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FanGraphs   Feb 27th, 10:00am ET
Oregon State's Travis Bazzana is already one of the best position players his country has ever produced.
FanGraphs   Feb 27th, 9:00am ET
The 100th installment of the Talks Hitting series features baseball's No. 1 prospect.
FanGraphs   Feb 27th, 8:00am ET
The Boston Red Sox are hiring.
FanGraphs   Feb 26th, 1:00pm ET
The back of the infield market is starting to move quickly.
FanGraphs   Feb 26th, 9:00am ET
Every year, it seems like the Rays can’t continue to lose key contributors and keep winning. Every year, they find a way.
FanGraphs   Feb 25th, 3:30pm ET
After hoping for a massive contract that never materialized, the former MVP is going back to the North Side on a three-year deal with a pair of opt-outs.
FanGraphs   Feb 25th, 7:30am ET
Plus Matt Krook's crazy debut, Eric Hosmer's stellar career, Wally Moses's Boggs-like season, revisiting the Jobe-Mayer draft decision, facts and stats galore, and more.
FanGraphs   Feb 24th, 6:48am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Boras Four behind the scenes, Hyun Jin Ryu’s salary-cap-skirting KBO contract, and a study on the effectiveness of complaining about umps, plus a Stat Blast (22:51) about an inaccurate, unkillable Greg Maddux...
FanGraphs   Feb 23rd, 1:20pm ET
On the heels of a stateside debut that earned All-Star honors, the Japanese righty has been sidelined indefinitely by a shoulder strain.
FanGraphs   Feb 23rd, 1:00pm ET
Command wasn't the Nationals' problem in 2023. Velocity wasn't the problem either, but it sure wouldn't have hurt.
FanGraphs   Feb 23rd, 12:00pm ET
With pitchers like Clayton Kershaw, Jacob deGrom, and Alex Cobb entering their late thirties, what can we expect from this year’s crop of older starters?
FanGraphs   Feb 23rd, 9:00am ET
Pittsburgh's second-largest contract extension ever is a sign that they're serious about contending with their current group of players.
FanGraphs   Feb 23rd, 4:40am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about MLB’s semi-transparent-pants problem and the Nike/Fanatics uniform mess that’s swallowed spring training, a “down the dick” etymology follow-up, Kodai Senga’s injury, Mitch Keller’s...
FanGraphs   Feb 22nd, 12:40pm ET
An injury-marred, below replacement–level campaign has led the slugger to adjust his conditioning and his swing.
FanGraphs   Feb 22nd, 11:45am ET
With the Top 100 main course served, a prospect dessert.
FanGraphs   Feb 22nd, 10:00am ET
Jose Cuas was once a slugging infielder at the University of Maryland. Now, he’s a Cubs side-armer with an intriguing new pitch.
FanGraphs   Feb 22nd, 9:00am ET
His legendary plate discipline took a turn for the worse during the second half of last season.
FanGraphs   Feb 21st, 11:30am ET
Let's chat about Prospect Week.
FanGraphs   Feb 21st, 11:00am ET
In adding a righty who mashes lefties, the Diamondbacks have fixed one of their few remaining flaws.
FanGraphs   Feb 21st, 10:00am ET
What can Rosario teach us about the entire free agent market? Hopefully at least 1,500 words worth of insights.