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Nelson Cruz (LF,RF,DH)

Baltimore Orioles

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Nelson Cruz News & Advice

Roto Professor | Jul 18th, 9:55pm
It was a tremendous first half for Nelson Cruz, but we've already started to see a bit of a regression in his production.  That really shouldn't have come as a major surprise.  While he should continue to be one of the better sluggers in the league, don't be surprise if his overall production continues to pale in comparison to his early season numbers. - Eric Stashin
The Fantasy Fix | Jul 18th, 2:34am
ATTENTION PITCHERS: Don't pipe Cruz fastballs as he owns a ridiculous 23.2 wFB rating against the pitch. In addition to all of the aforementioned stats, he has also cut his strikeout rate by nearly four percent while also raising his walk rate. If he can stay stay healthy, Cruz is going to end up with some gaudy numbers when the season is complete. His on-pace stats will leave you foaming at the mouth (48 HR-128 RBI-97 R). - Matt Moczygemba