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How to Draft From the 1.09 Pick (2022 Fantasy Football)

Jun 21, 2022
Ja'Marr Chase

Ja’Marr Chase is the likely target for the ninth pick in most fantasy drafts this season.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this draft spot?

The 1.09 spot is the last spot where I feel confident in the talent presented by the draft. In my opinion, there are six RBs, three WRs and one TE that I want in this round. If I’m not able to get one of those players, I’ll end up feeling like I’m drafting at a deficit.

The advantage to drafting here is that you can let the draft board fall to you. According to Consensus ADP on FantasyPros, the likely pick here is Ja’Marr Chase, who I would love to have. There’s a very slim chance that one of the top six RBs slips to 1.09, especially if someone reaches for Travis Kelce. On the whole, you don’t need to think much with this pick. Just take the top guy on your board.

The disadvantage of this pick is that you may be tempted into wanting a top RB talent that you simply can’t have. Some managers who feel that way oftentimes push aside the better talent and reach for an RB who’s destined to disappoint. You have to stay disciplined at the 1.09, but if you do then you’ll be set up for success.

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Do you have a certain strategy when picking at 1.09 in 2022?

At 1.09, the top six RBs are all likely off the board. Cooper Kupp and Justin Jefferson are also likely off the board. If that’s the case, the only selection to make here is Ja’Marr Chase. However, if one of the other WRs or if one of those RBs falls to this spot, I would take them over Chase.


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