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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Riley Greene Note
Riley Greene photo 32. Riley Greene
In 2023, Riley Greene showcased significant improvement, increasing his batting performance to .288/.349/.447 in just a few more games than the previous season. Statcast highlights his prowess with numerous red indicators. Expected to hit around 17 home runs this year, Greene is poised to become the key figure in the Tigers' youthful lineup. A reduction in strikeouts could further enhance his batting average and on-base percentage, potentially elevating him from a reliable OF3 to a promising OF2 in fantasy rankings.
18 weeks ago
Kerry Carpenter Note
Kerry Carpenter photo 48. Kerry Carpenter
Heading into 2024, Kerry Carpenter is a viable OF5 option, known for his power-hitting capabilities, evidenced by his 20 home runs. With a stronger lineup supporting him, expect an improvement in his previous tally of 57 runs and 64 RBIs. While his plate discipline could be better, given his low walk rate and considerable strikeouts, his draft value remains accessible, not requiring a high pick.
18 weeks ago
Parker Meadows Note
Parker Meadows photo 75. Parker Meadows
Mark Canha Note
Mark Canha photo 101. Mark Canha
Matt Vierling Note
Matt Vierling photo 127. Matt Vierling
Zach McKinstry Note
Zach McKinstry photo 130. Zach McKinstry
Akil Baddoo Note
Akil Baddoo photo 164. Akil Baddoo
Justyn-Henry Malloy Note
Justyn-Henry Malloy photo 180. Justyn-Henry Malloy
Andy Ibanez Note
Andy Ibanez photo 191. Andy Ibanez
Justice Bigbie Note
Justice Bigbie photo 254. Justice Bigbie
Max Clark Note
Max Clark photo 274. Max Clark
TJ Hopkins Note
TJ Hopkins photo 327. TJ Hopkins
Bligh Madris Note
Bligh Madris photo 332. Bligh Madris
Wenceel Perez Note
Wenceel Perez photo 342. Wenceel Perez
Ryan Vilade Note
Ryan Vilade photo 362. Ryan Vilade