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FanGraphs   Aug 10th, 11:55am ET
Even amid 18 players testing positive for COVID-19, the Marlins are somehow 7-3.
FanGraphs   Aug 10th, 9:10am ET
Plus, a few updates to players on the pro-side.
FanGraphs   Aug 9th, 8:04am ET
Plus Mike Lum remembers Marichal and "The Count." Yogi or Piazza?, an atypical official-scoring call, umpire stories, and more.
FanGraphs   Aug 8th, 12:21am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a bad fun fact on a baseball broadcast, a case of copycat pitching involving Jake Diekman and Chaz Roe, how MLB may amend eligibility for the Rookie of the Year award in 2021, a Wade LeBlanc balk and why balks remain...
FanGraphs   Aug 7th, 2:02pm ET
A look at how the revised schedule affects teams with multiple games to make up over the next seven weeks.
FanGraphs   Aug 7th, 1:30pm ET
Just because there's no All-Star Game doesn't mean we can't have our own Home Run Derby!
FanGraphs   Aug 7th, 12:30pm ET
We already learned about the relationship between runs and wins. Now, we’ll take that concept further and consider expected runs, and how they can tell us more about a team’s true talent.
FanGraphs   Aug 7th, 12:01pm ET
Back from finishing 6th at the Star Fox 64 World Championships, Eric is here to chat baseball.
FanGraphs   Aug 7th, 11:39am ET
For the first time, starters are averaging fewer than five innings per start.
FanGraphs   Aug 7th, 9:00am ET
An article about Tyler Duffey. Also, an article about writing an article about Tyler Duffey.
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 11:56pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about their minor league free agent draft results so far and whether this season has helped or hurt minor league free agents gain playing time, the continued watchability of revamped extra innings and the possibility of...
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 2:15pm ET
Luis Robert is matching his scouting report so far, both the good and the bad.
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 1:30pm ET
How about those Marlins!
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 1:15pm ET
A pitching staff low on star power but high on value is a big reason for Oakland's first-place spot in the AL West.
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 12:35pm ET
One of the greatest joys in baseball is watching Darvish work. Just don't try to figure out which pitch he's throwing while he does it.
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 11:50am ET
Which players most control their team's playoff fate?
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 11:40am ET
No chats have been postponed due to safety protocols.
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 10:00am ET
Some hitters are fortunate enough to hit a home run in their first major league at-bat. These hitters are also lucky enough to have had those home runs captured on video.
FanGraphs   Aug 6th, 9:00am ET
The 22-year-old redhead with the signature mop top is carving a place in the Dodgers' rotation.
FanGraphs   Aug 5th, 12:45pm ET
Some hitters are fortunate enough to hit a home run in their first major league at-bat.