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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Kevin Gausman Note
Kevin Gausman photo 20. Kevin Gausman
Gausman had the best season of his career with the Giants last season, and accepted a qualifying offer to remain in San Francisco. Gausman not only put up an impressive 3.62 ERA, but he upped his strikeout rate by about nine points to 32.2%. He saw a nice velocity bump on his fastball and leaned into his excellent splitter a bit more than usual. The downside for Gausman is that he really is mostly a fastball/splitter pitcher, meaning that when his splitter isn't working, he's likely to get hit hard. But, we've now at least seen the upside over a full season, and he's a pretty ideal SP4/SP5 if you can get him in that range.
3 weeks ago
Jake McGee Note
Jake McGee photo 48. Jake McGee
Reyes Moronta Note
Reyes Moronta photo 79. Reyes Moronta
Alex Wood Note
Alex Wood photo 88. Alex Wood
Matt Wisler Note
Matt Wisler photo 94. Matt Wisler
Tyler Rogers Note
Tyler Rogers photo 99. Tyler Rogers
Sam Selman Note
Sam Selman photo 179. Sam Selman
Aaron Sanchez Note
Aaron Sanchez photo 189. Aaron Sanchez
Jarlin Garcia Note
Jarlin Garcia photo 299. Jarlin Garcia
Shun Yamaguchi Note
Shun Yamaguchi photo 341. Shun Yamaguchi
Wandy Peralta Note
Wandy Peralta photo 353. Wandy Peralta
Jose Alvarez Note
Jose Alvarez photo 368. Jose Alvarez
Caleb Baragar Note
Caleb Baragar photo 373. Caleb Baragar
Conner Menez Note
Conner Menez photo 382. Conner Menez
Jay Jackson Note
Jay Jackson photo 383. Jay Jackson
Anthony Banda Note
Anthony Banda photo 387. Anthony Banda
John Brebbia Note
John Brebbia photo 388. John Brebbia
Zack Littell Note
Zack Littell photo 397. Zack Littell
Trevor Gott Note
Trevor Gott photo 399. Trevor Gott
Jeremy Walker Note
Jeremy Walker photo 410. Jeremy Walker
Dominic Leone Note
Dominic Leone photo 414. Dominic Leone
Nick Tropeano Note
Nick Tropeano photo 423. Nick Tropeano
Silvino Bracho Note
Silvino Bracho photo 446. Silvino Bracho
Rico Garcia Note
Rico Garcia photo 510. Rico Garcia
Camilo Doval Note
Camilo Doval photo 583. Camilo Doval
Melvin Adon Note
Melvin Adon photo 585. Melvin Adon
Phil Pfeifer Note
Phil Pfeifer photo 616. Phil Pfeifer