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FanGraphs   Apr 14th, 12:00pm ET
Let's put a run value to the Angels' two-way experiment.
numberFire   Apr 14th, 11:59am ET
Wednesday is typically a day of transition in the MLB, and there are more afternoon games once again. Let's dig into some props.
FanGraphs   Apr 14th, 11:00am ET
The latest addition to our RosterResource collection at FanGraphs.
FanGraphs   Apr 14th, 10:00am ET
How much does fastball velocity matter? A lot, unsurprisingly — but it's not the only factor.
numberFire   Apr 14th, 10:00am ET
Corbin Burnes is emerging as one of the top pitchers in baseball, and he will get a chance to lead the Brewers against the Cubs on Wednesday. Where can we find betting value today?
numberFire   Apr 14th, 9:48am ET
The Tampa Bay Rays and the Atlanta Braves have some of the best matchups on the slate. What other teams should we target?
numberFire   Apr 14th, 9:42am ET
Trevor Bauer was last night's highest rostered pitcher, and he didn't have many issues dispatching the Rockies on his way to 58 FanDuel points. How did other popular plays pan out?
numberFire   Apr 14th, 9:37am ET
With no true ace pitches on Wednesday's slate, which arms should we trust in MLB DFS? The Solo Shot answers that by ranking the top three hurlers before outlining the top offenses of the day.
FanGraphs   Apr 14th, 9:00am ET
The more I look into the new ball, the less certain I am of what to think.
numberFire   Apr 14th, 8:52am ET
Adam Duvall broke the slate with a ridiculous 70.3-point FanDuel performance on Tuesday. Who else cracked yesterday's perfect lineup?
Razzball   Apr 14th, 3:00am ET
The bomb to right-center, his fourth homer of the year, wasn't even the most impressive thing Shohei Ohtani (3-for-5, hitting .364) did yesterday. He beat out a single to short with a sprint speed of 29.5 ft/sec. That's the 5th best Sprint Speed this...
numberFire   Apr 13th, 3:36pm ET
Can you look to Jake Odorizzi in tournaments tonight? Who else could be going overlooked on this loaded slate?
Razzball   Apr 13th, 3:15pm ET
We're less than two weeks in to the 2021 baseball season, and already player values have been changing all over the place.  Deep-league names that we were talking about weeks ago -- and who were completely off the radar for most fantasy owners then --...
FanGraphs   Apr 13th, 2:30pm ET
Kershaw's former Dodgers teammate know him well, and there's a lot to admire.
numberFire   Apr 13th, 2:19pm ET
Brandon Lowe has struggled early on, but that's kept his salary down, and he now draws a potential plus matchup versus Kyle Gibson. Which other players could come through at low salaries?
Razzball   Apr 13th, 2:15pm ET
Oh man. It's bad out here guys. Oh Jesus, what even is an oblique?! It's okay little buddy, relax. Nobody knows what an oblique really is. Some kind of triangle I think. But damn they love to get injured lately, huh? I mean, c'mon we're talking dynasty...
Razzball   Apr 13th, 2:10pm ET
We all thought things would be better in 2021, and if you drafted Just Dong, Zombino Overlord, you might be right. However, for the rest of us, our pets heads are falling off. First Eloy, then Tatis, who's next Old Testament Baseball God? Why must you steal...
FanGraphs   Apr 13th, 1:30pm ET
Bàez's approach and strikeout issues have reached historically awful lows.
Razzball   Apr 13th, 1:15pm ET
Last week wasn’t really enough to call a week, at just four days, with a couple of those being partial days.  This week, we’ve got an actual week’s worth of data to work with and it’s starting to feel like the grind of the season...
numberFire   Apr 13th, 1:11pm ET
Corey Seager and the Dodgers figure to be a popular stack on a night with few obvious hitting spots. How should we handle tonight's pitcher-heavy slate?