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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Gregory Soto Note
Gregory Soto photo 71. Gregory Soto
Bryan Garcia Note
Bryan Garcia photo 74. Bryan Garcia
Garcia is the favorite for the closer's role in Detroit, but don't be fooled by his 1.66 ERA last year, as it came with a 5.74 xFIP and a 4.98 K/9 mark. His minor league career has been fairly stellar (2.50 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 11.5 K/9), and he has extensive experience as a closer from both college and the minors. If you're drafting a Tigers reliever, it should be Garcia, but only at a bargain-basement price.
37 weeks ago
Joe Jimenez Note
Joe Jimenez photo 133. Joe Jimenez
Tyler Alexander Note
Tyler Alexander photo 177. Tyler Alexander
Jose Cisnero Note
Jose Cisnero photo 186. Jose Cisnero
Jacob Barnes Note
Jacob Barnes photo 288. Jacob Barnes
Nolan Blackwood Note
Nolan Blackwood photo 485. Nolan Blackwood
Nivaldo Rodriguez Note
Nivaldo Rodriguez photo 560. Nivaldo Rodriguez
David McKay Note
David McKay photo 570. David McKay
Will Vest Note
Will Vest photo 572. Will Vest
Jason Foley Note
Jason Foley photo 582. Jason Foley
Kyle Funkhouser Note
Kyle Funkhouser photo 598. Kyle Funkhouser
Rony Garcia Note
Rony Garcia photo 611. Rony Garcia