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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Gregory Soto Note
Gregory Soto photo 19. Gregory Soto
Soto was decent last year once he took over as the closer, posting 18 saves on the season with a 3.39 ERA. But his walk rate was an abysmal 14.5%, leading to a 1.35 WHIP, which just isn't sustainable. The Tigers don't have an elite bullpen but Michael Fulmer and Jose Cisnero can close in a pinch. With the uncertainty and Soto's control issues, don't bank on more than 20 saves.
27 weeks ago
Andrew Chafin Note
Andrew Chafin photo 96. Andrew Chafin
Kyle Funkhouser Note
Kyle Funkhouser photo 200. Kyle Funkhouser
Daniel Norris Note
Daniel Norris photo 222. Daniel Norris
Tyler Alexander Note
Tyler Alexander photo 231. Tyler Alexander
Daniel Ponce de Leon Note
Daniel Ponce de Leon photo 236. Daniel Ponce de Leon
Bryan Garcia Note
Bryan Garcia photo 241. Bryan Garcia
Joe Jimenez Note
Joe Jimenez photo 243. Joe Jimenez
Jose Cisnero Note
Jose Cisnero photo 260. Jose Cisnero
Alex Faedo Note
Alex Faedo photo 271. Alex Faedo
Sam Howard Note
Sam Howard photo 309. Sam Howard
Alex Lange Note
Alex Lange photo 329. Alex Lange
Miguel Del Pozo Note
Miguel Del Pozo photo 371. Miguel Del Pozo
Shea Spitzbarth Note
Shea Spitzbarth photo 489. Shea Spitzbarth
Drew Carlton Note
Drew Carlton photo 516. Drew Carlton
Nick Vincent Note
Nick Vincent photo 522. Nick Vincent
Ricardo Pinto Note
Ricardo Pinto photo 542. Ricardo Pinto
Miguel Diaz Note
Miguel Diaz photo 552. Miguel Diaz
Drew Hutchison Note
Drew Hutchison photo 582. Drew Hutchison
Rony Garcia Note
Rony Garcia photo 631. Rony Garcia
Jason Foley Note
Jason Foley photo 633. Jason Foley
Will Vest Note
Will Vest photo 635. Will Vest
Angel De Jesus Note
Angel De Jesus photo 645. Angel De Jesus