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Oklahoma tight end Mark Andrews had a very workmanlike performance at the NFL Combine.

Fantasy Impact: There wasn't anything that stood out with Andrews performance, though his 4.67-second 40-yard dash was better than expected. While on the field, Andrews did exactly what you'd expect him to do. He's a very fundamentally-sound tight end who runs great routes and gives his quarterback a big target to throw to. Andrews is in the conversation for the top tight end off the board, with some projecting him as high as the first-round, though his lack of blocking may push him into day two of the draft.

South Carolina tight end Hayden Hurst had mixed results at the NFL Combine, with the lowlight being his 4.67-second 40-yard dash.

Fantasy Impact: It was a surprise to see Hurst's 40-time as high as it was, simply because he's one of the fastest tight ends on the field. The area he shined was the on-field drills, as he showcased his natural hands throughout the gauntlet, making it look effortless, as well as his ball-in-air adjustments on the deep ball. A usable piece all over the field, Hurst is a tight end who could make an impact right away. He'll be 25 years old when the season starts, so you'd expect him to come a bit more pro-ready than some of the other tight ends. Hurst is one of our favorite fantasy tight ends in the draft.

Penn State tight end Mike Gesicki posted the fastest time among tight ends at the NFL Combine, running an official 4.54 seconds.

Fantasy Impact: His off-the-field measurables were one of the top stories from the Combine, as he had a 41.5-inch vertical and a 10'9" broad jump, which were both high marks among tight ends. It wasn't all pretty, though. Once they started doing on-the-field drills, Gesicki lacked fluidity to his routes and stumbled at times. Mike Mayock referenced his strides being too long multiple times, so it's definitely something to pay attention to as we go through the draft process. Gesicki is considered one of the high-upside prospects in the draft, though not as pro-ready as some others. Rookie tight ends tend to disappoint in fantasy football, and Gesicki is not likely to be an outlier in that history.

Southern Methodist wide receiver Courtland Sutton failed to separate himself from others while at the NFL Combine on Saturday.

Fantasy Impact: Sutton didn't have a terrible day or anything, but he didn't do anything to separate himself from others who are expected to be drafted in his range. In fact, both Calvin Ridley and James Washington likely pulled away from him as the clear No. 1 and No. 2 options in the draft. Sutton measured at 6'3" and 218 pounds, so his 4.54-second 40-yard dash should be considered average. He's not known to be an exceptional route runner and he looked somewhat clunky while running the on-field drills. He didn't have any glaring weaknesses, but also didn't display any great strengths. Sutton has some serious upside with his size, but he's not a sure-fire first-round pick like some once thought.

Alabama wide receiver Calvin Ridley has gotten mixed reviews for his performance at the NFL Combine, though he impressed where it mattered most.

Fantasy Impact: Some are docking Ridley's draft stock after he posted a 31-inch vertical and 9'2" broad jump, but how much stock are NFL teams going to put into that? He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds and showed off his entire route tree while doing the on-field drills. Any time hall of famer Michael Irvin and soon-to-be hall of famer Steve Smith talked about Ridley, they talked gleamed with excitement about what he is now, as well as what they believe he will become. If you recall, Smith was talking up Cooper Kupp as his favorite wide receiver in last year's class. Ridley is considered a pro-ready wide receiver who can contribute right away, and his route-running ability showed up in nearly every drill during the Combine. We're still expecting Ridley to be taken in the top-20 and could very well go inside the top-10, as the Bears have been the team linked to him throughout the offseason.

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen had a somewhat mediocre day at the NFL Combine, though he was still one of the best there.

Fantasy Impact: It was clear while watching that Rosen and Baker Mayfield were the best of the group, throwing with anticipation and hitting their wide receivers in stride the majority of time. While there were a few errant throws, that'll happen with anyone. Just like Mayfield, Rosen disappointed in the 40-yard dash, finishing with an official time of 4.92 seconds. He's a pocket passer who has some mobility, so it's not the end of the world. While everyone and their grandmother expects the Giants to take Saquon Barkley at No. 2, our money says that it's Rosen if he's on the board.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield had a solid, though not spectacular performance throughout the NFL Combine on Saturday.

Fantasy Impact: Expectations were high, though it would have been tough for Mayfield to erase any concerns while in shorts and a t-shirt. He was one of the few quarterbacks who threw with any anticipation, which was one of his highlights, as was his arm strength. The weakest part of his performance was definitely the 40-yard dash, which he ran in 4.84 seconds. Most expected him to be faster than that, considering one of his strengths is his mobility. He's still a throw-first quarterback, so it's not going to be too damaging to his stock in the draft. We're still expecting Mayfield to be a top-10 pick.

Oklahoma State wide receiver James Washington quietly had a solid day at the NFL Combine, showing versatility throughout the drills.

Fantasy Impact: There were so many big-name wide receivers in the second group, it was easy to look over some of the performances. Washington doesn't play the fastest on the field, but he always seems to create separation. His 4.54-second 40-yard dash was faster than most expected, though his on-field drills were equally as impressive. He went through the gauntlet seamlessly and showed off his ball-tracking skills on the deep ball. Washington has a chance to be drafted in the first-round and his performance at the Combine didn't do anything to dispel that notion.

Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway impressed during the NFL Combine on Saturday.

Fantasy Impact: After being away from football for a year due to a credit card fraud incident at Florida, many wondered how Callaway would look among his peers. He started the day by running a 4.41-second 40-yard dash and then went on to look extremely smooth throughout the on-field drills. This is the first step in earning back trust from NFL teams, and he did about as well as he could hope.

Michigan interior lineman Maurice Hurst was recently diagnosed with a heart condition that will prevent him from taking part in the NFL Combine this weekend. (Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: It's brutal news for Hurst, who was projected to be a top-20 overall pick in the NFL Draft. At this point, it's not about football, but more about this young man's health. He will undergo further testing this week.

Florida State wide receiver Auden Tate posted one of the worst times among wide receivers at the NFL Combine, finishing with unofficial times of 4.69 and 4.74 seconds.

Fantasy Impact: We knew Tate wasn't fast, but this is not going to sit well with NFL teams. He's not a route technician and struggled to gain separation on the college level. He made up for that with phenomenal body control, and consistently came down with his contested catches. He knows how to use his body extremely well to shield defenders, though that's something that cannot be seen at the Combine. This is definitely a knock to his draft projection, as he'll likely slip into the third-round.

Pittsburgh offensive tackle Brian O'Neill posted an incredible 4.80-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine on Friday.

Fantasy Impact: It was the fastest of all offensive lineman this year, and it was the third-fastest time for an offensive lineman since 2006. He's a converted tight end, so this should really not come as a shock. He's shown growth in a short time at the tackle position, though there's still things to improve on. He's a prospect who'll get better as time goes on, so the question becomes - how high will someone draft him on his potential ceiling? Knowing the shortage of offensive line talent in the league, likely higher than most expect. He'll likely come off the board in the first two rounds.

Maryland wide receiver D.J. Moore posted an unofficial 4.43-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

Fantasy Impact: Whew. Moore wasn't expected to get into the 4.4-second range, let alone in the lower portion. He's considered a solid all-around wide receiver who can play on the perimeter, though playing out of the slot might be the ideal position. He's willing to run over the middle of the field and take hits, while possessing solid hands. His route running could use some refining, but he's gotten his day off to a fantastic start. He's currently expected to be drafted inside the top three rounds.

LSU wide receiver D.J. Chark posted the fastest 40-time among the first group of wide receivers at the NFL Combine on Saturday, finishing it in 4.34 seconds.

Fantasy Impact: We knew he'd be fast, but his time in the 40 will get him some added attention. Defenders continually had to respect his speed while at LSU, though at a run-first school, he wasn't ever going to be targeted a whole lot. Chark isn't a natural hands catcher and that was on display during the gauntlet, though he didn't necessarily screw anything up. He can be a field-stretcher in the NFL, though he's unlikely to make an impact in fantasy football early in his career.

Colorado State wide receiver Michael Gallup posted a solid 4.51-second 40-yard dash to start the Combine, and looked solid throughout the on-field activities.

Fantasy Impact: Gallup had limitations at quarterback throughout his college career, so it was good to see him on an even playing field. His 40-time was strong for a guy who is 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds, but what was more impressive was his effortless performance in the gauntlet. He coasted through the drill and then went on to make over-the-shoulder throws in the deep ball tracking portion of the event. Gallup has some traits that could land him in the first-round, though he's currently projected as a second-round pick. Gallup should be able to contribute to a team right away, though his landing spot will determine his fantasy viability.

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen had a Combine that featured a few of his strengths, while there were other times he displayed a few of his weaknesses.

Fantasy Impact: He looked poised and confident throughout the day, and wasn't afraid to let the ball rip. He can throw the ball a country mile and everyone could see that, though we already knew that. His accuracy was a bit hit-or-miss, though it was better than expected and he out-threw Lamar Jackson on this day. He did lack anticipation and relies too much on arm strength, but we have seen slight improvements throughout the offseason. The Combine definitely didn't hurt his stock in the draft, though we don't think he's in the conversation for the first pick overall.

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson not only didn't run at the NFL Combine, but he failed to impress in the on-field drills.

Fantasy Impact: It was a bad day overall for Jackson, who actually looked inferior to Josh Allen. Not running the 40-yard dash was head-scratching, but it wouldn't have mattered if he dominated the throwing portion of the event. Not only did he under-throw multiple receivers, but he failed to throw with any anticipation and didn't show off any arm strength. It almost seemed like he was trying too hard to be accurate, leading him to look worse than he is. While it's just one day, Jackson didn't do anything to help his draft stock today.

Texas Tech wide receiver Keke Coutee had an overall impressive NFL Combine on Saturday, highlighted by a 4.43-second 40-yard dash and a flawless gauntlet.

Fantasy Impact: There's only so much you can do at the Combine, as most of what you can do shows up on tape. Some have said Coutee benefited from playing with Patrick Mahomes, though he posted better numbers in 2017 without Mahomes. Coutee was one of the smoothest wide receivers in the gauntlet drill, running full speed, staying on a line, and catching everything that came his way. Coutee possesses speed on-demand and could be a solid weapon in the right offense. He's unlikely to move into the top three rounds, but if he continues what he did at the Combine at Texas Tech's pro day, you'll see him move up boards.

Texas A&M wide receiver Christian Kirk put on a show at the NFL Combine on Saturday, dominating every single drill they put him through.

Fantasy Impact: The day started with a very impressive 4.47-second 40-yard dash, but he wasn't done there. He looked like a natural running through the gauntlet, catching everything that came his way without breaking a sweat. While many watch the quarterbacks in the throwing drills, Kirk was a technician going through his routes. He's a natural football player and that was clearly on display among his peers. It'll be interesting to see if his performance puts him inside the first-round to someone who needs a reliable slot receiver. At this point, he's likely guaranteed to be picked inside the top two rounds.

UCLA wide receiver Jordan Lasley was among those who hurt their stock the most at the NFL Combine on Saturday.

Fantasy Impact: It was a day to forget for Lasley, who started the Combine with an average 4.50-second 40-yard dash. That's the least of his concerns after he botched the gauntlet, as he was double-catching or fumbling almost every ball that came his way and was all over the line. Not just that, though, as he dropped multiple balls throughout drills and just looked flat-out clumsy. While it is just one day, it's when all eyes are on him, so this will negatively affect his draft stock.