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Dynasty Roster Renovation: Time to Pick a Direction (2021 Fantasy Football)

Oct 12, 2021
Antonio Brown

Welp, it’s the time of the week again. That time where you mourn for the teams that lost terribly and shook your head at the ones that eeked out victories. As we do every week at the Renovation, it’s also time to zoom out and take stock of your current roster to see where you’re headed. If you’re heading toward a title, don’t get complacent. On the flip side, if you’re headed for the basement, don’t fall asleep at the wheel.

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Teams that are Dominating (5-0 or 4-1)

You’re officially going for the title if you’re sitting at 5-0 or 4-1. No matter how lucky you’ve been, if you’ve got this kind of record, you’re likely in the top 3 teams in your league, which immediately makes you a contender. No ifs, ands, or buts. Time to consolidate your power.

I mean that this is when you need to identify your current weak spot and work on improving it by whatever means necessary. Bye weeks are coming, and you will need depth, but this could be a time to send depth for a stud to help you win it all. Ultimately it all depends on what players are available in your league and what they might cost.

In leagues where I’m sitting pretty like this, I’m trying to trade away underperforming dynasty darlings like Elijah Moore (WR – NYJ) and TJ Hockenson (TE – DET). These guys are probably frustrating you and not helping you while you win your weeks. A rebuilding or middling team out there might be interested in paying top dollar and giving you someone who will help you more this year while you make your title run.

On the flip side, I’d be targeting players like Antonio Brown (WR – TB) or Zack Moss (RB – BUF) to add some depth to my bench. I’m not saying you should move those other players for these. They’re in entirely different tiers. I’m saying these two players are the type of target I’m sending offers for to help me compete.

Please send a message to the Brown or Moss manager and see what they’re looking for in return. It might be less expensive than you think to add these two “flash in the pan” kinds of players to your roster and help you down the stretch. At the very least, it opens the door to see where you can improve on the edges.

Middling teams (2-3 or 3-2)

Being in the middle is the worst. I’ve said it before and will repeat it. You have had five weeks of evidence to look at and should know in your gut whether your losses are earned or just a result of some bad luck. If you lost this week thanks to Lamar Jackson (QB – BAL) or Jonathan Taylor (RB – IND), then maybe you can shrug it off. Otherwise, uh oh.

In leagues where I’m in the middle, I have to decide exactly what moves to make. I’m either hunting for rookie picks and punting the rest of the year, or I’m sending my rookie picks to do a retool of my roster. Whichever way you decide, go all in.

If you’re looking for picks, the targets are easy: send players who are performing above expectation and try to get whatever picks you can. If you’re looking to move up, perhaps you can try to target some of those guys that have been redraft darlings to see if you can catch fire in a bottle.

Cordarrelle Patterson (RB – ATL) and Mike Williams (WR – LAC) will carry high price tags in most formats, but whoever rosters them is likely looking to sell high. Sometimes the best thing you can do when you’re stuck in the middle is to make a blockbuster trade to help make the path clear. Buying high isn’t the worst idea if you do it correctly, so don’t be too afraid to go all in.

Teams that are Rebuilding (1-4 or 0-5)

If you’re sitting at the bottom, then it’s time to give up the goose. You’re cooked—time to look to the future and see where your team needs to be next year. Don’t fret too much. It happens to all of us. The sooner you decide you’re done, the better off your chances of success next year.

I’m sending anyone who is putting up points in exchange for anyone who’s not. I’m sending every running back on my roster for a rookie pick. Players like Miles Sanders (RB – PHI) and James Robinson (RB – JAX) come to mind. These guys might have some value to another team, but I don’t want them on mine at all if I’m rebuilding.

The players I’d be targeting are anyone on IR, including new additions JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR – PIT)  and George Kittle (TE – SF). These guys aren’t scoring any points this year, so if they’re on a contending roster, they’re doing no good. So you might as well get them on yours as you start to shape how your team will look in 2022.

Overall, no matter your record or your plans, make sure to have fun. Fantasy can be a brutal game when you’re in the thick of it. Just remember that we all do this for a good time and as a distraction from reality. So do whatever makes it more fun for you, and don’t worry so much about what your league mates say. That’s what this is all about anyway.

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