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By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Sun, Dec 28th 8:27pm EST

Pro Bowl fullback Marcel Reece carried 1 time for 11 yards and caught 3 passes for 30 yards. It's a shame that the Raiders could not sustain any drives because he was very effective when given the opportunities.

Fantasy Impact: He blocks, runs, catches, and lines up all over the formation. Reece could be a fantasy monster on the right team. Imagine what Bill Belichick could do with Reece. Let's see what Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie do in the offseason.


By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Tue, Dec 23rd 8:10pm EST

Fullback Marcel Reece was named to his third Pro Bowl. (Source: Oakland Raiders on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: The versatile running back can run, block, and catch. It would be nice to see what an innovative offense mind could do with his talents. Here's hoping that Mark Davis brings someone in next year to utilize the exciting core of Derek Carr, Latavius Murray, and Marcel Reece.


By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Sun, Dec 14th 4:57pm EST

After his 7 catch 64 yard 1 touchdown performance last week against the 49ers, Marcel Reece put up a bagel in Kansas City. He did not receive a carry or catch a pass on his lone target.

Fantasy Impact: Reece did exit the game briefly toward the end of the first half due to an injury, but did return. That may have contributed to his limited role, but the Raiders coaching staff just does not consistently utilize the matchup nightmare they possess in Reece. This is probably one of the reasons why this coaching staff will not have to worry about that next year.


By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Sun, Dec 7th 8:16pm EST

The Rodney Dangerfield of running backs, Marcel Reece, was finally utilized and helped the Raiders reign supreme in the Battle of the Bay. Reece carried the ball 2 times for 2 yards but had 7 receptions for 64 yards and 1 touchdown.

Fantasy Impact: Once again, it is baffling that the Raiders never seem to utilize this guy. All he does is produce when called upon. Reece is signed until 2016 so the backfield of Carr, Murray and Reece is an exciting one. Hopefully the new coach of the Raiders is, or hires, an innovative offensive coordinator because there is talent here. Reece is a viable option for the remainder of this year because he doesn't need to be the bell cow to produce, as evidenced by today's game. If Murray gets injured though, he could become fantasy gold as he's been featured in that role before and been very successful.


By Steven Miller, Raiders Correspondent, Sun, Dec 7th 8:13pm EST

RB Marcel Reese hauled in 7 passes for 64 yards and a TD against the 49ers at home Sunday afternoon.

Fantasy Impact: Reese had only 2 carries during the game, but Oakland found a way to use Reese in the offense. With the emergence of Latavius Murray in the backfield, it will be tough for fantasy owners to give any major consideration for Reese, especially during the playoffs.


By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Sun, Nov 30th 4:58pm EST

Marcel Reece caught 6 balls for 48 yards to salvage his day after inexplicably receiving only 4 carries for 12 yards in the Raiders epic beatdown at the hands of the St. Louis Rams. The 6 receptions tied James Jones for the team lead on Sunday.

Fantasy Impact: After performing admirably during last week's win against the Chiefs, head coach Sparano went back to DMC for some unknown reason. I'm really at a loss for words. Reece has shown to have the ability to carry the load yet he's never given a consistent chance. My only explanation: DMC and MJD have pictures.


By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Sun, Nov 30th 1:11pm EST

Marcel Reece was out there for the coin toss with QB Derek Carr and S Charles Woodson. On the first series of the game against the St. Louis Rams, it was Darren McFadden that got the start and the first carry of the game though.

Fantasy Impact: Sparano continues to give DMC carries. I guess that means MJD will get in the mix as well. With Murray deemed out for this game, Reece is the best running back on the roster. Hopefully the coaching staff comes to their senses and gives Reece a significant amount of touches the rest of the game. Craziness is defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome. When Reece has been given chances, he has come through as recently as last week's win against the Chiefs.


By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Fri, Nov 28th 5:35pm EST

With the news that Latavius Murray was ruled out for Sunday's game, head coach Tony Sparano was asked if Marcel Reece would receive carries. His response: "We'll see ... He ran the ball well. He should get carries." Reece was instrumental in last week's victory over the Chiefs. He filled in admirably for the injured Murray carrying the ball 8 times for 37 yards. (Source: @VicTafur)

Fantasy Impact: Marcel Reece should be the bell cow with Murray ruled out. When given the opportunity in the past, Reece has delivered. He is 6"1" 250lbs, runs a 4.42 40 yard dash and is an excellent pass catcher. I've always been baffled as to why he has never been given a chance to be the guy. The difference between he and DMC/MJD is night and day. The Raiders coaching staff was competent last week by giving Reece the ball. Can we count on 2 weeks of competence in a row? That's a tough call but I think they do the right thing.


By Stan Son, Raiders Correspondent, Fri, Nov 21st 12:15am EST

After Latavius Murray was ruled out due to a concussion, the Raiders coaching continued to give carries to DMC and MJD. That ineptitude finally forced them to dust off Reece and give him a shot. He was very effective and was instrumental on the final game winning drive. Final stat line: 8 carries for 37 yards with 1 reception for 8 yards.

Fantasy Impact: Reece has had huge games in the past when given a chance. Just last year against the Jets, he had 21 touches for 161 yards with a touchdown. Keep on eye on the health of Murray. If he can't go, Reece would be a viable option. That's a big IF considering the Raiders coaching staff haven't given Murray and Reece carries until tonight.


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