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FanGraphs   Jan 6th, 11:40am ET
The first SzymChat of 2022!
FanGraphs   Jan 6th, 11:20am ET
After a long road back to the big leagues, Cotton has a lot to prove and a team that needs his help.
RotoBaller   Jan 6th, 11:03am ET
Hello RotoBallers and thanks for joining us for the Sentry Tournament of Champions! We're offering this article each week as part of our PGA Premium subscription, and we hope that you will find it useful.Be sure also to read all of our other top-notch weekly...
FanGraphs   Jan 6th, 10:20am ET
Death, taxes, and a bravura performance by the American League in interleague play.
FanGraphs   Jan 6th, 9:00am ET
The Jays may be the most solidly built of the AL East's four contenders.
RotoBaller   Jan 6th, 7:30am ET
Fly balls can turn into home runs. Ground balls never do. It would seem as though fantasy owners want their batters to hit nothing but flies, yet this is not always the case.Why would this be? The answer, of course, comes down to batted ball distribution and...
Razzball   Jan 6th, 3:00am ET
Aloha, salutations, greetings and WAAAZZZZAAAAAAA?!?!? (remember that?!) to everyone out there in fantasy baseball land! My name is Steve, and I’m taking the reins when it comes to talking about the RazzSlam at you from our esteemed editors, Blair and...
RotoBaller   Jan 5th, 4:25pm ET
All other PGA Premium Tools can be accessed on the premium dashboard.Hello RotoBallers and thank you very much for joining me for the Sentry Tournament of Champions!This is the first Core Four of 2022 and I'm pumped to be back with you guys for what I'm confident...
RotoBaller   Jan 5th, 4:18pm ET
Hello RotoBaller PGA crew! It's great to be back with you guys and I appreciate you joining us here at RotoBaller for the first PGA Tour event of 2022. We open the calendar year at the beautiful Plantation Course at Kapalua with the Sentry Tournament of Champions.In...
RotoBaller   Jan 5th, 3:00pm ET
Bubba (@bdentrek) is joined by Bat Flip Crazy (@BatFlipCrazy). In tonight's episode, the guys begin their positional recaps with the outfield position. They go over the top 10-15 outfielders according to the RazzBall Player Rater. Discuss the good and the...
RotoBaller   Jan 5th, 2:04pm ET
All other PGA Premium Tools can be accessed on the premium dashboard.Make sure to follow me on Twitter@Teeoffsportsto get my updated picks as the tournament progresses, and if you don't have that as one of your social media platforms, here is a link formy...
RotoBaller   Jan 5th, 1:29pm ET
All other PGA Premium Tools can be accessed on thepremium dashboard.Welcome to the latest edition of the PGA DFS Hole-By-Hole Breakdown, where Josh Bennett (@JishSwish) breaks down the course the PGA Tour is playing each week.We think this course breakdown...
FanGraphs   Jan 5th, 12:45pm ET
A former MVP whose career path was altered by concussions.
RotoBaller   Jan 5th, 12:12pm ET
All other PGA Premium Tools can be accessed on thepremium dashboard.Welcome back RotoBallers, and thanks for joining me for the first PGA tournament of 2022, the Sentry Tournament of Champions! My name is Joe Nicely and in this article, you will find my favorite...
FanGraphs   Jan 5th, 10:30am ET
Moving past the 2021 collapse is tough, but the Padres still have a very talented roster.
FanGraphs   Jan 5th, 9:00am ET
Here are some ways that catchers (and umpires) turned sure strikes into called balls during the 2021 season.
FanGraphs   Jan 5th, 8:30am ET
The Yankees are hiring.
FanGraphs   Jan 5th, 8:00am ET
TrackMan Baseball is hiring.
Razzball   Jan 5th, 3:00am ET
All due respect to Tony Danza and Danny Glover, those Angels should’ve been in the front office. Aside from the happy accident of winning the Shohei sweepstakes and landing a generational player in Mike Trout, L.A. of A’s developmental system hasn’t...