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FanGraphs   Jun 20th, 7:02am ET
Plus Joe Smith on the evolution of pitching, Spencer Striders and books and music, facts and stats galore, and more.
Razzball   Jun 20th, 3:00am ET
Happy Father’s Day! I hope you all have a great one! It’s been a while since I checked in with the stashes, list-wise, and today feels like the perfect fit for a post super-two redraft ranking of the rookies in waiting.  Since last...
FanGraphs   Jun 18th, 10:35am ET
The 22-year-old right-hander has 44 strikeouts in 24 professional innings, and he's a bona fide pitching nerd to boot.
Razzball   Jun 18th, 3:00am ET
"Okay, guys, to start the song we're going to count out to four, but we're going to count 1, 2...Then go back to the beginning and finish with 1, 2, 3, 4...Questions?" "Hey, Bruce Springsteen, uh, yeah, big fan, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to show...
numberFire   Jun 16th, 3:24pm ET
Aaron Civale stands out as a top value among a loaded group of pitchers tonight. Which other low-salaried plays can we target on Wednesday?
Razzball   Jun 16th, 2:00pm ET
Here I sit in the head-space I visit while creating this content, and I can’t see the prospect world. On a typical Tuesday night, it’s all around me, sometimes filling four screens in between sentences. I’ll have the TV going on two big league...
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 1:05pm ET
An update to the Top 100, plus notes on Hector Yan, Rodolfo Castro, and Jose Miranda.
FanGraphs   Jun 16th, 10:00am ET
The 23-year-old Butler University product has his own version of an Airbender.
Razzball   Jun 16th, 3:00am ET
Reading from the Book of Revelations in the 2021 Razzball Draft Guide, "When the ocean's water rises--" Job, "Why ocean's water? Isn't just 'water rises' enough?" "I'm reading, not writing, and, when I'm done, I will smite you so hard you'll wish you...
FanGraphs   Jun 15th, 12:20pm ET
The 2018 second-rounder remains raw, but has a sky-high ceiling.
FanGraphs   Jun 14th, 11:05am ET
Have Javier Báez, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant saved their next free agent deals?
Razzball   Jun 13th, 3:00am ET
I hope you watch Rick and Morty. Not sure how this title holds up if not. Would also provide a primer for Loki on the Disney plus. Looks like our favorite god of mischief is about to become the infinite Rick, which makes sense considering Loki head writer...
Razzball   Jun 12th, 12:55pm ET
Bobby bombs! Cleveland first baseman Bobby Bradley has been hotter than a Tiktok thirst trap since he was called up last weekend and continued that trend Friday night as he went 2-for-3 with his second home run, three runs batted in, and two walks. He's 6-for-13...
Razzball   Jun 11th, 1:00pm ET
No clever pun, no dumb reference, simply put, I'm laying down the hard cold truth. Tyler O'Neill is a potential superstar. While this statement is becoming less and less controversial as the hours and homeruns stack up, I would note that while the window to...
numberFire   Jun 11th, 9:40am ET
Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton were the most popular bats by a huge margin on Thursday night. Which other players were in a bunch of lineups?
FanGraphs   Jun 10th, 1:30pm ET
Notes on Daulton Jefferies, Bryson Stott, and more.
Razzball   Jun 9th, 3:15pm ET
The date is June 9, a fairly insignificant moment in the western, Gregorian sense but a potentially monumental one in the 2021 baseball sense. The ever-floating cheap prospects super two service time cutoff line is now, or tomorrow, or next week, depending...
Razzball   Jun 8th, 3:00pm ET
Sam Houston State. South Alabama. Miami (OH). Just a short list of all the top Division I programs that you typically find first-round talent at, right? Either every premier Power Five program completely whiffed on these guys, or head coaches are scurrying...
FanGraphs   Jun 8th, 12:00pm ET
Thoughts on three college bats, as well as Jackson Kowar, Ryan Weathers and Adbert Alzolay.
Razzball   Jun 8th, 3:00am ET
Did everyone enjoy the All-Star Game? Wait, that's not for another month? Why was there only three games yesterday then? Was it a holiday? RobManberance Day? A national day of remembrance about how Rob Manfred is an idiot? Stop for a moment, lower your...