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RotoBaller   Aug 4th, 8:15am ET
Teams had one deadline to manage this year in regards to trading. There was a ton of movement by the few teams looking towards betterment. The Chicago Cubs, being one of them, are tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the NL Central lead at 57-50 and felt...
RotoBaller   Aug 4th, 7:00am ET
The trade deadline has come and gone. Arguably only one widely-rostered player, Luke Jackson, became unusable thanks to a trade at the deadline. So not much has changed around here.It's now really getting to that point in the fantasy season where cuts are...
Razzball   Aug 4th, 3:01am ET
Giants prospect Marco Luciano went yard for the tenth time Friday night. He's now slashing .344/.458/.680 through 33 games in rookie ball. Typically it's tough to get excited about 17-year-olds (I used to refer to them as Long Shot Lolitas back in the day)....
RotoBaller   Aug 3rd, 8:30am ET
Nothing is ever completely quiet at the deadline, only often boring. But this year it was eerily silent on the day of the new hard trade deadline as only minor tremors shook the market. Sure, the typical moves were made that make fans shrug, as their teams...
RotoBaller   Aug 3rd, 8:15am ET
In what can be considered an overlooked trade by the standards of a deadline day (Greinke to Houston, Stroman to Mets, etc), both Tampa and Milwaukee engaged into discussions and finished the day with a deal. The operation ended being a one-for-one trade with...
Razzball   Aug 3rd, 3:16am ET
Only hours after the MLB trade deadline, Donkey Teeth and B_Don are joined by Razzball's new head prospect writer The Itch (starting Sept 1st). The gang breaks down the fantasy implications of the most impactful deadline deals including the Bauer, Greinke,...
RotoBaller   Aug 2nd, 1:29pm ET
BALLER MOVE:Add in All LeaguesOWNED IN: 25% of leaguesANALYSIS:With Shane Greene traded to Atlanta at the deadline, Joe Jimenez is likely to favorite for saves in the Motor City over the balance of 2019. The 24-year-old doesn't have great ratios (4.93 ERA,...
Razzball   Aug 2nd, 1:11pm ET
The trade deadline has passed, the deals are done, and those of us who spent the better part of Wednesday glued to social media can now move on with our lives.  Hopefully the deadline brought some deals that pleased you from a fantasy standpoint, because...
FanGraphs   Aug 2nd, 12:30pm ET
Blame is being put on the second Wild Card for an inactive trade deadline. Maybe that's right, but not for the reasons you might think.
FanGraphs   Aug 2nd, 11:42am ET
A post-deadline chat with your friendly neighborhood prospect analyst.
RotoBaller   Aug 2nd, 8:45am ET
Up until the final hours of the 2019 MLB trade deadline, it was almost looking like every major league GM had made some sort of weird, simultaneous mistake where they forgot to mark the days off on the calendar and thought that it was only July 30th.
RotoBaller   Aug 2nd, 7:45am ET
Okay, so...we need to talk about that trade deadline, folks. Nothing happened, then very little happened, then a couple of things happened, then the deadline came. It was 4:00 Eastern, and nothing close to what we expected had happened. But then...the late...
FanGraphs   Aug 1st, 11:39pm ET
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about FanGraphs’ completist coverage of the frantic trade deadline, the backlash to a perceived lack of activity at the deadline and whether the deadline was really a manifestation of baseball’s structural problems,...
FanGraphs   Aug 1st, 4:08pm ET
Below you’ll find a list of every trade that occurred between July 13 and July 31 involving at least one player on a 40-man roster. You can click on “analysis” for the corresponding article and click on “Roster Resource” to view...
RotoBaller   Aug 1st, 2:45pm ET
In the first of the significant moves involving pitching at the deadline, Toronto ace Marcus Stroman is headed to the New York Mets. In return, the Jays receive two pitching prospects in Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson.
FanGraphs   Aug 1st, 1:31pm ET
The Deadline was yesterday. Chat is today.
Razzball   Aug 1st, 1:00pm ET
Roto-Wan is back monkey chuckers, and on less sleep than ever! I actually threw up last night out of sheer exhaustion after feeding the little-wan. I did not know that was possible. Thank to B_Don for being an adequate at best fill in for me. Yesterday was...
FanGraphs   Aug 1st, 12:52pm ET
Wrapping up a set of deals where quantity trumped quality.
FanGraphs   Aug 1st, 11:08am ET
A bunch of prospects will try to make the majors with new orgs post-deadline. Where do those moves rank?