Joe Flacco
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Breaking Football | Jul 29th
Flacco has the arm to do magical things, but does he have the system or weapons? Last year showed us he's probably not meant to throw the ball 40+ times a game.
The New York Times | Jul 29th
How much will an aging Steve Smith really help?
Fantasy Team Advice | Jul 24th
Average QB is as nice a description as we can give here.. Shouldn't be high on anyone's radar
The Fake Football | Jul 23rd
Joe Flacco. This might in fact be the unsexiest name in all of fantasy football, and his ADP of 92.5 (QB21) in 2QB fantasy leagues (hat tip to Salvatore Stefanile  Full Article » The post Don’t Overlook The Average Joe appeared first on Fantasy Football Rankings & more, The Fake Football.
Fantasy Football Maniax | Jul 15th
Flacco was a disappointment in fantasy, but if the Ravens can improve their offensive line and add some targets, he may bounce back in 2014. The addition of WR Steve Smith could help this offense, but keep in mind that it is not 2005 anymore.