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How to Draft From the 1.08 Pick (2022 Fantasy Football)

Jun 20, 2022
Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson will be the most likely pick at the 1.08 spot in drafts this season.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this draft spot?

Much like the 1.07 pick, I find myself feeling comfortable picking at the 1.08. I’m still able to leave Round 1 with a player who makes my team a legit threat to go off on any given week, but I’m also able to quickly add talent as my second pick comes back to me rather quickly.

The primary advantage of the 1.08 pick comes from the value that’s still available in Round 1 and yet still being able to acquire an additional high-level talent in Round 2. The pairing of the two early picks is what allows managers in this position to secure an all-around solid lineup. It’s also a decent position to be in to acquire a couple of solid RBs early and then target WR heavily in Rounds 4-7.

There are obvious drawbacks, primarily concerning the top-tier RBs that are destined to be off the board already. It’s also possible that my top WR choices may be off the board by the time I pick. The likelihood of getting to draft your preferred player in Round 1 is low, but there’s value galore at this spot in the draft.

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Do you have a certain strategy when picking at 1.08 in 2022?

My overall strategy for the 1.08 pick is going to be to target the top-ranked player in Round 1, likely Justin Jefferson; then I’ll attempt to hit on a “hero RB” in Round 2, either with Alvin Kamara or D’Andre Swift, and then build out my heavy WR and TE roster over Rounds 3-7, likely targeting Kyle Pitts in Round 3 and a whole mess of WRs in Rounds 4-7. There are a few RBs I’m looking at to solidify my RB2 position, but it’s going to depend on what values eventually fall to me.


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