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GM Sandy Alderson addressed the New York media this afternoon and indicated that today's workout was "mandatory." Matt Harvey was a no-show and Alderson didn't seem too pleased about Harvey's absence. That said, when asked, Alderson wouldn't comment further on Harvey's absence until he finds out why Harvey was, in fact, missing. (Source: Mike Puma on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: More Mets-Matt Harvey drama as they head to the NLDS for the first time in nine years - just what the team needs right now. Harvey is a top-tier SP for fantasy purposes, but it wont be surprising if the Mets attempt to deal him in the off-season for a big bat, while his contract remains reasonable and he is years removed from free agency.


Harvey yielded only one hit and one walk, striking out seven in his dominant five inning start. With the division race on the line, Harvey had to depart due to his faux innings limit - yielding the rest of the game to the Mets' bullpen which promptly threw BP to Yankees hitters. The Mets went on to lose 11-2.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey should have one more start (potentially two, in the event the Mets need him for the final series against the Nationals on October 2-4). He will likely only throw 10 more innings (at most) this season.


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Matt Harvey was hit hard last night in the Mets' 8-7 win over Washington yielding seven earned runs on eight hits (along with two walks) in 5.1 IP. Harvey did manage to strike out six. The poor start came as the drama surrounding Harvey's 180 IP limit "disagreement" appeared to be resolved pre-game with Mets' management.

Fantasy Impact: It is possible that the drama surrounding Harvey's IP dispute with the Mets impacted his performance. Notwithstanding, Harvey came up very small in a big spot for the Mets and he had to be bailed out by New York's bats. As for the innings limitation, the New York media was reporting last evening that Harvey would make two more starts in the regular season (including last night's start). If the Mets can continue to increase their hold on the NL East, however, it is quite possible that last night's start was Harvey's last of the regular season so that the Mets can hold him back for post-season play. Harvey owners will need to monitor the situation during the fantasy playoffs to see if and when he is next scheduled to start.


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Matt Harvey told reporters yesterday that should the Mets make the post-season, he will pitch. This confirmation, following a brutal backlash from the New York media, former Mets and Mets fans alike, says nothing about his regular season status once he hits the magic 180 IP limit. (Source: Adam Rubin on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Harvey is due to start Tuesday against the Nationals in a crucial game. It is unclear as to whether the Mets will shut him down after the start to "preserve" him for the playoffs (should they make it). Harvey owners in re-draft leagues will need to see whether they will have him down the stretch/for the fantasy playoffs. There should be an update in the next day or two.


Matt Harvey told reporters today that he has always considered a season innings limit of 180 IP and refused to comment on whether such limit included post-season innings. This position was not only news to the Mets, but also somewhat confirmed the position his agent Scott Boras took yesterday on the subject. (Source: Anthony DiComo on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: The drama continues. Harvey has taken a very disingenuous stance regarding his innings limit/post-season availability. All season, Harvey has complained any time the subject of missed starts/a 6-man rotation has come up in an effort to limit his innings. Now he and his agent claim that 180 IP was the limit all along. No surprise, he's being skewered by Mets beat writers and Mets fans on Twitter. Some speculate he could be ailing and is using this Dr. Andrews innings limit recommendation (which the Mets appear to deny was ever even recommended) as an excuse to be shut down. From a fantasy standpoint, Harvey now may be shut down in another 14 innings - leaving owners (and the Mets) without his services for the last 3 weeks of the season. We will continue to monitor this latest Mets drama.


Agent Scott Boras is reportedly at odds with the Mets in the handling of his client Matt Harvey. Specifically, Boras is demanding that the Mets shut Harvey down at 180 IP on the season. Boras is predicating his position on the medical recommendations received after Harvey underwent Tommy John surgery, alleging that said recommendations were mandates. This innings limit would include any post-season innings thrown by Harvey. Harvey has already thrown 166.1 IP on the year. The Mets, while they have implemented a six-man rotation for the remainder of the regular season, have no intention of shutting Harvey down. (Source: NBC Sports on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: It is not uncommon for agents to be at-odds with MLB team ownership; and it is unlikely the Mets will place a hard stop on Harvey and refuse to pitch him in the post-season. That said, the Mets may shut him down if, and when, they clinch the NL East impacting his fantasy value down the stretch. Stay tuned for the conclusion of yet another Mets' soap-opera.


Harvey wasn't at his best last night, yielding four earned runs on nine hits in 6.1 IP. Harvey did, however, manage to strike out nine (walking only one) while pitching into the seventh inning. Harvey, who was reportedly suffering from dehydration during the Mets 9-4 victory, moved to 12-7 on the season, with a 2.60 ERA and incredible 1.01 WHIP.

Fantasy Impact: The Mets will move to a six-man rotation for the remainder of the season after this weekend, with Steven Matz's return from the DL. This will slightly diminish Harvey's value for the last four weeks of the season since he won't log as many starts/innings. That said, he remains a top-tier SP option and should obviously remain active on all rosters.


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Matt Harvey only allowed one run in the entire month of August and he now has a 1.11 ERA in 48 2/3 innings in the second half. Harvey has had an ERA of 3.15 or lower in each month this season. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Matt Harvey has had rough starts this season, but he has shown in 2015 that a season off with Tommy John was not enough to derail his track to stardom. He has not struck out as many batters this season, 8.38 strikeouts per nine, but he has a 2.48 ERA and 0.99 WHIP for the season. His ERA has dropped in each of the last four months and he is a SP1.


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Matt Harvey dominated the Rockies for eight innings last night en route to his 11th win of the season. Harvey yielded only 4 hits, three of which were infield singles, and struck out four. Harvey is now 11-7 on the season with a 2.61 ERA and 0.99 WHIP.

Fantasy Impact: Last night was Harvey's second consecutive scoreless outing. Although he may subjected to an innings limit coming into the final stretch of the season, Terry Collins has indicated that when he needs to pitch, he will. Continue to start Harvey in all fantasy formats.


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On Sunday, the New York Mets beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-2. The Mets have struggled to score runs this year, but they love getting help from their starting pitcher. Harvey went seven innings, allowing two runs on five hits, while walking four, and striking out nine. He also added two RBI and hit his first ever career home run to help the Mets win.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey started out very shakey and it started to look like he was going to struggle early on. But he was able to settle himself down and get into a dominate rythm, and was able to provide some offense in a huge way for the Mets. This season he is 8-6, with an ERA of 3.07 in 111 1/3 innings, while striking out 109 batters, and has a WHIP of 1.09. While Harvey has been extremely inconsistent this season, he is still an ace pitcher and can come out and dominate. He will help any team that he goes to and while provide top of the rotation pitching and can strikeout people in bunches. The Mets will look to end the first half on a high note on Sunday against the Diamondbacks.


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On Saturday, the New York Mets lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3. It was the first time that the Mets had scored more then two runs in the last four games. Matt Harvey went five innings, allowing three runs on seven hits, while walking five, and striking out four.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey has been a very inconsistent pitcher this season after returning from Tommy John surgery. He has struggled to put together a few consistent starts in a row for the Mets this season. He is currently 7-6, with an ERA of 3.11 in 104 1/3 innings pitched, and has struck out 100 batters this season. For all Harvey owners everywhere there is no need to worry about him, he will bounce back and he will go back to his dominant style of pitching. Harvey and the Mets will look to bounce back on Sunday against the Dodgers.


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On Sunday, the New York Mets beat the Cincinnati Reds 2-1 in the 13th innings. This game was continuation of the game that was rained out yesterday in the sixth inning tied 1-1 on Saturday. Matt Harvey earned a no decision, going six innings, allowing one run on five hits, while walking two, and striking out three.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey has looked good in his last few starts, after struggling for a stretch that say him go win less from May first to June fifth, he is currently 7-5, with a 3.08 ERA in 99 1/3 innings, and he has 96 strikeouts this season. Harvey has pitched very well recently, and has given the Mets every chance to win despite the lack of offensive and defensive support in some of his starts. Harvey has shown that he was able to come back in a strong way after Tommy John surgery. Harvey will bring top end pitching to any team that is looking for it, but you will need a great package in order to pick him up. We'll see if Harvey can keep this up over the course of the season.


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Matt Harvey hung out to dry

Sun, Jun 21st 11:08pm EDT
By James McGowan

On Sunday, the New York Mets lost to the Atlanta Braves 1-0. Matt Harvey went 6 2/3 innings, giving up one run on six hits, while walking one, and striking out 5.

Fantasy Impact: Matt Harvey pitched very well in the loss, he was able to go deep into the game and put the Mets in a position to win. But the Mets were limited to only four hits, and were shutout handing Harvey the loss. This season Harvey is 7-5, with a 3.18 ERA in 93 1/3 innings, and he has 93 strikeouts. Harvey has had rough season at points, he has gone through some hot and cold stretches and hasn't been helped by a spotty Mets offense. But every time he has a rough go, he has bounced back and continually showed why he is one of the premier pitchers in the game. Matt Harvey will bring great top end of the rotation pitching, and could really help a team that is struggling. Harvey will look to get back into the win column in his next outing.


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On Tuesday, the New York Mets defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2. The game saw Matt Harvey pitch seven scoreless innings, giving up four hits, while striking out six and walking none. Harvey also knocked in a run.

Fantasy Impact: It was very happy Harvey day for Mets fans and owners of Harvey. He seemed to get into a groove early and never took his foot off of the gas petal. This season he is 7-4, with a 3.32 ERA in 79 2/3 innings pitched, and 80 strikeouts. In his previous starts Harvey got into trouble early, and never seemed to find a pitch that could work for him. But Tuesday, Harvey showed that he is still a dominate pitcher despite his recent struggles. This start could mean big things for Harvey, he has struggled recently and really needed as shutout start to get back on track. It is safe to say that all Harvey owners can take collected sigh of relief, he showed again that he is still one of the most dominate pitcher in the game and the ace of the Mets staff. If you can some how pick him up, he will bring great pitching to the front end of a rotation. Harvey will look to keep this up in his next start.


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On Wednesday, the New York Mets lost to the San Francisco Giants 8-5. Matt Harvey went six innings, striking out two, and walking two. In the loss, Harvey allowed seven earned runs and three of them were home runs.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey once again got hurt early into his outing, he allowed two runs in the first inning. But from then on he was lights out, for the next four innings he was completely shut down. But in the sixth the train came off the tracks, Harvey allowed five runs in the inning and that was the end of his night. Harvey is now 6-4, with a 3.62 ERA in 73 2/3 innings of work, and he has 80 strikeouts this season. Harvey is still the power righty that he has always been, but recently he has looked a little bit more vulnerable. But these starts are of no concern, Harvey has been an ace all year, and will be able to turn it around as he has this season after a bad start. There is no reason to panic on Harvey it's still early and he will be able to find his way as the season progresses. It'll be interesting to see how Harvey bounces back in his next start, as he tries to get back into the win column.


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On Thursday, the New York Mets beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-2. Matt Harvey was able to earn his first win in over a month. In the victory, Harvey went seven innings, surrendering two runs on six hits, while striking out nine, and walking one. Both runs that Harvey surrendered were home runs. (Source: MLB)

Fantasy Impact: Harvey was his dominate self on Thursday, Harvey said after the game that three loses and two no decision had pissed him off. So when he gave up a an early home run to Jarrod Saltalamacchia he was understandably livid. But he bounced back after that, challenging hitters and striking out five consecutive batters in the third and fourth inning. With the win Harvey improves to 6-3, with a 3.05 ERA in 73 2/3 innings of work, with 80 strike outs this season. Since May 1st Harvey had looked like a different pitcher, giving up a lot of runs, and hits. During this stretch he also pitched his worst game of the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates, where he went four innings, striking out four, and giving up seven runs on six hits. But after Thursday's win Harvey looks like he is back to his confident self. Harvey would be a solid pitcher for any team looking an ace for their team, he is defiantly not available but if you could trade for him or some how convince some one to drop him,he would be the perfect player. Harvey looks like he is back and just as dominate as ever, his next start should be more of the same dominance.


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Matt Harvey left out to dry

Sat, May 30th 12:08am EDT
By James McGowan

Matt Harvey bounced back with a good start on Friday against the Marlins. Harvey went eight innings, striking out 11, and only walking one. Harvey was lights out most of the game giving up four runs during his outing. (Source: MLB)

Fantasy Impact: But it was all for not, the Mets offense left Harvey high and dry. The Mets ended up losing 4-3, after a late rally that only saw them score one run. Harvey's performance was wasted, with the Mets offensive short comings. After the loss he is 5-3, with a 3.11 ERA, and 71 strikeouts this season. Harvey showed that he is still the ace of the Mets staff, and can bounce back after a rough outing. This bounce back was huge for the Mets whose starting pitching has turned it on as of late, the only thing that has been hit or miss is there offense. But offense aside Matt Harvey is one of the best pitchers in baseball, and he can be lights out in big games. If I were you I would pick him up now, or trade with the one guy in every league who has all the best players, but doesn't know baseball. All in all Harvey is a great pitcher and would be worth packaging some good players to try and get him.


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On Saturday, Matt Harvey had a difficult outing in what was a loss to the Pirates 8-2. Harvey went four innings, allowing seven runs on six hits, while walking two, and striking out four. (Source: MLB)

Fantasy Impact: Harvey showed in this outing that he, like all of us is human. Harvey has been almost untouchable this season, but today it was a combination of missed pitches and lack of offensive support that cost the Mets the game. But don't panic, he has a 2.91 ERA, with 56 strike outs this season. And it's still the beginning of the season, and Harvey just had a rough outing. Harvey is still the ace that he has been all season, and if you can pick him up I would he would be a great asset for a team struggling with their pitching.


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Matt Harvey pitched eight shutout innings against the Cardinals on Monday night, leaving with a 1-0 lead. Jeurys Familia blew the save, but Harvey had nine strikeouts and one walk for his seventh quality start in eight starts this season.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey has 56 strikeouts and eight walks this season, posting a 0.91 WHIP, .213 opponent's batting average, and 1.98 ERA. Harvey has struck out seven or more batters in six of his eight games this season and has four starts where he has not allowed an earned run. Matt Harvey is on target for another outstanding outing against his scheduled opponent on Saturday, the Pirates, as current Pirates are 3-for-23 against Harvey with only one extra base hit and six strikeouts.


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Although Harvey registered a quality start, he was out-pitched by Cole Hamels and the Mets lost 3-1 to the Phillies last evening. In six innings, Harvey gave up six hits, one walk and three ERs. Harvey also struck out four.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey will try to get back in the win column in his next scheduled start against the Cubs at Wrigley Field during the week. He should be active in all fantasy formats.


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Harvey (4-0) went 8.2 IP against the Yankees yesterday, striking out seven and yielding only 2 ER. In yet another quality start for Harvey, he only gave up five hits and two walks.

Fantasy Impact: Despite a mild ankle sprain reported earlier in the week, Harvey wasn't slowed down at all. Continue to roll with Harvey in all formats. His next start is scheduled against the Nationals at home later this week.


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Harvey was diagnosed with a mild ankle sprain but will not miss his next start. He is scheduled to face the Yankees on Saturday at Yankee Stadium. (Source: Mike Puma on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Continue to roll with Harvey with no reservations.


Terry Collins stated that Harvey was "extremely sick" today but wanted to pitch. Despite not having his best stuff due to the illness, Harvey managed to go six plus innings, striking out seven, while giving up eight hits and four ER (no walks). The Mets defeated the Marlins 7-6, completing a four-game sweep. The Mets have now won eight straight.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey is a top-tier SP and should be active in all fantasy formats whether healthy, sick or whatever. If he's pitching and you are lucky enough to own him, he better be in your active lineup.


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In six innings against the Phillies tonight, Matt Harvey struck out eight and yielded only five hits (0 BB) while giving up three ER. It was Harvey's second straight quality start to open the 2015 season.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey's next start will be against the Marlins at home. This top-tier SP should be owned and started in all formats.


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Matt Harvey dominated in his first regular season start of 2015, and his first start coming off of Tommy John surgery after missing all of 2014. Working on a soft pitch count limitation of about 90, in six innings of work against the Nationals, Harvey yielded only four hits, one walk and struck out nine (91 pitches total). Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, through his first five innings, his fastball averaged 95.8 mph, which was the same as his average fastball velocity in 2013.

Fantasy Impact: Any questions regarding Harvey’s health coming into this season have been answered by virtue of a dominant spring training and now this first impressive regular season start. Harvey is a top-tier SP and is back to his 2013 form already. Harvey Day will next take place at home against the Phillies this upcoming Tuesday.


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Matt Harvey threw another 4 shutout innings today against the Cardinals to close out his very successful spring training. He finished the spring with a 1.19 ERA, 21 Ks and only 1 BB. Harvey also went his last four spring starts without walking one batter.

Fantasy Impact: There were some questions about Harvey coming into spring given that he was returning from TJ surgery. A 1.19 spring ERA and 21:1 K-to-BB ratio should answer any questions or apprehensions about his health. He projects as a top-tier SP in all Roto formats and could certainly finish as a Top-3 SP in 2015.


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Matt Harvey continued his great spring this afternoon against St. Louis going 4.1 IPs, allowing only 3 hits and 1 ER while striking out 5. His spring ERA is currently 1.45.

Fantasy Impact: Harvey, coming off of TJ surgery, has picked up right where he left off before his injury in 2013. He has a current FantasyPros ECR of 64 and is a top-15/20 mixed league SP. Assuming he has no setbacks in his recovery, he can certainly finish as a top-5 mixed league SP in 2015.


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Matt Harvey pitched exceptionally well this afternoon finishing with final line of 5.2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 4 K against the Yankees.

Fantasy Impact: Matt Harvey's strong spring continued today and he projects as a Top 15-20 mixed league SP with a much higher ceiling. Pre-season expectations have been slightly tempered due to the fact he is returning from TJ surgery. That said, these "lower" expectations may be misplaced given his consistent success this spring.


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New York Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey tossed four scoreless innings today against the Red Sox. Facing what could be the Red Sox Opening Day lineup, Harvey struck out three and allowed three hits. He was consistently clocked between 95 to 97 mph.

Fantasy Impact: This was Harvey's best start of the spring and its good to see his velocity is back to where it was before Tommy John surgery. All reports say his slider was also very sharp. He might have to knock off some rust once the season starts but Harvey has the chance to become a fantasy ace again this year. .


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Harvey yielded 6 hits, 1 BB and 2 ERs in 2 and 2/3 IPs on Wednesday against the Marlins. Harvey also struck out two batters.

Fantasy Impact: While this outing was not as dominant as his first start of the spring against the Tigers last week, Harvey suffered no TJ surgery setbacks this afternoon. There were also no concerns with his fastball velocity. Harvey is projected to be a top 20 SP in mixed leagues with the potential to finish much higher.


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New York Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey threw two impressive innings in his first start in over a year today against the Tigers. Coming off Tommy John surgery, Harvey consistently hit between 96-98 mph and got as high as 99mph. Harvey threw 25 pitches and retired all 6 hitters he faced striking out 3 while breaking 2 bats.

Fantasy Impact: Today was a very encouraging start for Harvey as you never know how a pitcher will come back after TJ surgery. Even if it was just spring training and only 2ip if today's start was any indication of what might come, Harvey will be back to being a top starter like he was before the injury.


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It has been speculated that Matt Harvey will be held back until the Mets' home opener (7th game of the season) as a means to limit his innings early in the season. To date, there has been no word from the Mets confirming this plan for Harvey coming off of Tommy John surgery. (Source: Adam Rubin on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: While the Mets haven't yet confirmed Harvey will be held back until Game 7, Adam Rubin indicates this is the likely plan. Holding Harvey back the first week of the MLB season will impact his value in H2H leagues for the first week of the season so owners should set lineups accordingly. Otherwise, his fantasy value in roto formats (or value in subsequent weeks in H2H formats) won't be impacted by the potential early season inning limitation.


Adam Rubin of Espn New York, reported today that Mets general manager Sandy Alderson and manager Terry Collins are considering holding starting pitcher Matt Harvey's 2015 debut back to start the Mets home opener. The start would come on April 13th and it would be the seventh game of the season. (Source: Adam Rubin on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Although Harvey will have had almost 18 months of recovery time from Tommy John surgery when the season starts, the plan is for the Mets to be extra cautious with their young ace. There has already been talk of a 180-200 innings limit for Harvey this season and pushing his start back would suggest that.


The New York Mets front office intends to limit Matt Harvey's innings to 200 in 2015. Harvey, coming off of Tommy John surgery, is the Mets top SP and is, essentially, the future of the organization. The front office obviously wants to insure he remains healthy and isn't over-worked coming off the injury. Harvey is reportedly on board with this limitation. (Source: SNY on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Mets GM Sandy Alderson recently said Harvey will likely start the season in the rotation, but have his starts monitored to reduce innings early in the season. Irrespective of the innings limitation, and despite any uncertainty regarding recovery from TJ surgery, Harvey projects as a top 20 SP in all formats, with top 10 (and even top 5) upside.