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Marco Estrada (SP)

Milwaukee Brewers

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FanGraphs | Apr 15th, 6:15pm
Swinging strikes are half (more than half?) the battle. But you can use pitches for grounders, too. Take Marco Estrada, for example. By whiff rates, his change (18.4%) is plus, but his curve (9%) is not. That’s okay! By grounder rate, his curve is plus plus (60.8%). That means he has two great secondary pitches […]
The Fantasy Fix | Apr 14th, 6:02pm
Estrada's ERA was much better than his fair run average. We can trace that back to his left on base percentage and his BABIP. Part of that can be attributed to the excellent glove work of Carlos Gomez . - Scott Barzilla
Yahoo | Mar 30th, 1:13am
Estrada will be a big help in WHIP and Ks. He recorded a 2.15 ERA and 0.75 WHIP with a 56:11 K:BB ratio over 58.2 innings after the All-Star break last season, so don't sleep on him. It's too bad Estrada pitches in such a homer-friendly park, but he's being undervalued regardless. - Brandon Funston