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FanGraphs   Dec 3rd, 10:30am ET
The COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into the 2020 international signing period.
FanGraphs   Dec 3rd, 10:00am ET
Blocked by Gil Hodges in Brooklyn, Gentile eventually broke in with Orioles and had a 46-home-run season.
FanGraphs   Dec 3rd, 9:00am ET
The non-tender deadline proved to be busy, with dozens of players hitting a now crowded free-agent market.
FanGraphs   Dec 3rd, 8:55am ET
Cleveland is hiring.
FanGraphs   Dec 2nd, 7:56pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about how many negative WAR an average fan would be worth over a full MLB season, discuss an MLB fan survey, what they would want to ask fans, and how much MLB can actually improve baseball’s popularity, break down...
FanGraphs   Dec 2nd, 3:30pm ET
Well, well, well if it isn't a chat with Meg Rowley.
FanGraphs   Dec 2nd, 1:30pm ET
Trevor May gives the Mets a power arm at the back of the bullpen, and hope to the reliever market as free agency heats up.
FanGraphs   Dec 2nd, 12:05pm ET
Lefties struggle mightily against pitches that hit the lower outside corner of the strike zone. A few, however, fight back.
FanGraphs   Dec 2nd, 11:05am ET
The NC Dinos are posting their star outfielder.
FanGraphs   Dec 2nd, 10:05am ET
Trading Francisco Lindor is likely to shut Cleveland's window, at least for 2021.
FanGraphs   Dec 2nd, 9:04am ET
The on-base machine with an exceptional speed-power combo was underappreciated by voters in his first go-round.
FanGraphs   Dec 1st, 2:15pm ET
The NL Central could be decided by the actions — and inactions — of each of its teams in the coming months.
FanGraphs   Dec 1st, 1:00pm ET
Ryu's new sinker lets him use his four-seamer where it's best: high in the zone, hunting for whiffs.
FanGraphs   Dec 1st, 12:00pm ET
Despite a forgettable 2020 season, the Mets remain contenders, though not among the NL's elite.
FanGraphs   Dec 1st, 11:00am ET
The candidacy of the undersized, hard-throwing lefty is gaining momentum.
FanGraphs   Dec 1st, 10:00am ET
How much money did teams and owners actually lose during the pandemic-shortened season? The Braves provide a good measuring stick.
FanGraphs   Dec 1st, 9:00am ET
As list season kicks off, a look at the players who are no longer prospect eligible.
FanGraphs   Nov 30th, 1:17pm ET
Let's discuss some signings and whatever other baseball we can find on a random winter Monday.
FanGraphs   Nov 30th, 1:15pm ET
It's time to cast your "vote" in this year's Hall of Fame election.
FanGraphs   Nov 30th, 11:45am ET
In which the author avoids several forced puns while appreciating a low-key free agency signing.