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FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 3:35pm ET
The self-identified flyball pitcher is keeping the ball on the ground an awful lot.
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 2:35pm ET
After an exciting debut and some tough struggles afterward, Akil Baddoo has made some adjustments.
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 1:35pm ET
Even with the deadened ball we are witnessing one of the best environments for home runs in the history of the game.
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 12:35pm ET
The catcher-turned-third-baseman-turned-shortstop is fielding his new position like a pro while getting the most out of his limited tools at the plate.
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 11:35am ET
Eric Hosmer is back to 2018-19 form, and that's a problem for San Diego.
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 10:35am ET
The 22-year-old right-hander has 44 strikeouts in 24 professional innings, and he's a bona fide pitching nerd to boot.
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 9:35am ET
Opposing hitters hate them! Read all about how this team's catchers learned to dupe umpires using this one simple trick (well, several, actually).
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 9:05am ET
Episode 927 On this week’s show, we get to hear true tales from the minor league experience. But first, we must address the sticky elephant in the room. We begin with Eric Longenhagen and Ben Clemens catching up on baseball happenings and with each other....
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 8:30am ET
It’s the only thing anyone in baseball is talking about, and we aren’t immune, with another sticky edition of Chin Music. Coming out from the shadows, former Orioles, Mets and Yankees beat writer and current deputy editor at The Athletic Marc Carig...
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 8:00am ET
The Nationals are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 4:05am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley follow up on previous discussions about player predictions and game postponements, answer listener emails about a sticky-stuff pitcher protest, the talent level in the College World Series, the wave as a player-distraction device,...
FanGraphs   Jun 17th, 10:00am ET
Lance Lynn roughly been the same pitcher since his trade to Chicago, with one meaningful difference.
FanGraphs   Jun 17th, 9:00am ET
You've seen the bad ones, but what about the most valuable bunts of the year?
FanGraphs   Jun 17th, 4:59am ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Jose Altuve forgoing a home run trot, then break down the details of MLB’s plan to enforce the rules against foreign-substance use starting on June 21, covering the pros and cons of putting that plan into action...
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 3:05pm ET
Oh my god, sorry I’m so late. Sorry. I can’t believe it! I mean, first of all, I can’t believe they still let me into the stadium this late. Thank goodness the game isn’t over yet. Otherwise that would have been a waste of time and money,...
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 2:05pm ET
What if we took a different approach to hard hit rate?
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 1:05pm ET
An update to the Top 100, plus notes on Hector Yan, Rodolfo Castro, and Jose Miranda.
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 12:15pm ET
The fireballing righty believes that going "cold turkey" played a role in his UCL sprain and flexor tendon strain.
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 11:00am ET
The plate discipline stats we use are great when evaluating hitters over hundreds of pitches. Let us dig a little deeper.
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 10:00am ET
The 23-year-old Butler University product has his own version of an Airbender.