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Sporting News   Mar 5th, 3:42pm ET
Putting together SP rankings for 2021 feels like even more of a fool's errand than usual. Not only are last year's stats moderately helpful at best and completely useless at worst, but the increased likelihood of injuries and strict innings limits after every...
Sporting News   Mar 5th, 2:30pm ET
Outfield is once again one of fantasy baseball's deepest positions. There's no shortage of top-tier stars and intriguing sleepers, and you don't really need any sort of draft strategy when approaching this position. There are outfielders worth drafting early,...
FanGraphs   Mar 4th, 1:25pm ET
The No. 10 prospect in the Cincinnati system profiles as a modern-day Cesar Geronimo, but he aspires to be more than that.
FanGraphs   Mar 3rd, 10:15am ET
Invited to nerd out, the promising young righty was happy to oblige.
FanGraphs   Mar 3rd, 9:00am ET
The rebuilding Orioles have a deep, ascendant farm system.
FanGraphs   Mar 2nd, 12:20pm ET
A collection of thoughts after the second weekend of college baseball and first two days of spring training.
FanGraphs   Mar 1st, 9:05am ET
The shortened 2020 draft contributed to the lack of depth in a mediocre system.
Razzball   Feb 28th, 3:00am ET
Unlike some lists, I don’t have some big introductory explanation here. I trust you grasp the premise and intend to skip this paragraph, but if I still have your eyes for the moment, I’ll say I imagine a start-up build for a 15-team, 2-catcher...
Razzball   Feb 25th, 2:15pm ET
Ahh, college. What a magical time. I can still remember my roommate freshman year. He never showered, wore shoes and frequently left bowls of boiled noodles out, unrefrigerated, only to pick them back up several days later and eat a few. Ahh, yes. It still...
Razzball   Feb 25th, 1:05pm ET
Donkey Teeth and B_Don are joined by a perennial podcast guest favorite, Tim McLeod of Prospect 365. Every pre-season Tim is kind enough to jump on the podcast to discuss the newest crop of Japanese and Korean league signings across the majors. We ask him...
FanGraphs   Feb 24th, 11:15am ET
Blessed with a blazing fastball, the 22-year-old southpaw is No. 83 on our 2021 Top 100 Prospects list.
FanGraphs   Feb 24th, 9:15am ET
Bolstered by trades and set to draft at top of the first round, the Pirates are poised to have one of the top farm systems in baseball very soon, and then for quite a while.
FanGraphs   Feb 23rd, 2:00pm ET
With the first weekend of NCAA baseball in the books, a collection of scouting notes on various 2021 and '22 draft-eligible players.
FanGraphs   Feb 23rd, 12:00pm ET
The ninth-overall pick in the 2020 draft has monster power, but he's more than just a slugger.
FanGraphs   Feb 22nd, 1:05pm ET
Will it be Juan Soto? One of the game's top prospects? Or will it be [points through the screen] you?
FanGraphs   Feb 22nd, 12:05pm ET
Having already upgraded their rotation this winter, the Mets add a former top prospect.
Razzball   Feb 21st, 3:00am ET
Things get a little weirder here, by which I mean the difference between the 75th prospect and the 150th prospect largely comes down to timelines and tastes. I don’t have some big introductory explanation here. I trust you grasp the premise and intend...
FanGraphs   Feb 19th, 1:30pm ET
The high-profile Houston Astros prospect has lost some of his luster, but he's on the verge of getting it back.
FanGraphs   Feb 19th, 10:30am ET
Let's take a look at a few former prospects who have slipped through the cracks between the boundary of prospect coverage and big league analysis.
FanGraphs   Feb 19th, 9:15am ET
Episode 910 As part of Prospects Week, this episode of FanGraphs Audio features interdisciplinary conversations between lead prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen and experts from non-baseball fields about the industry of competitive evaluation. At the top of...