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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Jalen Hurts Note
Jalen Hurts photo 11. Jalen Hurts (vs . DAL)
We saw a glimpse of what Hurts can bring to the table last year, though it was just a four-game sample size. He started four games for the Eagles, and each of those games netted at least 16.3 fantasy points, highlighting a floor that's hard to find. He also flashed upside with a 37.8-point outburst in Week 15 against the Cardinals. The downside is that it was a small sample size, and Hurts appeared to get worse every time out. Even then, it's still a small sample size. There's a new coaching staff, along with a new No. 1 receiver, but if what we saw from Hurts in 2020 was his floor, we're in for a treat in 2021. If he can hone in and improve his accuracy numbers from 2020, there's legitimate top-six quarterback upside.
15 weeks ago
Gardner Minshew II Note
Gardner Minshew II photo 41. Gardner Minshew II (vs . DAL)
Reid Sinnett Note
Reid Sinnett photo 104. Reid Sinnett (vs . DAL)