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How to Draft From the 1.12 Pick (2022 Fantasy Football)

Jun 24, 2022
Joe Mixon

What are the advantages and disadvantages to this draft spot?

The advantage of drafting from the 1.12 spot is that you get back-to-back picks here. I often view my first and second round picks as a pair because I prefer to get at least one RB in the first two rounds. With two consecutive picks in your pocket, it’s not a guessing game as to who will be available with your second pick so you can map them out together.

I don’t see a major talent drop off from the second overall pick through the end of the first round, so that’s an advantage as well, but it does come with a caveat that the top RBs are likely to be off the board, which is a disadvantage. It’s also tough to wait for nearly two full rounds between picks, which will be the case from 2.01 to the next pick at 3.12.

Another aspect that often gets overlooked is that you can often miss out on a run on certain positions. When you are forced to wait for 22 picks in between yours, it’s tough to project who will still be available, especially if a certain position begins flying off the board while you’re sitting on the sidelines.

Fantasy Football Redraft Draft Kit

Do you have a certain strategy when picking at 1.12 in 2022?


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