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Jacoby Ellsbury is returning to the Yankees lineup on Wednesday and will bat leadoff and play center field. Ellsbury has missed more than two weeks with an oblique strain. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: It appears that Yankees centerfielder, Jacoby Ellsbury, is returning just in time to be ready for Opening Day, barring any setbacks. The Yankees star outfielder is a top fantasy player and should be started in all formats as long as he is in the lineup.


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Jacoby Ellsbury returned to action, in a Double-A game for the Yankees, after missing 16 days with an oblique strain. He was 2-5 with an RBI in the minor league game. (Source: USA Today)

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury says that he will be healthy and at the top of the lineup for the Yankees on April 6th against Toronto. He had an injury in Spring Training of 2014, and missed the last two weeks, but still had an .821 OPS in April 2014. Ellsbury should be seen as a third round draft pick with 15 home run/35 steal potential at a minimum.


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Jacoby Ellsbury looks forward to playing a couple exhibiton games before Opening Day after a successful soft toss batting practice. (Source: Pete Caldera on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury's March 15th injury was not supposed to sideline him for more than five to seven days so it is crucial to see how he responds to live action. He is still a 3rd round pick and a top-35 player, but his status is tentative.


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Jacoby Ellsbury has been out since March 15th with an oblique strain. He will hit off of a tee and do some soft toss today. Initial thoughts were that Ellsbury would only miss five to seven days with this injury, but he is now questionable for Opening Day on April 6th against the Blue Jays. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury's skill set is well known but so too is his injury history. He missed the end of Spring Training last season and was not able to make the impact with his bat that the Yankees would have liked, as he only posted a .747 OPS in his first season for the Yankees. Although he did not get on base as much as the Yankees would have hoped, he did have 16 home runs and 39 steals in 44 attempts. In fact, Ellsbury's truest strength is not that he is a fast base runner but rather a good base runner; he has converted 89.7% of his stolen bases since 2012, stealing 105 bases in the past three seasons. It is safe to expect 55 home runs+ steals for a healthy Ellsbury, making him worthy of a top-30 pick. His health is a question, though, and it is critical to see how he rebounds from this injury.


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No news on Jacoby Ellsbury

Tue, Mar 24th 11:23am EDT
By Chris Zolli

Jacoby Ellsbury has yet to swing a bat, so the Yankees do not know when the CF will return from an oblique injury. He was supposed to return five to seven days after being shut down on March 15th, but has not even conducted the lightest workouts yet. Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that if Ellsbury can get in a full week of games that he would be ready for the Yankees opener against the Blue Jays on April 6th. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: This is major news for fantasy owners, as Ellsbury is either a late second or early third round pick. Ellsbury has had injury problems before and was only hitting .222 this spring before getting hurt. Ellsbury has 20 home run/35 steal potential, a fact that can be said about only three other players in baseball, and has been a top ten fantasy option before. He needs to show that he can be healthy to regain his high fantasy value.


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Jacoby Ellsbury has an oblique strain and will miss at least one week, possibly ten days. This could interfere with the beginning of the regular season. (Source: New York Post)

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury has struggled this spring and this injury will not help matters. He was injured on March 14th of last season but was ready for Opening Day and the hope is that he will be healthy leading into Opening Day 2015. Ellsbury could be as a high as a second or third round draft pick, but needs to be healthy and productive to meet his ADP. Ellsbury had a .741 OPS and 39 SB in 2014 and he is a 20 home run, 35 steal candidate in 2015.


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Jacoby Ellsbury missed last night's game with the Toronto Blue Jays and is not on the travel schedule to Orlando for a game with the Atlanta Braves. A mild abdominal strain could lead to Ellsbury missing up to a week. Manager Joe Girardi is not too concerned with this injury. (Source: New York Post)

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury has slumped through the spring, although he did have a triple on Sunday, and has had injury issues throughout his career. Ellsbury missed considerable time in 2010, 2012, and missed some of Spring Training last season. Ellsbury could still be a top-30 player, but needs to get back in the lineup and show that he and Brett Gardner are a productive tandem at the top of the lineup.


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Jacoby Ellsbury was 1-3 with a triple and run scored on Sunday afternoon, raising his spring batting average to .222.

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury has 13 triples over the past two years and his speed profile is well known, as he has stolen over 35 bases bases five times in his career. Ellsbury appears to be entrenched as the leadoff hitter for the Yankees in 2015 and needs to continue on his trend of positive hitting performances to regain his overall top-30 status.


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Jacoby Ellsbury has a mixed game

Sat, Mar 14th 4:04pm EDT
By Chris Zolli

Jacoby Ellsbury was 1-3, raising his batting average to .206, but was also caught stealing against the Blue Jays.

Fantasy Impact: Jacoby Ellsbury has been unsuccessful as the leadoff hitter all spring and Saturday was no difference. He struggled in spring training last year as well, and saw his OPS drop in 2014. The construction of the lineup may be the issue, as Ellsbury thrived as the third hitter in 2014 and has not batted third yet this spring. Look for the Yankees to test other lineups to spark their offense.


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Jacoby Ellsbury is now 4-21 this spring after a 1-3 performance against the Braves. He has one run scored and one RBI thus far.

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury's struggles are an issue for the Yankees looking forward. Seeing both Ellsbury and Brett Gardner with sub-.200 batting averages through more than 20 at bats this spring is troublesome. The Yankees will test both Ellsbury and Gardner as the leadoff hitter and a change in the lineup order could be the remedy for their issues.


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Jacoby Ellsbury was 1-3 against the Rays on Monday afternoon.

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury is only hitting .133 this spring and has does not look like he is functioning well as the leadoff hitter. At some point, Brett Gardner will get opportunities leading off, as he has struggled in the second spot of the lineup as well, and that may kickstart the offense. Ellsbury has the potential to be a top-30 hitter this year but the Yankees need to find the right way to use him in the lineup. His combination of speed and power makes him nearly a lock for 15 or more home runs and 30 or more stolen bases.


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Yet again Jacoby Ellsbury led off for the Yankees, finishing 0-3, and is only hitting .083 this spring.

Fantasy Impact: The Yankees are testing each Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury as leadoff hitters this Spring Training, but Ellsbury has led off most games this spring with bad results. Ellsbury will get opportunities hitting first and third this spring and could start swapping positions in the lineup as soon as next week.


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Jacoby Ellsbury led off again for the Yankees on Friday, finishing 1-3 with two strikeouts.

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury mainly batted first and third in 2014 and he will fill one of those positions in 2015. Ellsbury had 407 plate appearances as the third hitter in 2014, posting a .728 OPS and 27 SB; that compares to a .773 OPS and 10 SB in 219 PA as the lead off hitter in 2014. Oddly, he had only one less extra base hit as a lead off hitter (23) than the third hitter (24) in 188 less plate appearances.


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Jacoby Ellsbury leads off again

Thu, Mar 5th 3:30pm EST
By Chris Zolli

Ellsbury's 0-3 performance is not the big story from the game, but rather that he was the lead off hitter again. Either Ellsbury or Brett Gardner is the presumed lead off hitter for the Yankees.

Fantasy Impact: Simply put, Ellsbury being the lead off hitter or the third hitter is the difference of more runs and steals or more RBIs and HRs, which is a very big factor in the end. Ellsbury has stolen 52 and 39 bases over the past two seasons, but will not be asked to steal as much if he is the third hitter in the lineup and Gardner leads off. Monitor this situation closely through Spring Training.


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Ellsbury led off for the Yankees in their Spring Training opener with the Phillies, going 0-3 with 2 runners left on base

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury was the best offensive player for the Yankees last year and fluctuated from the first and third spot in the lineup. His 0-3 was not as important as the fact that he was at the top of the lineup and that is something to watch as Spring Training goes on. If Ellsbury is at the top of a rebounding Yankee lineup, he could top 100 runs scored for only the second time in his career. If he is able to steal around 40 bases, he had 52 in 2013 and 39 in 2014, he could be even better than his ADP of 31.


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Ellsbury has been a first round pick in fantasy drafts before, but is only the sixth best player at his position coming into 2015. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Ellsbury's strength comes from his combination of speed and power shown in 2014. Last season was only his second season with double digit home runs, but his fifth with 35 or more steals. His .747 OPS was his lowest in a full season since 2008, but he will have a huge new opportunity for 2015. The Yankees used Ellsbury a bit in the third spot of the lineup last year, leading to 70 RBI which is the second most in his career, and will open the season with him penciled in the three hole permanently. Ellsbury's runs scored were at a career low in 2014, but look for Ellsbury to bounce back in 2015. He may be picked in the third or fourth round, but could end up as more of a second round talent.