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By Nicky Tapas, Mets Correspondent, Thu, Dec 4th 2:44pm EST

The New York Mets front office intends to limit Matt Harvey's innings to 200 in 2015. Harvey, coming off of Tommy John surgery, is the Mets top SP and is, essentially, the future of the organization. The front office obviously wants to insure he remains healthy and isn't over-worked coming off the injury. Harvey is reportedly on board with this limitation. (Source: SNY on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Mets GM Sandy Alderson recently said Harvey will likely start the season in the rotation, but have his starts monitored to reduce innings early in the season. Irrespective of the innings limitation, and despite any uncertainty regarding recovery from TJ surgery, Harvey projects as a top 20 SP in all formats, with top 10 (and even top 5) upside.

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Fake Teams | Jan 24th, 3:12pm
Is Matt Harvey going to throw 200 innings in 2015? Originally, most of us assumed that Matt Harvey's innings limit would be similar to fellow Scott Boras client Stephen Strasburg, which would be in the neighborhood of 160-170 IP. Strasburg was infamously shut down after 160 innings in 2012 as a measure of precaution to preserve his arm for the rest of his career. However, new speculation is coming...