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FanGraphs   May 2nd, 1:15pm ET
Votto's dug himself out of holes before, but he's been a mess in 2022.
FanGraphs   May 2nd, 11:45am ET
The red-hot Yankees climb to the top of the FanGraphs Power Rankings.
FanGraphs   May 2nd, 11:40am ET
Do you think you know which players know the strike zone best? Come see how accurate you are, using pitch-level swing data.
FanGraphs   May 2nd, 9:00am ET
The Pirates righty learned a circle from a former big-leaguer, while the Padres righty developed a Vulcan in Japan.
FanGraphs   May 1st, 8:08am ET
Plus Ryan Borucki's breaker, Brent Suter's book, Nick Martinez on Koudai Senga, Thomas Harding on Ezequiel Tovar, facts and stats galore, and more.
FanGraphs   Apr 29th, 11:15pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley react to MLB’s decision to suspend Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer for an unprecedented 324 games, then (22:25) discuss Justin Verlander and Ronald Acuña Jr. looking like their old selves and pitcher Tucker Davidson’s...
FanGraphs   Apr 29th, 2:50pm ET
Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, and...Taylor Ward?
FanGraphs   Apr 29th, 1:29pm ET
Not quite at the point of May Day
FanGraphs   Apr 29th, 1:25pm ET
As he passes the 10-year anniversary of his debut, Harper has been elbowed into one-way duty for the time being.
FanGraphs   Apr 29th, 12:40pm ET
Bat-to-ball skills, contact quality, and swing decisions – it's early, but Meadows is approaching the hitting holy trinity.
FanGraphs   Apr 29th, 9:00am ET
McNeil is one of the best contact hitters in baseball. You might not know it, but he's also one of the best at finding pitches to hit.
FanGraphs   Apr 28th, 9:30pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about MacKenzie Gore and how long a player’s career has to be for something he does to be described as a “career high,” Nick Senzel’s proclivity toward catcher’s interference and the Reds’...
FanGraphs   Apr 28th, 1:35pm ET
Reports of the great one's decline have been greatly exaggerated.
FanGraphs   Apr 28th, 12:45pm ET
Notes on prospects from the Marlins, Phillies, and Yankees systems.
FanGraphs   Apr 28th, 11:40am ET
Unfortunately for readers, Szym is back from vacation.
FanGraphs   Apr 28th, 11:35am ET
The 24-year-old Toronto Blue Jays right-hander is one of the best young pitchers in the game.
FanGraphs   Apr 28th, 9:00am ET
Another year, another new low in how frequently pitchers use fastballs to start an at-bat.
FanGraphs   Apr 27th, 1:10pm ET
The Dodgers center fielder is showing positive signs of moving past last year's injury-related miseries.
FanGraphs   Apr 27th, 11:00am ET
A second-round pick in the 2020 draft, the 20-year-old right-hander is equal parts raw and talented.