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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Xander Bogaerts Note
Xander Bogaerts photo 7. Xander Bogaerts
Bogaerts had an outstanding 2019 season, obliterating his career-high in home runs and RBI and getting his batting average back over .300. But the thing is, his underlying metrics don't look all that different from his solid but unspectacular 2018 season. His strikeout rate, hard hit percentage, average exit velocity, and launch angle all remained nearly identical, while his steals (only four) continued to trend down to a now useless level from a fantasy perspective. Bogaerts is still a fine option but at a strong position and now batting in a weaker lineup, be careful not to waste too high a pick on him.
22 weeks ago
Jose Peraza Note
Jose Peraza photo 43. Jose Peraza
Jonathan Arauz Note
Jonathan Arauz photo 94. Jonathan Arauz
Tzu-Wei Lin Note
Tzu-Wei Lin photo 96. Tzu-Wei Lin
Yairo Munoz Note
Yairo Munoz photo 98. Yairo Munoz
C.J. Chatham Note
C.J. Chatham photo 110. C.J. Chatham
Jeter Downs Note
Jeter Downs photo 113. Jeter Downs