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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Josh Hader Note
Josh Hader photo 1. Josh Hader
Every year, there are arguments about the value of closers. Fantasy managers who consistently win leagues say having one or two elite closers is a season maker. Fantasy managers who say closers are always available on the wire and to never draft one before the 12th round usually spend August and September complaining that they lost the league by a half-dozen points because of a lack of saves and a bloated WHIP. Hader isn't just a closer. His numbers are so spectacular in just one or two innings of work at a time that rostering him is like getting half a season of an ace starter while also getting 35 saves. His Ks can cover for your lower-tier starters who can't reach that baseline K/IP number you want, and his paper-thin WHIP can move the needle. If you're on the wrong end of the snake draft and he's there at the fifth-round/sixth-round turn, grab him and start the closer run.
11 weeks ago
Devin Williams Note
Devin Williams photo 28. Devin Williams
Aaron Ashby Note
Aaron Ashby photo 40. Aaron Ashby
Brent Suter Note
Brent Suter photo 110. Brent Suter
Jake Cousins Note
Jake Cousins photo 118. Jake Cousins
Brad Boxberger Note
Brad Boxberger photo 170. Brad Boxberger
Josh Lindblom Note
Josh Lindblom photo 175. Josh Lindblom
Hoby Milner Note
Hoby Milner photo 273. Hoby Milner
Jandel Gustave Note
Jandel Gustave photo 349. Jandel Gustave
Trevor Gott Note
Trevor Gott photo 360. Trevor Gott
Luke Barker Note
Luke Barker photo 384. Luke Barker
Angel Perdomo Note
Angel Perdomo photo 389. Angel Perdomo
J.C. Mejia Note
J.C. Mejia photo 413. J.C. Mejia
Luis Perdomo Note
Luis Perdomo photo 490. Luis Perdomo
Miguel Sanchez Note
Miguel Sanchez photo 537. Miguel Sanchez
Alec Bettinger Note
Alec Bettinger photo 585. Alec Bettinger
Justin Topa Note
Justin Topa photo 601. Justin Topa