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FantasyPros Staff League Season Summary (21-22 Fantasy Basketball)

by Ari Koslow
Nov 29, 2021
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant had the best performance in week 6 of the FantasyPros staff league

Here is another update for the fantasy basketball league on Sleeper that consists of people with the FantasyPros NBA news desk. If you missed out on the draft, you can check out the live picks and analysis here.

Through six weeks, the league is still mostly competitive but we are starting to see certain teams “break away from the pack.” Team larsonaa has gotten off to a hot start with a 6-0 record, scoring the most points in the league so far (1,606.20). There are four teams with four wins, three teams with three wins, two teams with two wins, one team with one win and one team that currently sits at 0-6.

Here are some notable achievements for certain teams/players in week 6, brought to you by Sleeper’s weekly report.

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Best and worst teams: 

Team AlexBurnsff was the highest-scoring team of the week with 285.10 points, while Baron’s Boys was the lowest scorer with 192.90 points.

Highest-scoring picks: 

Sleeper has a new scoring setting where you essentially just select one game a week for each of your starters that will count towards your matchup. This eliminates the advantage of having certain players play in more games than another player in a certain week. It also creates far more strategy having to look at all the necessary stats and numbers to know which game each week you want to count towards your starters.

  • Kevin Durant: 70.30 points vs. Phx (Durant dropped 39 points to go along with nine rebounds, seven assists, four steals and one block)
  • Joel Embiid: 68.30 points vs. Min (In his first game back, Embiid dropped 42 points to go along with 14 rebounds, three assists, one steal and two blocks in a thrilling 2OT loss for the 76ers against the Wolves)
  • Christian Wood: 61.70 points vs. Cha (Wood dropped 33 points to go along with 16 rebounds, three assists and two blocks)
  • Lonzo Ball: 60.10 points @Was (Ball scored 28 points to go along with 13 rebounds, seven assists, three steals and one block)
  • James Harden: 46.20 points @Cle (Harden scored 14 points to go along with six rebounds, 14 assists and three steals)

Most efficient and least efficient manager: 

Team AlexBurnsff was the most efficient, scoring 285.10 points of the 305.20 projected, while Team aridon was the least efficient, scoring 210.75 of the 315.40 projected points

Highest points in a loss and lowest points in a win: 

IBiteKneecaps scored 250.80 points in a loss against Team dharris80 who scored 278.20 points, while Team aridon scored the lowest points in a win, dropping 210.70 points against the lowest scoring team of the week in Team Baron’s Boys who scored 192.90 points.

Top free agents: 

This is based on average fantasy points.

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