gospel, it gives you a good idea of where your favorite sleepers and potential busts are going in mock drafts,...
Rotoprofessor | Feb 9th, 12:15pm ET
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) It seems like many owners are entering the season expecting Shawn Tolleson to falter and ultimately lose his job. How else do you justify him being the 19th relief pitcher coming off the board in NFBC formats, despite...
RotoBaller | Feb 9th, 12:11pm ET
After holding his own in a 2014 audition, rookie Randal Grichuk found himself starting full-time in the majors for the first time last year after the Cardinals lost Matt Holliday to the DL. He filled in admirably, hitting .276 with 17 home runs in only...
RotoBaller | Feb 9th, 12:06pm ET
Stephen Piscotty had a spectacular 2015 that saw him hit .305 with seven home runs and 39 RBI over 256 at-bats, earning him the 43rd spot in our outfield ranking. Currently atop the right field depth chart, Piscotty hopes that...
The Fantasy Fix | Feb 9th, 11:45am ET
2015 Quick Overview The Texas Rangers surprised everyone when they went from last place in 2014 to edge the Houston Astros by two games in the 2015 standings. Despite a seemingly mediocre 88-74 record, the Rangers came within one game of advancing to the ALCS....