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How to Draft From the 1.10 Pick (2022 Fantasy Football)

by Chad Workman
Jun 22, 2022
Joe Mixon

After showing what he can do in the new Cincinnati offense last season, Mixon could be a valuable pick at the end of the first round.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this draft spot?

The advantage to drafting from the 1.10 spot is that there’s no clear consensus after Jonathan Taylor at 1.01, and the talent pool doesn’t drop off dramatically by the 10th-overall selection. The best way to look at draft picks, rankings and average draft position is in tiers, and there’s an argument to be made that tier two runs into, and possibly past pick 10. That’s certainly not the case every year, so this is a good season to have a later pick.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows picking from 1.10. Although the talent pool runs deeper than usual through the first round, you won’t get your pick of the litter. As I see it, tier two runs through pick 12 at the end of the first round, which leaves you three players from this tier to choose from, depending on how the draft falls. In other words, you are at mercy of the way the draft falls rather than setting the board yourself. That can make it tough to implement a firm strategy from the jump, especially if you are aiming for an anchor RB strategy (more on that below). It’s important to be adaptable as the picks start to fall.

Fantasy Football Redraft Draft Kit

Do you have a certain strategy when picking at 1.10 in 2022?

Generally speaking, I’m a fan of the anchor RB strategy — drafting an elite-level RB before loading up on WR and other positions. However, you must have the opportunity to draft that elite-level RB for this strategy to be optimal. As a former zero-RB truther, I have also become more interested in the hyper-fragile RB strategy — drafting multiple RBs early without drafting depth at the position, and then stacking WR depth later. This strategy can pay off because later-round RBs hit at a low rate, while we see later WRs breakout at a higher clip.


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