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U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman announced Monday Tom Brady and the NFL will not settle the case. He he will announce a ruling as early as Tuesday and no later than Friday. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: As expected, neither sides backed down and we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out whether the suspension will be upheld. Regardless of the judge's ruling, it's likely the losing side will appeal the decision which could drag this out to even the 2016 season before it has real impact on Brady's suspension.

Tom Brady completed 7-of-13 pass attempts for 84 yards, with a touchdown and pair of interceptions in Friday's preseason game at Carolina. Brady played the entire first half, and struggled for most of it, until he led a nice touchdown drive right before halftime, capped by an 18-yard score to Scott Chandler.

Fantasy Impact: Up until the final drive of the first half, Tom Brady looked out of sync for most of the game. He was not on the same page as his receivers. But when the pressure was on at the end of the half two minute drill, Brady looked sharp and drove the team down for a touch down. The biggest question this preseason continues to be whether or not Brady will be suspended for the first four games of the season. If you are drafting this weekend it would be a good idea to plan like he will be out for the suspension and draft accordingly.

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The Fake Football | Sep 2nd
If he doesn't miss games, he will jump to Tier 3 with Romo, Ben, Cam, and Matty Ice.
Breaking Football | Sep 2nd
The 4 game ban looks like it will stand, so Brady obviously loses a good amount of season long value.
WalterFootball | Sep 2nd
At this point I am ranking him as if he will get his suspension reduced to a game or two. The Patriots offense continues to be a top producer as demonstrated by their their 6th most plays and league leading 39 touchdowns from inside the red zone.
The NY Times | Sep 2nd
A reduced four game ban seems unlikely with Roger Goodell overseeing his appeal.
Coach Esser | Sep 2nd
The suspension is the biggest part of this, but I don't like losing Shane Vereen either. A healthy Gronk always equals a better Tom Brady, just look at the splits. If you take Brady you will have to take another QB pretty soon after. Makes it tough. If reduced he moves up to tier 3.
Fantasy Football Maniax | Sep 2nd
Brady was the 8th ranked fantasy quarterback last year. Brady turns 38-years old this year, but is still relatively healthy for his age and should be able to put up big numbers again in 2015. He has been suspended 4 games for his role in Ballghazi, but I have not adjusted his ranking yet as I believe that suspension will be delayed by lawsuit in federal court. However, it will be a cloud hanging over his fantasy value all season, so draft accordingly.
Fantasy Football Empire | Sep 1st
My thoughts are that the 4 game suspension for "Deflategate" will be reduced from 4 games to 2 games. I have changed my ranking for Tom Brady based on a 2 game suspension.
FFLockerRoom | Aug 31st
The legal battle between Brady and the NFL is going to cause his stock to go a tad lower. I would definitely wait and snatch him up if you don't get one of the top 5.
Hatty Waiver Wire Guru | Aug 29th
Suspended 4 weeks. If he falls to very late rounds due to suspension he becomes the best back-up QB in fantasy. Even with the four game suspension one can expect nearly 4,000 yards and nearly 30 TDs.
Razzball | Aug 14th
Amen. I just noticed this, but even though he's really injured, Niles Paul seems like he's looking at my "Amen" right there in total agreement. Actually, probably not. I'm probably just drunk. Or if you're an atheist like me, no men. Or maybe that's being sexist. Honestly, who cares. With an offseason full of deflated balls and, well, actually, come to think of it, that's all I can really rememb...
Breaking Football | Aug 12th
Tom Brady’s in court today, for some reason. Probably something to do with Deflategate. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to discuss the…
RosterWatch | Jul 31st
Here’s a rundown of the latest news concerning NFL Quarterbacks: The league has decided to uphold Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension, and Boston turned down the USOC’s nomination to be a potential host for the Olympics. Coincidence? I think not. While Bostonites and Brady’s dynasty owners mourn, do what you can to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo,Continue Reading →
FFLockerRoom | Jul 30th
View the original article at FFLockerRoom.comCategories: Fantasy FootballTags: #NFL#PatsNationFantasyfootballDear Tom Brady, Please stop. The modern day athlete position of deny, deny, deny simply does not work. Ask Mr. Clemens, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Pettitte, Mr. I Think I Can Cheat. Everyone knows what happened. Patriots Nation will blindly support you no matter what (like a good fan base should). ...
EDSFootball | Jul 28th
The NFL announced on Tuesday that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's suspension will be upheld and keep him off the field for the team's first four games. For now, at least ... Brady and the NFLPA will take the league to court and is likely to seek an injunction to allow him to play while the case plays out in court. "(Brady has) a lot of obstacles to get back on the field and the k...
RotoBaller | Jul 28th
Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before: So Tom Brady’s phone and Ray Lewis’ white suit walk into a bar… NFL commissioner and Darth Vader twin Roger Goodell upheld the four game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his role in the unfortunately famous Ballgazi after it was revealed by sources... Read More
Breaking Football | Jul 24th
With the quarterback position being one of the most over saturated in all of fantasy football, you may be thinking that you should just avoid…
RotoBaller | Jul 21st
It was reported earlier Monday morning from sources close to the league that the NFL “feels” it needs to uphold New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for his role in the controversial Deflategate. Brady appealed the suspension in June and now eagerly waits to hear if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will uphold or... Read More