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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 1 Rankings

Hayden Hurst Note
Hayden Hurst photo 8. Hayden Hurst (vs . SEA)
The Falcons gave up a second-round pick for him, highlighting just how valuable he was in their eyes. The Seahawks were the second-worst team in the league when it came to defending tight ends last year, but they did something about that this offseason. They went and snagged Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams. He saw 33 targets in coverage last year and allowed just 150 yards on them. While the scheme likely had something to do with it, the Jets (where Adams came from) were the third-best team against tight ends last year. Learning a new scheme can take time and this will be Adams' first game in a Seahawks uniform, so we might see some time to acclimate, but the same can be said for Hurst in the Falcons offense. I'm still expecting a lot of pass attempts for the Falcons in this game, so Hurst should be in the 5-8 target range, leaving him in the low-end TE1 range, though there's certainly some red tape surrounding this matchup.
34 weeks ago
Jaeden Graham Note
Jaeden Graham photo 61. Jaeden Graham (vs . SEA)
Luke Stocker Note
Luke Stocker photo 70. Luke Stocker (vs . SEA)
Lee Smith Note
Lee Smith photo 89. Lee Smith (vs . SEA)