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RotoBaller | Apr 13th, 12:00pm
  New York Yankees Update for Week 2: Fantasy Baseball News and Analysis We’ve just about completed two weeks in this young season and the Bronx is abuzz with fantasy news that you can use. Jacoby Ellsbury, who was a late first round to early second round fantasy pick overall, has really adjusted to life [...]
news | Apr 10th, 9:41pm
Jacoby Ellsbury, who has switched sides in baseball's most historic rivalry, will receive a parting gift from the Red Sox on Friday when he is presented with his 2013 World Series ring. Ellsbury batted third for the Yankees on Thursday, marking his first career game against the only professional organization he had ever played for.
ESPN | Apr 10th, 8:28pm
Even at the end of the Boston Red Sox's championship run, Jacoby Ellsbury thought he might switch sides in the rivalry and head to the Bronx.
Fangraphs | Mar 24th, 12:41am
When healthy, Ellsbury has failed to play full-season's slate of games since his miraculous 2011 season when filled the stat sheets with 32 homers, 39 stolen bases etc. The only part of that season that we still see is the speed. Can he replicate the homers? Probably not, but if he can, Yankee stadium could be the place to do it. I'm just not confident that Ellsbury plays enough games to earn a top-15 outfield spot by season's end. - Alan Harrison
The Fantasy Fix | Mar 20th, 4:02pm
Can he replicate the homers? Probably not, but if he can, Yankee stadium could be the place to do it. I'm not opposed to drafting Ellsbury altogether, but with his recent contract and injury history, I'd feel more comfortable grabbing a player with just a little more balance and less injury risk in the first round. - Alan Harrison
RotoBaller | Mar 20th, 8:46am
Ellsbury can not only steal 40+ bags, but also hit 15 HR and drive in 70 runs. Playing the majority of his games at Yankee Stadium will add to a bump in his power. A likely top 20 player for 2014, Ellsbury has had injuries that could scare off some owners, but all signs point to him having a successful first year in the Bronx at the plate and on the basepaths. - Justin Berglund