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Welcome to ParlayPlay NBA

by Raju Byfield | @FantasyContext | Featured Writer
Dec 7, 2022

Welcome to ParlayPlay. A new way to enjoy projecting your favorite players. ParlayPlay offers two exciting contests, More or Less and Hit It. More or Less is like it sounds and involves you projecting/predicting whether a particular set of players will hit More or Less in the statistic of choice. Hit It is a fantasy game where you attempt to predict what range of a particular statistic a player will Hit.

ParlayPlay offers contests for the NFL, NBA, MLB, World Cup, NHL, college football, college basketball, and combat sports. With such a wide range of offerings, there are sure to be intriguing contests for all.

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NBA DFS Lineup Optimizer

What is ParlayPlay?

ParlayPlay is one of the hottest newest entrants to the DFS arena. The premise of their fantasy game is to make accurate predictions on your favorite players. There is more choice than typically seen, and this choice is one of ParlayPlay’s unique selling propositions. No more being force-fed bad lines. No one has any interest in dealing with inflated numbers meant to trap fantasy gamers who lean toward the More at a higher clip than the Less. Choice equals freedom and an entertaining and competitive fantasy prediction game that is second to none.

How Does it Work?

More or Less allows you to choose two to four players to make predictions on. You also get to choose what statistic you make said prediction on, which is a game-changer for a fantasy site that offers parlays. Accurately predict More or Less on your chosen number of players to win cash. The More or Less contest also allows you to choose between full game lines, 1st half lines, or 2nd half lines. 2 correct picks nets you 3x, three picks nets you 5x, and four correct picks nets you 10x.

Hit It involves predicting stat ranges. The ranges vary from player to player and appear to be points only for the NBA. This is a two prediction only contest. Make two correct predictions to net 6x, while one correct prediction will still net you 2x.


Parlay Play has a leg up on its competition in several areas, but the one that may matter most to us, the users, is the ability to choose which line you want to play. What does this mean? As noted above, you get to choose between points, assists, rebounds, or fantasy points. Points and fantasy points options are available for each player, while the assist and rebound lines are available base on the player. On the date of writing, Trae Young did not have a rebound line, while Clint Capela did not have an assists line.

This changes everything as we are no longer stuck with lines we have absolutely no interest in, just to partake in a provider’s offerings. This freedom is why Parlay Play will quickly become one of the go-to names in DFS projection games. Yes, this ‘freedom’ is restricted to their More or Less game, and as such, it is the contest we suggest to our readers.

The Hit It game has some appeal if you have strong leans on point ranges. The bands vary from player to player and will prove to be an extremely difficult contest to win. However, there are opportunities to predict under or over the band range. For example, on the day of writing, Kevin Durant has an under 20 points option and an over 38 point option that are not in a band. Yes, these are far more unlikely scenarios than him hitting between 20 and 38 points, but highlight that with some shopping and shrewd predictive powers that there is some opportunity in the Hit It game beyond the bands.

Parlay Play is optimized for mobile, with their ‘website’ being something of a mobile import. They are sure to clean up the GUI of their website in time, but the suggestion here is, when and where possible, stick to the mobile app. It is smooth and designed well and will not leave users wanting in any area.

Parlay Play is an exciting new DFS option that any fan of projection/prediction games should try out. The choice in their More or Less offering should quickly make them one of the leaders in the space and is what will draw users like us in. For those who have never tried projection/prediction games due to inflated lines and a lack of choice, Parlay Play is the answer. Try Parlay Play today to receive a $5 free play and a deposit match of up to $100.

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The first thing anyone playing prediction contests like the ones offered at ParlayPlay should do is compare the lines to the market. The first thing you will notice when you do this is that many lines are inflated. This offers immediate value on Less plays. If you have a lean on a More, you generally should avoid lines that are higher than those found on the market. How do you compare lines to the market? Using our player prop tool will give you all the information you need on competing lines and will also give projections, cover percentage, and expected value. This is an invaluable tool that you should make use of whenever contemplating partaking in prediction contests. Note that this tool is meant to help guide decisions and should not be the only correlative factor you utilize when determining your final leans.

Top Plays for Week 12.07.22

DeMar DeRozan (SF/SG – CHI): 25.5 points
DeMar DeRozan has shifted back into his 2021 MVP candidate form recently but is coming off two down games that have kept his line down at ParlayPlay. A quick look at our prop tool shows us that the number is identical to what can be found on the market. This line is identified as a value for tonight, as our projection sits at 27.4 points. As alluded to above, DeRozan has actually hit the Less in two straight games. However, he was on fire before that and has hit the More in seven of his last nine, or in other words, in seven games straight prior to the two game cold streak. DeRozan, a career .466 shooter, is annually one of the best wings from the field and is shooting .502 from the floor this season. He is not going to stay cold for long. Tap the More on DeRozan as one of your plays tonight at ParlayPlay.

Sticking with DeRozan, the four assist line also has some More appeal. DeRozan has hit at least four assists in each of his last seven games. If the line was 3.5, it would be a smash, but it should be noted that this line is 4.5 on the market, albeit with plus juice. Strongly consider the assists line for tonight’s contest if for no other reason than the immediate value it offers. Our projection for tonight is 4.7. On a multi play, the probability is strongly with either a More hit or a push. This is one of the highest probability plays at ParlayPlay.
Prediction: More on points and assists

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (PG/SG – OKC): 30.5 points
SGA has taken his game to another level in 2022. Frankly, it is a level no one outside of his family even knew he could reach. Yes, being able to take 20+ shots a game helps, but Shai is draining field goals at an insane .506 clip despite taking three 3’s per game and only hitting at a .328 clip. The 30.5 point line at ParlayPlay is actually a little inflated if we take a look at our player prop tool, as it currently sits at 29.5 on the market and could drop by game time. Our current projection is 28.5 points.

My personal lean was on the More before digging deeper, as SGA has been on absolute fire for the Thunder not only this season but recently. SGA has scored 30 or more points in each of his last six games. With that said, two of those games were 30 exactly, with one being 31. That extra one point added here changes the calculus significantly. There will, of course, be some inflated lines that are still worth considering; just consult our prop tool before making a final decision. The market, our projections, and the public dictate a Less play here, so I will ignore my initial lean and tap the Less for Shai tonight at ParlayPlay.
Prediction: Less

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Raju Byfield is a featured writer for FantasyPros. For more from Raju, check out his profile and follow him @FantasyContext.

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