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By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Wed, Feb 4th 1:48pm EST

Joseph Randle finds himself in trouble with the law for the second time in four months, cited for marijuana possession on Tuesday. Police were able to find the marijuana when on a call for a dispute between a woman and Randle in a hotel in Wichita, KS and one of his associates that had left the hotel room supposedly had a gun with him. Randle was arrested for shoplifting in October and is becoming an issue for the Cowboys with his legal transgressions (Source: Dallas-Forth Worth Star-Telegram)

Fantasy Impact: Randle had a massive opportunity with the Cowboys, one that will probably disappear with this issue. DeMarco Murray may not re-sign with the Cowboys and, after a 2014 season where Randle averaged 6.7 yards per carry, he would have fit nicely as the starting RB. The Cowboys were still considering drafting or signing another RB, as well as assessing in house options like Ryan Williams, but Randle would have been as good of an option as any. As this situation develops more, Randle's fantasy value will be amended.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Wed, Jan 21st 2:06pm EST

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan will run his offense the same way in 2015, with or without Murray. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: The Cowboys have offered a four-year, $16 million contract to Murray and are waiting on his response, but they will proceed with either Randle, a free agent, or a draft pick if Murray is not a part of the organization. Murray broke the single-season Cowboys rushing record with 1845 yards this season, but Randle was equally impressive for the league's second best rushing attack, contributing 6.7 yards per carry on 51 carries and three rushing touchdowns. His season high for carries was only 13 this season, but Randle was a consistently solid backup for Murray when need be this season. Randle does not add to the passing game, only four receptions in 2014 and 12 for his career, but his speed and elusiveness can make him a viable threat at running back. He would be a late round pick, but if Murray does not return, Randle could be one of the best sleepers for the 2015 season.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Dec 5th 8:58am EST

Joseph Randle scored a 17 yard touchdown last night against the Bears, the only touch that any running back other than DeMarco Murray had all game.

Fantasy Impact: Murray's fantasy owners had to be furious as they saw Randle scamper in for the 17 yard score, even with Murray's 228 yards from scrimmage and second quarter score softening the blow. Randle will continue to only get the ball sparringly, as he has has only had five or more touches twice this year, but his production in small sample sizes does make him interesting for 2015. He averages seven yards per carry, twice has found the endzone, and has found a way to eclipse 50 yards twice in limited duty. DeMarco Murray's contract expires at the end of the season and although it would be difficult to get rid of the league's leading rusher, the Cowboys may have a budding star in the reserve runner.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Dec 4th 10:53am EST

Joseph Randle was successful against the Bears in last season's matchup, rushing for 53 yards and a touchdown, but the Bears have been successful against secondary rushing targets this year.

Fantasy Impact: The Bears have only allowed multiple running backs to rush for 50 yards in two games this year, Week 1 against the Bills and Week 10 against the Packers, so Randle has an uphill battle against the stingy Bears defense tonight. Randle had one of his four 50 yard games in his NFL career in last year's matchup with Bears, as the Cowboys rolled up 198 rushing yards in a 45-28 loss. The Bears allow four yards per carry on the season and Randle has a 6.7 yards per carry this season, so there is an opportunity, but he has only averaged 3.3 touches per game this season and DeMarco Murray looks stronger as the season progresses. Randle may be used as a change of pace, but he will have minimal effect on the game.


By Jacob Harpel, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Nov 21st 3:54pm EST

During his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM, owner Jerry Jones expressed confidence that Cowboys' RB Joseph Randle could get the job done if needed. (Source: Star-Telegram)

Fantasy Impact: Joseph Randle is sitting on only 29 carries for 201 yards this season. These numbers are nothing compared to lead RB DeMarco Murray, who is currently on pace for a monstrous season for the Cowboys. With Murray's injury history being such a cause of alarm, fantasy owners might view Randle as a solid handcuff option. If Murray were to ever go down, the Cowboys could look towards Randle to help pave the way to a Dallas Cowboys' postseason.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Nov 10th 1:16pm EST

Joseph Randle makes the most of his opportunities in for the Cowboys; the latest example is this 40 yard touchdown run against the Jaguars. (Source: Dallas Cowboys)

Fantasy Impact: These next couple weeks are huge for Randle, as starting running back DeMarco Murray was beneath 20 carries again and is getting his workload drastically dropped. Joseph Randle's touchdown gave the Cowboys a 31-7 lead and Randle finished the game with seven carries for 56 yards. The seven carries represented the biggest workload of the season for Randle and was five more touches than Lance Dunbar, who finished with just two catches out of the backfield. This is the biggest thing to look at, which running back gets more touches, and it is fair to say that Dunbar is the receiver out of the backfield and Randle is the traditional backup running back. This is a big factor for fantasy purposes for two reasons: Randle will get carries in lieu of Murray, but Dunbar will have continuity with the first team offense in passing downs. Randle may end up as the bigger fantasy option for the remainder of the season, but Murray's decrease in workload may be just to allow him to be strong for the stretch run. This may be the best game for Randle, so be mindful of that if you are looking to keep Randle for the fantasy playoffs.


By Jonathan Ebanks, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Nov 3rd 4:01pm EST

Cowboys' RBs Lance Dunbar (three carries for nine rushing yards, two catches for 52 yards) and Joseph Randle (one carry for two yards) combine for 6 touches in Week 9's loss to Arizona.

Fantasy Impact: Fellow Cowboys' RB DeMarco Murray received 23 touches on Sunday. Considering how much Murray dominates the workload, it's hard to gauge which back owners should keep as a handcuff. Dunbar looks like the slight favorite, but if Murray went down with an injury, the team would likely turn to a two-headed rushing attack with Dunbar and Randle.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Nov 2nd 7:53am EST

Joseph Randle was thought to be a good kid without character issues coming out of college; this season has proved differently. (Source: NBC Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Randle has been a useful backup to DeMarco Murray, adding 6.7 yards per attempt to the league's best rushing attack, but his off field antics may have him lose playing time. His October 13th arrest was seen by some in the media as an outlier of Randle's normally good behavior, but his attitude in the arrest video and subsequent arguments with teammates shows that Randle may have a real issue. Earlier reports this season said that the skill set of Randle was comparable to Murray and if Murray were to depart as a free agent, Randle could shoulder the load as the starting running back in 2015. In lieu of the issues he has had with teammates, particularly star receiver Dez Bryant, his ascent to starting running back may never happen, as the Cowboys may not be interested in the maligned player. Fantasy owners should track Randle's carries, as he was seen as a good potential player to stash away for the later part of the season, but may lose snaps to Lance Dunbar because of his off field issues.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Oct 31st 1:54pm EDT

Joseph Randle, arrested for theft earlier this season, has thrown teammates Dez Bryant and Josh Brent under the bus, referring to their legal troubles. (Source: NBC Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Bryant and Randle got into a fight at yesterday's practice that needed Jason Witten's intervention. Randle was arrested October 13th and referred to the lack of games missed by Dez Bryant's assult on his mother, as well as minimizing his act in lieu of teammate Josh Brent's issues. Randle needs to focus on the playing field where he is fighting for the backup running back role with Lance Dunbar. Over the past two games, Dunbar has gotten less playing time than Randle, but if these issues are going to keep occuring, the electric Randle will lose playing time. There are a lot of fantasy owners that are stashing Randle as a late season sleeper, so continue to track his issues in hopes he gets some carries when DeMarco Murray tires.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Oct 14th 11:20am EDT

Joseph Randle was arrested Monday night for shoplifting and was released on bail early Tuesday morning. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: This is bad news for fantasy owners that looked at Randle as a good sleeper as DeMarco Murray's backup. He has played well in limited time this year and may still be a part of the Cowboys long term plan later in the season. This arrrest will cause issues. especially considering head coach Jason Garrett's hard stance on legal issues


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Oct 7th 11:41am EDT

Joseph Randle only had two carries for four yards last week and only has 11 carries for 61 yards on the season. (Source: NFL)

Fantasy Impact: Joseph Randle, or Lance Dunbar quite frankly, need to unburden DeMarco Murray or his record pace may come to a sudden stop. Randle has earned the backup running back role as Dunbar has not been good at all this season and Randle has a much higher upside. Murray says that he wants to maintain his pace, a career high 31 carries last week defends that point, but it is foolish for a running back to go from 217 carries to 400+ carries. For Murray to feel less of a burden, Randle needs to continue his 5.5 yard per carry pace so that the offense continues to run smoothly without Murray. There are some that see a lot of Murray's explosiveness in Randle so they could be a great combination in the backfield. If the Cowboys choose to limit Murray, Randle would be an outstanding sleeper pickup in all formats, as he also showed that he can be at least an average receiver out of the backfield.


By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Sat, Oct 4th 9:57am EDT

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones cautions that Joseph Randle should get more carries so DeMarco Murray is not overburdened. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Randle, the Cowboys' 2013 5th round pick out of Oklahoma State, has only been in on 16 offensive snaps for the Cowboys in 2014 but has been effective with 9 carries for 57 yards. As reported frequently, starting running back DeMarco Murray is on pace for nearly 400 carries this and the nearly consensus opinion is that he will not be able to withstand that workload; that is where Randle comes in. Randle was not good in 2013, as he only averaged three yards per carry, but 6.3 yards per carry this year and college success, 3000 rushing yards with a 5.5 yards per carry, show that Randle can be explosive. If Murray were to get injured or if the team chose to limit his workload in a week, Randle would be a great deep sleeper. He also had 100 receptions in his college career, so he could be an option out of the backfield as a receiver.


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