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numberFire   Dec 10th, 8:53am ET
Just when you thought it was terrifying enough to see Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez in the same lineup for the New York Yankees, the acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton takes things up another notch.
Razzball   Dec 10th, 3:01am ET
Alright Cincinnati, let's just get this out of the way, your chili is gross, but your prospects are tasty. With high picks over the last few years, and a definite Cuban connection, the Reds have done well to add to their farm system of late. Their first round...
Roto Rob   Dec 9th, 6:23pm ET
This is a dude that is seemingly always on the periphery of Fantasy value, making for a good waiver wire pickup at various times during the season. On Friday, Williams showed his upside, with 17 points, nine rebounds, three treys, one assist, one steal and...
CBS Sports   Dec 9th, 1:17pm ET
With Saturday's trade, Giancarlo Stanton teams up with Aaron Judge to make the Yankees' already stout offense something extraordinary. Scott White considers all the Fantasy implications.
Razzball   Dec 9th, 12:53pm ET
When I heard about the trade of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees, I went to Best Buy to secure an overhead projector so I could overlay my Powerpoint presentations of Marlins Park aka Hard Rock Stadium aka The Stadium That A Psychedelic Unicorn Vomited Up...
Rotoworld   Dec 9th, 12:21pm ET
Thoughts on the Yankees' impending acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton and what impact it will have in fantasy leagues.
Razzball   Dec 9th, 3:01am ET
The preview season is upon us, and we're kicking it off with the Diamondbacks and Orioles. Lower case yay... On their own these are two relativity boring systems, but combined they create a super system, still less exciting than next week's topic the Braves....
CBS Sports   Dec 8th, 4:50pm ET
Shohei Ohtani has made his decision, but how exactly the Angels plan to use him remains anybody's guess, as does the collateral impact on players like Albert Pujols. Scott White breaks it down.
numberFire   Dec 8th, 10:33am ET
The Mariners are going all-in on the 2017 season, acquiring second baseman Dee Gordon to play center field. That'll be unfamiliar to him, but he'll feel comfortable at the top of what's looking like a potent lineup.
Razzball   Dec 8th, 3:01am ET
Legit, nothing happened for about five weeks since the end of the season.  Literally.  I went into such a vegetative state, a farmer, in overalls, walked by me, poked my eye and said, "This spud won't be ready for a few more weeks."  Then I...
Rotoworld   Dec 8th, 12:58am ET
D.J. Short recaps the Dee Gordon trade to Seattle and Tyler Chatwood's contract with the Cubs in Friday's Offseason Lowdown.
CBS Sports   Dec 7th, 6:45pm ET
Dee Gordon has a new team and a new position. He'll play the outfield in Seattle, which could limit his long-term appeal, according to Scott White.
Roto Rob   Dec 7th, 2:13pm ET
Athletes are supposed to be competitive and win no matter what. You may think this trait would come in handy in real life too -- and quite often it does. This is just an article tease. Visit for full articles, plus plenty of daily fantastic Fantasy...
numberFire   Dec 7th, 1:15pm ET
With the hot stove heating up, Tampa Bay's Chris Archer is a name being tossed around. Just how good of a trade commodity is he?
numberFire   Dec 7th, 10:26am ET
After struggling through the first half and getting sent down to Triple-A, Kyle Schwarber eventually found his swing for the Chicago Cubs. Which other hitters are heading into next season with plenty to prove?
Razzball   Dec 7th, 3:01am ET
Sleepers fall into a few categories.  Guys who disappointed last year who could bounce back; players who have a solid pedigree who just haven't broken out yet, and the ones that have broken out who no one trusts to repeat.  The last group is usually...
Roto Rob   Dec 6th, 6:05pm ET
One of the real barriers to entry for new Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players is the frustration of trying to win contests when pitted up against the top DFS players -- the small percentage of contestants that generally win most of the prize money. This is...
Rotoworld   Dec 6th, 12:18pm ET
The Yankees got their manager, but lost out on a top free agent target. Catch up on the latest offseason rumblings.
The Fantasy Fix   Dec 6th, 11:00am ET
Total points have a way of stripping all pretense aside and giving you a reflection of who the player really is. This can be seen clearly when looking at the pivot. Some players come with a tremendous amount of hype because of their power numbers or their...
numberFire   Dec 6th, 10:01am ET
St. Louis has signed the little-known pitcher to a multi-year deal. How does he fit into their plans for 2018?