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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Scott Oberg Note
Scott Oberg photo 37. Scott Oberg
Oberg turned in another stellar year despite pitching in Colorado, and took over for Wade Davis as the closer by the end of the year. Davis will enter the 2020 season as the closer, but given his performance last year, his leash is going to be fairly short. Oberg makes one of the better handcuffs to own, though it's more about his opportunity and less about his ratios.
6 weeks ago
Wade Davis Note
Wade Davis photo 55. Wade Davis
Davis had a disastrous 2019 season, pitching to an 8.65 ERA and losing his closer's job. He'll enter 2020 back in the ninth-inning role but his leash will certainly be short with Scott Oberg waiting in the wings. Davis should likely be the last "closer" drafted.
6 weeks ago
Jairo Diaz Note
Jairo Diaz photo 120. Jairo Diaz
Carlos Estevez Note
Carlos Estevez photo 163. Carlos Estevez
James Pazos Note
James Pazos photo 212. James Pazos
Jake McGee Note
Jake McGee photo 277. Jake McGee
Bryan Shaw Note
Bryan Shaw photo 295. Bryan Shaw
Jose Mujica Note
Jose Mujica photo 325. Jose Mujica
Ashton Goudeau Note
Ashton Goudeau photo 341. Ashton Goudeau
Ubaldo Jimenez Note
Ubaldo Jimenez photo 348. Ubaldo Jimenez
Yency Almonte Note
Yency Almonte photo 505. Yency Almonte
Ben Bowden Note
Ben Bowden photo 519. Ben Bowden
Tyler Kinley Note
Tyler Kinley photo 524. Tyler Kinley
Wes Parsons Note
Wes Parsons photo 574. Wes Parsons
Phillip Diehl Note
Phillip Diehl photo 583. Phillip Diehl
Joe Harvey Note
Joe Harvey photo 585. Joe Harvey
Zac Rosscup Note
Zac Rosscup photo 602. Zac Rosscup
Jesus Tinoco Note
Jesus Tinoco photo 609. Jesus Tinoco
Harrison Musgrave Note
Harrison Musgrave photo 610. Harrison Musgrave
Tim Collins Note
Tim Collins photo 644. Tim Collins