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5 IDP Dynasty Draft & Trade Targets (2024 Fantasy Football)

5 IDP Dynasty Draft & Trade Targets (2024 Fantasy Football)

With the Super Bowl over, our attention turns to dynasty season and NFL Draft season. Most fantasy managers are focusing on this year’s incoming draft class and looking to acquire as many draft picks as possible. Meanwhile, for those who are savvy, it is the perfect time to find some players on the cheap and make some smart draft moves.

2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Guide

However, in individual defensive player (IDP) leagues, it is tough to find players to trade for, due to the huge turnover at positions and the gearing towards getting younger as most positions. Therefore, I have come up with some targets to consider trading for who will likely be stuck on fantasy managers’ benches or taxi squads and who have the potential to generate significant upside. These targets are low-cost, high-upside players who could see a significant role change for the better in 2024, or, who have a likely change of destination coming, which could benefit them significantly.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at the top IDP dynasty trade targets for 2024.

IDP Dynasty Trade Targets

Jonathan Greenard (DL – HOU) 

Jonathan Greenard was nothing short of spectacular last year, finally breaking out in his fourth season in the NFL with 12.5 sacks as he led an improved Houston defense in that category. However, Greenard’s rookie contract is about to expire. With the Texans trading up for and investing so much in Defensive Rookie of the Year Will Anderson Jr., who was drafted third overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, it is unlikely they will offer Greenard a significant contract extension. If they do, then he immediately goes off the trade target list.

Greenard should receive a massive contract and be paid as a No. 1 edge rusher in the free agency market when it opens next month. If that happens, Greenard will be a hot commodity who could cost significantly more than he will right now. I imagine you can trade for Greenard for a very low 2023 draft pick or maybe some bench depth that fantasy managers might have lying around. Greenard owners will be sweating on his landing spot and status — they have waited for a long time to get any production out of him.

Therefore, make a cheap offer of a third or fourth round draft pick and/or bench capital and try your luck. It might not always work and owners might haggle for more. However, if cheap enough, he could be a smart investment.

Devin White (LB – TB)  

Devin White is coming off the worst season of his career. The former fifth overall draft pick expressed his desire to be traded in the offseason before the season started. He was also benched several times during the season, preferred to K.J. Britt, who played harder and just outright better than White this season.

White has checked out of Tampa Bay and is likely to leave via free agency next month. The likely landing spot will be Philadelphia, who are crying out for linebacker depth. If you move White to Philadelphia and partner him with Vic Fangio, then you could see an explosive return to form for one of the fastest sideline-to-sideline mic linebackers in the NFL.

Again, this is a speculative add to your roster. He is coming off a bad season and leaving a scheme that has seen him succeed. The seller would have paid a significant cost to acquire him, either in the draft or via trade. Those heady days of being one of the top producing linebackers in IDP has gone, and has been gone for a while.

Consider trading a third or fourth round draft pick or some bench players for White. He could end up landing with a contender and be heavy depth as he chases his second ring. However, I think White will be looking more for a new home with somewhere where he can be the star and in charge. In Philadelphia, he has the potential option of satisfying both criteria. However, he could also land somewhere really ugly if they put the most money on the table. Therefore, don’t get sucked into an overpay and cough up anything more than the 25th rookie pick in your draft for him.

Daiyan Henley (LB – LAC)

Daiyan Henley barely saw the field in 2023. The 2023 third-round draft pick was stuck behind Eric Kendricks and Kenneth Murray. Murray, who was a former first round pick for the Los Angeles Chargers, had his fifth year option declined. With a new GM and head coach in town it is highly unlikely Murray remains in the building after the end of this month.

With Kendricks coming into his age-32 season, Jim Harbaugh will want younger and more agile linebackers to play in his scheme. Enter Henley. The former wide receiver at Nevada before transferring to Washington State and becoming a linebacker has a lot of athletic traits Harbaugh will fall in love with. With the fact this linebacker room is rather thin right now and Kendricks unlikely to remain past this season, Henley is currently in a spot where he can ascend to the top of the depth chart and will be a favorite to be a starter.

There is some risk, though. He might not fit Harbaugh’s plans. However, the risk is minimal when considering what it will cost to acquire him. Henley is either on someone’s taxi squad or is still a free agent in leagues. Therefore, adding him will not cost fantasy managers much.

Henley only made seven tackles last year. Yes, maybe someone in your league is savvy to the situation and might hold him. However, if you can acquire him, he shouldn’t cost much at all. A very low draft pick should be enough. For the potential upside, it is going to be a steal if he starts in September. If he doesn’t, he would represent better value than what you might draft in the fifth or sixth round of your rookie drafts. I’d be willing to go all the way up to a late third for Henley, a pick around 40 onwards. However, I’d start lower and see what I can get him for.

Jordan Battle (S – CIN)

Jordan Battle is another young player with a pedigree who might see a pathway to the starting lineup open up for him sooner rather than later. Battle performed really well in the second half of the season when he came in for the injured Nick Scott. He had five double-digit scoring weeks, including a 22.3-point outing in Week 18, in the final eight weeks of the season.

The former Alabama safety showed why he was someone fantasy managers were willing to invest in. However, the fact he was behind Scott on the roster for over half the season to start will be cause for concern. That shouldn’t mean you should worry. Scott is coming into his age-29 season and is likely to be either cut this year or next. With a $4.3 million cap hit and a $2 million dead cap charge in 2024, he is likely to be on the roster come the start of the season. However, with a $5.3 million cap hit and only a $1 million dead cap charge in 2025, this could be the beginning of the end of Scott’s time in Cincinnati.

If the Bengals, who are not favorites to win their division in 2024, are not in playoff contention, they are likely to move away from Scott. However, Battle could be in the starting lineup before then. It is a coin flip as to who gets the starting nod over the other next season. Either way, even if Scott does start, Battle will get more snaps in 2024.

You can likely acquire Battle for a fourth round rookie pick or some bench pieces. He is a very low-risk, high-upside player at this stage in terms of acquisition cost, so give it a go.

Kobie Turner (DT – LAR)

While many people might not want to take Aaron Donald‘s partner in crime on the interior of the defensive line. I am extremely keen, however. Kobie Turner had an outstanding rookie season, recording nine sacks and 57 combined tackles in 2023.

The main reason for this is because he often gets one-on-one matchups due to teams double-teaming Donald. Therefore, Turner will mop up a lot of production as a result. He will also only get better.

As an unknown late-season waiver wire addition, acquiring Turner should not be too challenging. With Donald heading into the final year of his contract, in his age 33 season, do the Rams and Donald stay together past this season? Truth be told, I don’t know. Turner’s upside and seeing him as someone who can ascend even further in 12 months time makes him an attractive trade target.

Look to acquire him for a fourth round rookie pick but be willing to move up to a third. I would not normally trade for DTs. However, given his situation and upside, I’ll be happy to make an exception.

Dynasty Trade Value Chart & Advice

Whether it’s a dynasty startup draft or your rookie draft, we have you covered. Our team of fantasy football analysts includes Derek Brown, Pat Fitzmaurice, and Andrew Erickson. And Fitz and Scott Bogman will have you covered every week through the offseason with our Dynasty Football Podcast. They’ve all collaborated to provide our dynasty trade value chart. This is a dynamic chart created using a consensus of the analysts’ dynasty rankings.

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Adam Murfet is a featured writer at FantasyPros. For more from Murf, check out his archive and follow him @Murf_NFL.

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