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Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex, Early Pick (2023 Fantasy Football)

Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex, Early Pick (2023 Fantasy Football)
cameraDynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex, Early Pick (2023 Fantasy Football)

The 2023 NFL Draft is quickly approaching. With the NFL Draft comes dynasty rookie draft season! We have you covered with our early dynasty rookie draft coverage, and of course you can complete fast and FREE dynasty rookie mock drafts using our mock draft simulator. While you take that simulator for a spin to prepare for your dynasty rookie mock drafts, check out our latest dynasty rookie mock and analysis from Derek Brown.

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1.03 – C.J. Stroud (QB)

In 2021, Stroud was tenth in pressured adjusted completion rate and 12th in pressured PFF passing grade while facing the 16th-lowest pressure rate (23.8%, minimum 50 pressured dropbacks). Stroud has quiet feet against pressure and can make plays outside of structure. Stroud has effortless velocity on his throws. He has plenty of arm strength to fit any throw into a tight window. His accuracy is also sound on the move. He can layer throws against zone coverage with the best of them. His film is littered with special throws to the boundary that takes moxie to dial-up. He has no issues testing man coverage and tossing it up for his receiver to win. Stroud will sometimes hang on his first read, but there’s plenty of film of him performing full-field reads. He moves through his progressions quickly to find the open receiver. As the collegiate stats will show, Stroud isn’t a rushing threat, but that doesn’t mean he’s a statue in the pocket. He has plenty of maneuverability in the pocket, which he uses exceptionally well. He steps up in the pocket when necessary to avoid rushers and can get outside of structure when necessary and deliver an accurate throw on the run. Stroud won’t be a “rushing quarterback” at the next level, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the wheels to grab an easy 5-7 yards when the defense is offering it up.

2.03 – Devon Achane (RB)

Devon Achane‘s compact build allows him to be slippery in close quarters. He sets up his blocks well as a patient runner with the bend to destroy pursuit angles. I’m curious how well he tests in short area agility drills. I was expecting more lateral agility in his game with jump cuts and jitterbug action, but he’s more downhill than I anticipated. Achane’s size shows up in a few different areas. His smaller frame isn’t as big of a problem in the second level or with a head of steam built up, but when he is contacted in the backfield, he can be wrapped up easier. He can shed arm tackles when weaving through traffic, but he also goes down on too many shoestring tackles, especially early in runs. He has the lower-half strength to engage pass rushers at times when blocking, but he doesn’t anchor well, and on many snaps, he gets blown out of his cleats. Achane’s acceleration and big play ability are evident immediately. His usage at Texas A&M was head-scratching. Over his final two collegiate seasons, he was utilized on “A” gap runs on 29.4% of his carries, with 5.0 yards per carry and 3.29 yards after contact per attempt. While Achane displays good vision on interior runs and he runs hard, this will never be his calling card because of his size. That’s not how any team should utilize him and expect him to be an interior pile pusher. He saw 29.1% of his carries on the edge over the last two years, which results in eye-popping numbers. He had 7.5 yards per carry and 4.6 yards after contact per attempt. An NFL team that prioritizes using him on outside zone and stretch runs more will reap the benefits of his game-breaking speed. Achane is also a pass-game weapon. His explosiveness in space is on display here. In 2021, he saw an 18% snap rate in the slot or out wide. That number dropped to 6.7% in 2022. His yards per route run saw a huge hit dropping from 1.85 to 0.66. Achane could see his pass game usage increase in the NFL with a creative play caller. He has good ball tracking with some nifty over-the-shoulder catches on film. He has the speed and route chops to pull away from linebackers in coverage and after the catch.

3.03 – Darnell Washington (TE)

Washington is a nasty customer in run-blocking. With his size and physicality, he can manhandle incoming tacklers. He was lined up in the backfield and utilized as a lead blocker plenty of times. Washington’s towering build (6’7″) can allow him to be chopped down, but he displays surprising bend. Washington might never be a high-volume target in the NFL. His height will make him an automatic weapon in the red zone. His catch radius is massive, and his body control (especially considering his size) is eye-opening when paired with his pair of soft hands. He can adjust quite well to low passes and poorly thrown balls. Washington looks lumbering in the open field with build-up speed that can get stopped in its tracks if he’s contacted early after the reception. If you allow him to build up steam, he can swat incoming tacklers like pesky gnats.

4.03 – Nathaniel Dell (WR)

Dell is a rail-thin speedster (165 lbs). He was utilized in the slot, in motion, and in bunch formations at Houston to give him free releases at the line. He’s best suited for slot usage in the NFL. Immediately his speed jumps off the page. Quick feet help him beat many nickels off the line. He drops from fourth to second gear easily on curls and comebacks. Dell is an early and late separator. He is a precise route runner who is lightning-quick in and out of his breaks. While he can be pushed off his route if corners can get their hands on him, Dell also flashes the ability to separate from the outside with speed releases. His ability to stretch the field is a nice wrinkle. He ranked 11th in passer rating when targeted 20-plus yards down the field in 2022 (minimum 20 deep targets).

5.03 – Sam Laporta (TE)

Laporta will make his mark as a receiver in the NFL. Blocking will be a skill he must continue honing in the NFL. If Laporta hits his ceiling in the NFL, it will be because of his pass-game abilities and not his run-blocking chops. Laporta runs routes like a wide receiver. He’s smooth in and out of his breaks with surprising foot quickness. Laporta played 20.2% of his snaps as a boundary receiver in 2022. He proved up to the task by leading all FBS tight ends in man coverage targets. He was also second in PFF receiving grade and third in yards per route run against man coverage (minimum ten man coverage targets). He’s also adept at finding the soft spots in zone coverage. He puts some impressive work after the catch on film. His start/stop ability and change of direction skills are noticeable. He has good acceleration after the catch with jukes, spin moves, and stiff arms to make a defensive back’s job of getting him to the ground tough. He ranked second in missed tackles forced and third in YAC among tight ends last year.

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