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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Joe Jimenez Note
Joe Jimenez photo 23. Joe Jimenez
Although Jimenez's numbers weren't pretty in 2019, he actually performed fairly well once the Tigers turned over the closer role to him. He'll never be a top-tier closer, particularly given that Detroit is unlikely to compete, but considering he's under team control for several more seasons, he should be given every chance to hold the job all year.
21 weeks ago
Buck Farmer Note
Buck Farmer photo 139. Buck Farmer
Tyler Alexander Note
Tyler Alexander photo 269. Tyler Alexander
Jose Cisnero Note
Jose Cisnero photo 280. Jose Cisnero
Dereck Rodriguez Note
Dereck Rodriguez photo 288. Dereck Rodriguez
Alex Faedo Note
Alex Faedo photo 306. Alex Faedo
David McKay Note
David McKay photo 347. David McKay
John Schreiber Note
John Schreiber photo 357. John Schreiber
Bryan Garcia Note
Bryan Garcia photo 367. Bryan Garcia
Gregory Soto Note
Gregory Soto photo 371. Gregory Soto
Rony Garcia Note
Rony Garcia photo 394. Rony Garcia
Ryan Carpenter Note
Ryan Carpenter photo 410. Ryan Carpenter
Eduardo Jimenez Note
Eduardo Jimenez photo 453. Eduardo Jimenez
Nick Ramirez Note
Nick Ramirez photo 456. Nick Ramirez
Hector Santiago Note
Hector Santiago photo 505. Hector Santiago
Daniel Stumpf Note
Daniel Stumpf photo 530. Daniel Stumpf
Nolan Blackwood Note
Nolan Blackwood photo 632. Nolan Blackwood
Joshua Smoker Note
Joshua Smoker photo 634. Joshua Smoker
Zac Reininger Note
Zac Reininger photo 637. Zac Reininger
Sandy Baez Note
Sandy Baez photo 666. Sandy Baez