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FanGraphs   Jan 15th, 10:50am ET
Expansion would generate much-needed cash for teams, but the numbers as presented simply don't add up.
FanGraphs   Jan 15th, 9:00am ET
The Twins still have one of the better systems in baseball by virtue of several impact players at the top, though graduations and trades to reinforce the big league club in the coming years could thin it out.
FanGraphs   Jan 15th, 8:30am ET
Episode 905 On this episode of FanGraphs Audio, the crew talks to a former Dodger about pitching and podcasting before taking time to remember one of the most iconic Dodgers of all. To kick things off, David Laurila welcomes Ross Stripling to the show. On...
Razzball   Jan 15th, 3:00am ET
True story:  I looked at my fantasy baseball sleepers from last year and decided since I wrote a Ryan Yarbrough sleeper last year, I wouldn't write one this year, and instead focused on Chris Bassitt, who I wrote as a 'guy to target' but necessarily a...
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 3:15pm ET
Liam Hendriks' contract is complicated, but the reasoning behind it is simple.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 2:35pm ET
Even with declining stuff, Báez is the kind of high-leverage relief arm the Astros are in need of.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 1:30pm ET
Spring is just around the corner
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 11:40am ET
Come chat about all the big signings. Oh, wait.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 10:00am ET
The Mariners are billing Julio Rodriguez as the next big thing. Will they treat him like it?
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 9:00am ET
The Yankees right-hander has a plus breaking ball and a nasty sinker, and he's a pitching nerd as well.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 8:30am ET
The Red Sox are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 8:00am ET
The Pirates are hiring.
Razzball   Jan 14th, 3:00am ET
*smiles through gritted teeth* Hi. *people turn around heading for the exit* Wait! Before you leave, just let me show you some Nathan Eovaldi stats from last year! *people stream out of the post, one guy throws a tomato at my head* Okay, I'm sorry! Geez, you...
FanGraphs   Jan 14th, 2:15am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Blue Jays missing out on several free-agent or trade targets, then answer listener emails about whether fans feel pride in their division/league, the history (and future) of fundamental changes to baseball technique,...
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 4:40pm ET
Episode 904 FanGraphs Audio is back for 2021, and the crew is kicking things off by talking about the most exciting team in baseball before digging deeper into some recent research. To lead off the program, David Laurila is joined by Jesse Agler, broadcaster...
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 3:30pm ET
Once more with feeling...
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 2:15pm ET
The signing of Liam Hendriks is a major addition to a bullpen that was already loaded with upside.
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 10:50am ET
What do teams gain and lose by adding a cook to the kitchen?
FanGraphs   Jan 13th, 4:20am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about why the free-agent market has been both slow-moving and fairly lucrative for the players who’ve signed, the White Sox inking closer Liam Hendriks, whether the White Sox are the American League’s front runners,...
Razzball   Jan 13th, 3:00am ET
Despite a huge investment in Anthony Rendon and a smart trade for Dylan Bundy, the Angels couldn’t overcome the Astros or A’s in the AL West. I think most baseball fans want to see them build a winning team around Mike Trout, and I think most baseball...