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The Fake Baseball | Jul 29th, 12:21pm ET
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The Fake Baseball | Jul 29th, 12:13pm ET
numberFire | Jul 29th, 12:09pm ET
Even in a tough matchup, Nolan Arenado offers great upside tonight. Who else should you target for big-time fantasy value?
Yahoo! Sports | Jul 29th, 11:54am ET
Tough times for Papelbon (AP)The Nationals are in a good spot as we get ready for the final third of the baseball season. They’re five games clear in the NL East, just about a sure playoff team. But in the ninth inning, nothing is sure in Washington...
Rotoprofessor | Jul 29th, 11:30am ET
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) Sometimes it’s injury…  Sometimes it’s inability…  Sometimes it’s being banished to the minors…  There are various reasons why someone may find his way onto our cut...
numberFire | Jul 29th, 11:25am ET
Even though Max Scherzer is facing a low-strikeout opponent, he still has the potential for a big night. What other players should we target in MLB DFS?
FanGraphs | Jul 29th, 11:15am ET
A couple weeks ago, I sung the praises of Sean Manea. He’s done little to disappoint since then, yet his ownership hasn’t risen that much, so I’m going back to the well to suggest adding him this week. The lefty is joined by a pair of outfielders...
The Fake Baseball | Jul 29th, 11:05am ET
Check out our FanDuel and DraftKings Cheat Sheets! Check out RotoQL’s MLB projection and optimal DFS lineup tool for FREE! Looking for some value plays to help fill out those lineups  Full Article »
CBS Sports | Jul 29th, 10:58am ET
The All-Star speedster has been losing Fantasy value, and things are unlikely get better now that he is a Giant.
FanGraphs | Jul 29th, 10:41am ET
Episode 206 – Live With The Return Of Scott Strandberg (Also Again) In this live broadcast, Dylan Higgins and Brad Johnson are joined by Scott Strandberg to take a look at DFS options for Friday and answer your questions as they record the...
FanGraphs | Jul 29th, 10:15am ET
Agenda Another Deadline Deal The Daily Grind Invitational and Leaderboard Daily DFS SaberSim Observations Tomorrow’s Targets Factor Grid 1. Another Deadline Deal We’re still waiting on most of the big deadline trades. The Giants pulled off...
numberFire | Jul 29th, 10:00am ET
The Padres have obliterated left-handed pitching this year. What other offenses should we target today in MLB DFS?
Yahoo! Sports | Jul 29th, 9:53am ET
Pressure is mounting for the second-year Buffalo coach to lead a winner and challenge New England for a division crown. In this edition of ‘The Stance,’ Brad Evans and Liz Loza circle the wagons and discuss key Bills. According to the horse’s...
numberFire | Jul 29th, 9:34am ET
With people focusing on the opposing pitcher, Steven Matz, Tyler Chatwood is likely to go ignored tonight. Who are some other interesting contrarian options?
SoCalledFanEx | Jul 29th, 9:31am ET
In this week’s 2016 Fantasy Baseball rookie report, Fantasy owners experienced a flurry of call ups and trade action. The Aroldis Chapman trade involved the cubs number one rated minor league prospect, as well as two other minor league prospects and...
numberFire | Jul 29th, 9:25am ET
Cole Hamels unleashed his wrath upon the Royal with 12 strikeouts. Who joined him in our perfect MLB DFS lineups?
SoCalledFanEx | Jul 29th, 9:12am ET
Welcome back to the Fantasy Baseball waiver wire! As we approach the last two months of the season, you might expect the Fantasy waiver wire to be drying up. You would be wrong my friend! Between injured players returning, minor league prospects coming up,...
Rotoprofessor | Jul 29th, 8:22am ET
by Will Overton There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of star power making waves last night in fantasy baseball, but the under the radar guys may be more important to watch anyway. Performances from guys like Hernan Perez and Aaron Altherr bring a lot...
FanGraphs | Jul 29th, 8:15am ET
Today’s prospect stock watch focuses on a name that’s been mentioned in trade talks, a prospect with a skill set that generates polarizing views, and a sleeper prospect that you’ve probably never heard of — but should get to know. Tanner...
FanGraphs | Jul 29th, 7:15am ET
Lord have mercy, the trade winds are rising. From the depths of Wade Miley to the stars of Jonathan Lucroy, the rumors are flying fast and furious, and the Roto Riteup will be here every step of the way, provided those steps are taken at a certain time in...