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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Christian Yelich Note
Christian Yelich photo 18. Christian Yelich
In 2023, Christian Yelich bounced back impressively, showcasing a potent mix of power and speed with 19 homers, 106 runs, 76 RBIs, and 28 steals. His .278 batting average matched his expected average, underlined by a top-tier Hard-Hit% in the 93rd percentile. Yelich's on-base skills shone, too, reaching a .370 OBP, partly thanks to the new shift rules. Despite a less-than-stellar Brewers lineup, he surpassed 100 runs, a trend likely to continue in 2024. While nagging back issues are a concern, a healthy Yelich offers strong outfield value, fitting comfortably as an OF3 with potential for more.
18 weeks ago
Jackson Chourio Note
Jackson Chourio photo 33. Jackson Chourio
Sal Frelick Note
Sal Frelick photo 64. Sal Frelick
Garrett Mitchell Note
Garrett Mitchell photo 100. Garrett Mitchell
Joey Wiemer Note
Joey Wiemer photo 155. Joey Wiemer
Jake Bauers Note
Jake Bauers photo 185. Jake Bauers
Eric Haase Note
Eric Haase photo 218. Eric Haase
Blake Perkins Note
Blake Perkins photo 248. Blake Perkins
Christian Arroyo Note
Christian Arroyo photo 286. Christian Arroyo
Chris Roller Note
Chris Roller photo 352. Chris Roller
Brewer Hicklen Note
Brewer Hicklen photo 360. Brewer Hicklen