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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2021 Draft Rankings

Patrick Mahomes II Note
Patrick Mahomes II photo 1. Patrick Mahomes II KC (at DEN)
We're now 46 games into Mahomes' career as a starter, and in those games he's totaled QB1-type numbers in 69.6 percent of them. There are just two other quarterbacks who've posted those over 59.5 percent of their career since 2000, and one was Justin Herbert who has just a 15-game sample size. When Mahomes is on the field, he's producing. The question is this: By drafting him in the early rounds, which running back or wide receiver are you passing on to get him, and is the dropoff more from the quarterback you'd get in the later rounds? If you wanted to draft Mahomes in the third round, you can, but know you're going to need to hit on a player or two later in your draft to make up the ground.
2 days ago
Josh Allen Note
Josh Allen photo 2. Josh Allen BUF (vs . NYJ)
All you can ask for out of an NFL quarterback is improvement. Allen has done that every single year, and it's translated to fantasy football as well. His percentage of QB1-type games by year: 41.7 - 43.8 - 56.3. He tallied 26-plus fantasy points in eight games last year, which tied for the most in the league. Even better is that he had just one game that was labeled a bust, which lets you know he's a set-it-and-forget-it quarterback who can be played, regardless of opponent. When spending a high-round pick on a quarterback, that's what you need. Allen can start to be considered around the fourth round.
2 days ago
Kyler Murray Note
Kyler Murray photo 3. Kyler Murray ARI (vs . SEA)
Murray was extremely good to fantasy managers last year, delivering QB1-type performances 68.8 percent of the time, which was the third-best mark in the league. He wasn't just barely hitting those numbers, either, as he tallied 26-plus fantasy points on eight separate occasions, tied for the most in the league. The Cardinals added A.J. Green and Rondale Moore, while losing Kenyan Drake. This suggests there's going to be more dropbacks, which in turn means more fantasy points. Murray is an every-week starter and worthy of a top-five quarterback selection in the 4th/5th round.
2 days ago
Lamar Jackson Note
Lamar Jackson photo 4. Lamar Jackson BAL (vs . PIT)
Do you know how many times Jackson has finished with fewer than 16.5 fantasy points since taking the starting job in 2019? Four. He's posted 21.3 or more fantasy points in 22-of-30 games during that stretch, which is flat-out ridiculous. Since becoming the starter two years ago, he's posted QB1-type numbers in 76.7 percent of his games. The only other quarterback who's posted higher than 64.8 percent in their career is Patrick Mahomes, who's sitting at 69.6 percent. On top of that, Jackson now got better weapons to throw to, yet some are ranking him as the fourth-best quarterback in fantasy? Not me. Jackson should be in the conversation to be the first quarterback off the board.
2 days ago
Dak Prescott Note
Dak Prescott photo 5. Dak Prescott DAL (at PHI)
Here's a fun fact: Prescott's 27.0 fantasy points per game in 2020 was the second-most all-time. What makes that stat even crazier is that his 4.05 percent touchdown rate was below the league average of 4.80 percent, so there was room for more. Of the top eight single-game performances by quarterbacks in 2020, there was only one quarterback on that list twice: Prescott, and he only played four full games. With the receiving weapons he has available, the sky is the limit, though his ankle injury could hamper his rushing upside in 2021. He's certainly someone who's going to throw for a lot of yards and touchdowns, but you need the rushing upside to get into the top-three conversation, so his risk bumps him out of that conversation.
2 days ago
Russell Wilson Note
Russell Wilson photo 6. Russell Wilson SEA (at ARI)
Why is Wilson continually hated by the fantasy community? His late-season struggles last year have many avoiding him in 2021, though you shouldn't be one of those people. Over the course of his career (now 144 games), he's posted top-12 type numbers in 50.7 percent of his games, which ranks sixth among quarterbacks who've started 50-plus games since 2000. That's a better career mark than Drew Brees, who was continually drafted as a top-three quarterback during his prime. Wilson has never finished worse than QB11 and has finished as a top-three quarterback in four of the last seven seasons. He's as stable as they come.
2 days ago
Justin Herbert Note
Justin Herbert photo 7. Justin Herbert LAC (at LV)
What Herbert did in 2020 was miraculous. There's no two ways about it. To be handed the starting job just one hour before the game in Week 2, then go on to break the rookie record for passing touchdowns (31) is ridiculous. Now, with that being said, he still finished as the QB9 last year while throwing 595 pass attempts, the fourth most in the legaue. Now that he's got a defensive-minded head coach and a healthy defense, we could see the pass attempts dip a bit in 2021, which would certainly hurt his appeal. The Chargers did increase the talent on the offensive line, but also replaced Hunter Henry with Jared Cook, which is a certainly a downgrade. Herbert should still be a solid low-end QB1, but it's tough to see him finishing as a top-five option in 2021.
2 days ago
Aaron Rodgers Note
Aaron Rodgers photo 8. Aaron Rodgers GB (at DET)
Don't go out of your way to snag him in early drafts. Even if Rodgers does play for the Packers, his touchdown rate was 9.1 percent in 2020. If we dial that number back to Rodgers' career mark of 6.3 percent, which is still elite, he would've finished as the QB10 instead of the QB2 that he did. He doesn't offer mobility anymore and his offense isn't what we'd describe as "pass heavy." Even if we knew he was playing this year, QB8 should be the price.
2 days ago
Jalen Hurts Note
Jalen Hurts photo 9. Jalen Hurts PHI (vs . DAL)
We saw a glimpse of what Hurts can bring to the table last year, though it was just a four-game sample size. He started four games for the Eagles, and each of those games netted at least 16.3 fantasy points, highlighting a floor that's hard to find. He also flashed upside with a 37.8-point outburst in Week 15 against the Cardinals. The downside is that it was a small sample size, and Hurts appeared to get worse every time out. Even then, it's still a small sample size. There's a new coaching staff, along with a new No. 1 receiver, but if what we saw from Hurts in 2020 was his floor, we're in for a treat in 2021. If he can hone in and improve his accuracy numbers from 2020, there's legitimate top-six quarterback upside.
2 days ago
Tom Brady Note
Tom Brady photo 10. Tom Brady TB (vs . CAR)
To think that Brady would join a new team at 43 years old, have zero offseason, then proceed to throw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns is mindblowing. He's going to be 44 years old when the season starts, which brings us back to the conversation, "When does he fall off?" I'm done trying to predict that, but it must be factored into his price in fantasy drafts. Was last year a best-case scenario? He finished as the QB8 even with those numbers, as mobility is almost neccesary to finish higher in today's game. Because of that, Brady shouldn't be drafted as anything more than a low-end QB1 with a limited ceiling.
2 days ago
Ryan Tannehill Note
Ryan Tannehill photo 11. Ryan Tannehill TEN (at HOU)
Tannehill has been disrespected by the fantasy community long before Julio Jones was traded there. Tannehill became the starter of the Titans in Week 7 of 2019. Since that time, he's tallied 575.3 fantasy points, which ranks third among quarterbacks, behind only Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. That's right... despite ranking 16th in pass attempts during that time (26-game sample size), he's finished with more fantasy points than Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and Deshaun Watson.
2 days ago
Matthew Stafford Note
Matthew Stafford photo 12. Matthew Stafford LAR (vs . SF)
When you put Stafford's fantasy career alongside his peers, he's essentially the same quarterback as Matt Ryan. The difference? Stafford hasn't had a play-caller to bring out the best in him for quite some time and it's crushed his fantasy upside. Welcome to L.A. where you'll be working with Sean McVay, whose offense has been handicapped with Jared Goff under center. Could this be the change Stafford needed to reach the next level? The only concern would be that the Rams defense is so good, we won't get the volume needed for a pocket passer like Stafford. He has upside to finish as a top-10 option, but knowing his limitations as a rusher (with back problems), he likely won't reach much higher than the QB8-QB10 range.
2 days ago
Joe Burrow Note
Joe Burrow photo 13. Joe Burrow CIN (at CLE)
When Burrow went down with a torn ACL last year, he was sitting as the QB16 in the fantasy rankings, just behind Jared Goff and Teddy Bridgewater. That's not exactly living up to expectations. He is apparently on track to be back in the lineup for Week 1, but his mobility might be limited, especially to start the year, which will put a damper on his fantasy upside. The good news is that the Bengals improved the offensive line this offseason, as well as drafting Ja'Marr Chase at No. 5 overall based on Burrow's recommendation. He now has one of the best trio of wide receivers in the game, paired with a rebuilding defense, which should be the recipe for plenty of pass attempts. But again, dial back expectations because of his mobility. Burrow is best-served as a high-end QB2 in fantasy this year.
2 days ago
Matt Ryan Note
Matt Ryan photo 14. Matt Ryan ATL (vs . NO)
We are finally going to see what Ryan looks like without Julio Jones. That doesn't sound appealing, does it? There's actually been 42 games in Ryan's career he's played without Jones. In those games, he's averaged 43.5 fewer yards, 0.13 fewer touchdowns, and 0.07 more interceptions, which may not sound like a lot, but it all adds up to 2.9 fewer fantasy points per game, and it's not as if Ryan was an elite fantasy starter with Jones. On top of that, Ryan has a new head coach, and one whose offenses have ranked 30th and 31st in pass attempts over the last two years. Ryan is going to be a streamer in 2021, so don't draft him as your every-week option.
2 days ago
Trevor Lawrence Note
Trevor Lawrence photo 15. Trevor Lawrence JAC (vs . IND)
While it's typically tough for a rookie quarterback to make it into top-12 territory, Lawrence is likely the exception to the rule. He comes in as an advanced passer who has tremendous touch on his passes that not many rookies do. The Jaguars defense is in clear rebuild mode, which should allow for plenty of pass attempts, making 4,000-plus passing yards likely. On top of that, Lawrence has great mobility and is likely to rush for 400-plus yards and a handful of touchdowns on the ground. That alone should get him into the top-15, with a good chance at top-12.
2 days ago
Kirk Cousins Note
Kirk Cousins photo 16. Kirk Cousins MIN (vs . CHI)
Yes, I'm fully aware that Cousins has continually finished as a top-12 quarterback, but my rankings are based on how I'd draft quarterbacks and not where I project them to finish. Why? Well, Cousins has stayed healthy and played all 16 games, allowing him to finish higher than those right around him who missed a game or two. But on a week-to-week basis, you're never going to say Cousins is a top-12 quarterback. He's a rock-solid QB2 in Superflex formats, but he's just a streamer in 1QB leagues. I'd rather draft someone like Trevor Lawrence for upside.
2 days ago
Baker Mayfield Note
Baker Mayfield photo 17. Baker Mayfield CLE (vs . CIN)
We watched Mayfield take major strides in Kevin Stefanski's offense as the year went on in 2020, but it's important to remember that he didn't throw the ball more than 33 times in 12-of-16 games. They want to play good defense and run the ball as much as possible, which makes Mayfield much more efficient. While he's a great target in 2QB leagues, there's rarely a week-to-week ceiling to his projection.
2 days ago
Carson Wentz Note
Carson Wentz photo 18. Carson Wentz IND (at JAC)
We've legitimately seen Wentz perform as a top-five fantasy quarterback in Frank Reich's offense, so this one speaks for itself. The Colts offensive line might be better than the one the Eagles had in those days, though they'll need Eric Fisher healthy as soon as possible. Despite his bad 2020 season, Wentz has posted QB1-type numbers in 44.1 percent of the games in his career, which ranks as the 16th best quarterback over the last 15 years.
2 days ago
Ryan Fitzpatrick Note
Ryan Fitzpatrick photo 19. Ryan Fitzpatrick WAS (at NYG)
This might seem weird to some, but Fitzpatrick has produced QB1-type numbers in 18-of-37 games over the last four years (includes seven games where he threw 18 or less passes). Do you know how many quarterbacks posted QB1-type numbers in better than 50 percent of their games in 2020? 10 of them. That's it. Under Scott Turner, the Panthers threw the ball 633 times with Cam Newton, Kyle Allen, and Will Grier in 2019. Then, in 2020, Washington threw the ball 599 times with Dwayne Haskins, Alex Smith, and Kyle Allen.
2 days ago
Tua Tagovailoa Note
Tua Tagovailoa photo 20. Tua Tagovailoa MIA (vs . NE)
It's really unfair to judge Tagovailoa after a pretty weak rookie season, as he dealt with an injury throughout the offseason, had no preseason, and plenty of injuries to his pass catchers. On top of that, he had Ryan Fitzpatrick breathing down his neck. Fast forward to 2021 where Fitzpatrick is gone, and the Dolphins have added Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle to his stable of pass catchers. If his injuries really limited him in 2020, we could see an explosion in 2021 with the firepower they have at wide receiver, but don't automatically assume that.
2 days ago
Daniel Jones Note
Daniel Jones photo 21. Daniel Jones NYG (vs . WAS)
When you throw 11 touchdowns in 14 games in today's NFL, that's a problem. Sure, Jones didn't have top-tier pass catchers last year, but Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, and Golden Tate were competent. The Giants seem to believe Jones was simply lacking weapons, so they went out and signed Kenny Golladay and Kyle Rudolph, and then drafted Kadarius Toney in the first round. Based on what we've seen from Jones to this point, it's tough saying he's anything more than a boom-or-bust quarterback who'll need some rushing totals in order to make him streamer-worthy.
2 days ago
Ben Roethlisberger Note
Ben Roethlisberger photo 22. Ben Roethlisberger PIT (at BAL)
It's rare to see a quarterback who has three wide receivers being drafted inside the top-30 and a running back being drafted as a borderline top-12 option, yet he's not being drafted as a fantasy starter. That's the case with Roethlisberger. He's not going to finish as a top-five quarterback or anything, but Roethlisberger has thrown at least 28 touchdowns in each of the last six seasons he's played more than 12 games. He's a perfectly fine QB2 in Superflex/2QB formats.
2 days ago
Derek Carr Note
Derek Carr photo 23. Derek Carr LV (vs . LAC)
The article I write every year titled, "Boom, Bust, and Everything In Between," highlights the both the consistency a player offers, as well as his upside. Carr has no upside. Over the last two years under Jon Gruden, Carr has played 32 games. In those games, he's delivered QB1-type performances just 14 times (43.8 percent), and a "boom" performance just one time (3.1 percent). I'd rather take shots on the rookie quarterbacks who might not start out of the gate, as Carr certainly wouldn't be your QB1.
2 days ago
Justin Fields Note
Justin Fields photo 24. Justin Fields CHI (at MIN)
Sam Darnold Note
Sam Darnold photo 25. Sam Darnold CAR (at TB)
Trey Lance Note
Trey Lance photo 26. Trey Lance SF (at LAR)
Jameis Winston Note
Jameis Winston photo 27. Jameis Winston NO (at ATL)
Zach Wilson Note
Zach Wilson photo 28. Zach Wilson NYJ (at BUF)
The Jets liked Wilson enough to draft him over Trey Lance and Justin Fields, which tells you just how high they were on him. Judging by ADP on the entire Jets roster, many are still approaching the team as if they're run by Adam Gase. Insider info: They're not. Wilson is locked in as the starter all year long in Mike LaFleur's offense, and fantasy managers need to know about Wilson's upside as a rusher. Even Daniel Jones, who threw for 11 touchdowns in 14 games last year and missed two games, finished as a top-24 quarterback due to his 423 yards and one touchdown on the ground. Wilson is going to finish as a top-20 fantasy quarterback in year one.
2 days ago
Cam Newton Note
Cam Newton photo 29. Cam Newton NE (at MIA)
It seems we won't know who the Patriots starting quarterback will be until weeks before the start of the season, but the expectation should be that Newton starts Week 1. He wasn't good in 2020 - there's no denying that, though it certainly didn't help that his top receiver was out for most of the season, and they were weak behind him on the depth chart. The Patriots beefed up their wide receiver/tight end depth chart by signing quite a few players, including Jonnu Smith, Nelson Agholor, and Hunter Henry. Knowing that Newton still flashed 500-plus yard rushing upside, he can be considered a solid streamer as long as he has the job, but if he plays like he did last year, his starting job will be short lived.
2 days ago
Jared Goff Note
Jared Goff photo 30. Jared Goff DET (vs . GB)
If you were thinking the hate went too far with Goff and that he might be a decent streamer/platoon option, think again. His start to the season is a nightmare and it really doesn't get any better as it goes on. The first seven weeks include the 49ers, Packers, Ravens, Bears, Vikings, and Rams. If you want to find a great matchup, you have to wait all the way until Week 16. The Lions offense isn't one you should aggressively attack in fantasy drafts.
2 days ago
Taysom Hill Note
Taysom Hill photo 31. Taysom Hill NO (at ATL)
As of now, the Saints are undecided on who the starting quarterback will be heading into the 2021 season. If it's Hill, he's going to jump all the way up into the top-15 quarterback conversation. If I knew he'd start all 17 games, he'd be ranked top-10 for his rushing upside, but it seems like Jameis Winston has the slight edge heading into camp. Do you think that sounds crazy? It's not. Hill was the QB6 during the month he started while Drew Brees was out. This is a battle we'll be watching closely as the season nears.
2 days ago
Jimmy Garoppolo Note
Jimmy Garoppolo photo 32. Jimmy Garoppolo SF (at LAR)
Teddy Bridgewater Note
Teddy Bridgewater photo 33. Teddy Bridgewater DEN (vs . KC)
Drew Lock Note
Drew Lock photo 34. Drew Lock DEN (vs . KC)
We have no idea who will start for the Broncos to start the season, and while it's likely going to be Lock, he needs to improve drastically, because he'll now have a much shorter leash. The Broncos have one of the most talented groups on offense and are just a quarterback away from exploding. Can Lock take the year three leap? To this point, he's averaged just 6.6 yards per attempt with 23 touchdowns and 18 interceptions through 18 games.
2 days ago
Deshaun Watson Note
Deshaun Watson photo 35. Deshaun Watson HOU (vs . TEN)
The Texans want Watson to play for them. Watson doesn't want to play for them. Watson wants to be traded. No team wants the PR nightmare that would come with a trade for Watson. Also, the Texans don't want to trade him. The NFL might also step in and suspend Watson for these off-the-field incidents. It's not one obstacle, it's many of them. He shouldn't be on your redraft radar for the time being.
2 days ago
Tyrod Taylor Note
Tyrod Taylor photo 36. Tyrod Taylor HOU (vs . TEN)
Mac Jones Note
Mac Jones photo 37. Mac Jones NE (at MIA)
Andy Dalton Note
Andy Dalton photo 38. Andy Dalton CHI (at MIN)
Jordan Love Note
Jordan Love photo 39. Jordan Love GB (at DET)
Davis Mills Note
Davis Mills photo 40. Davis Mills HOU (vs . TEN)
Gardner Minshew II Note
Gardner Minshew II photo 41. Gardner Minshew II JAC (vs . IND)
Mitchell Trubisky Note
Mitchell Trubisky photo 42. Mitchell Trubisky BUF (vs . NYJ)
Taylor Heinicke Note
Taylor Heinicke photo 43. Taylor Heinicke WAS (at NYG)
Marcus Mariota Note
Marcus Mariota photo 44. Marcus Mariota LV (vs . LAC)
Jacoby Brissett Note
Jacoby Brissett photo 45. Jacoby Brissett MIA (vs . NE)
Nick Foles Note
Nick Foles photo 46. Nick Foles CHI (at MIN)
Kellen Mond Note
Kellen Mond photo 47. Kellen Mond MIN (vs . CHI)
Mason Rudolph Note
Mason Rudolph photo 48. Mason Rudolph PIT (at BAL)
Dwayne Haskins Note
Dwayne Haskins photo 49. Dwayne Haskins PIT (at BAL)
Kyle Trask Note
Kyle Trask photo 50. Kyle Trask TB (vs . CAR)
Brandon Allen Note
Brandon Allen photo 51. Brandon Allen CIN (at CLE)
Phillip Walker Note
Phillip Walker photo 52. Phillip Walker CAR (at TB)
Chad Henne Note
Chad Henne photo 53. Chad Henne KC (at DEN)
Joe Flacco Note
Joe Flacco photo 54. Joe Flacco PHI (vs . DAL)
Kyle Allen Note
Kyle Allen photo 55. Kyle Allen WAS (at NYG)
Case Keenum Note
Case Keenum photo 56. Case Keenum CLE (vs . CIN)
John Wolford Note
John Wolford photo 57. John Wolford LAR (vs . SF)
Jacob Eason Note
Jacob Eason photo 58. Jacob Eason IND (at JAC)
Trace McSorley Note
Trace McSorley photo 59. Trace McSorley BAL (vs . PIT)
Chase Daniel Note
Chase Daniel photo 60. Chase Daniel LAC (at LV)
Geno Smith Note
Geno Smith photo 61. Geno Smith SEA (at ARI)
Garrett Gilbert Note
Garrett Gilbert photo 62. Garrett Gilbert DAL (at PHI)
AJ McCarron Note
AJ McCarron photo 63. AJ McCarron ATL (vs . NO)
Colt McCoy Note
Colt McCoy photo 64. Colt McCoy ARI (vs . SEA)
Nick Mullens Note
Nick Mullens photo 65. Nick Mullens PHI (vs . DAL)
Mike Glennon Note
Mike Glennon photo 66. Mike Glennon NYG (vs . WAS)
Jarrett Stidham Note
Jarrett Stidham photo 67. Jarrett Stidham NE (at MIA)
Sam Ehlinger Note
Sam Ehlinger photo 68. Sam Ehlinger IND (at JAC)
Tim Boyle Note
Tim Boyle photo 69. Tim Boyle DET (vs . GB)
James Morgan Note
James Morgan photo 70. James Morgan NYJ (at BUF)
Blaine Gabbert Note
Blaine Gabbert photo 71. Blaine Gabbert TB (vs . CAR)
Logan Woodside Note
Logan Woodside photo 72. Logan Woodside TEN (at HOU)
C.J. Beathard Note
C.J. Beathard photo 73. C.J. Beathard JAC (vs . IND)
Jeff Driskel Note
Jeff Driskel photo 74. Jeff Driskel HOU (vs . TEN)
Blake Bortles Note
Blake Bortles photo 75. Blake Bortles GB (at DET)
Jamie Newman Note
Jamie Newman photo 76. Jamie Newman FA (BYE)
David Blough Note
David Blough photo 77. David Blough DET (vs . GB)
Clayton Thorson Note
Clayton Thorson photo 78. Clayton Thorson NYG (vs . WAS)
Ian Book Note
Ian Book photo 79. Ian Book NO (at ATL)
Will Grier Note
Will Grier photo 80. Will Grier CAR (at TB)
Feleipe Franks Note
Feleipe Franks photo 81. Feleipe Franks ATL (vs . NO)
Chris Streveler Note
Chris Streveler photo 82. Chris Streveler ARI (vs . SEA)
Jake Fromm Note
Jake Fromm photo 83. Jake Fromm BUF (vs . NYJ)
Ben DiNucci Note
Ben DiNucci photo 84. Ben DiNucci DAL (at PHI)
Tyler Huntley Note
Tyler Huntley photo 85. Tyler Huntley BAL (vs . PIT)
Brian Hoyer Note
Brian Hoyer photo 86. Brian Hoyer NE (at MIA)
Steven Montez Note
Steven Montez photo 87. Steven Montez WAS (at NYG)
Jacob Easton Note
Jacob Easton photo 88. Jacob Easton FA (BYE)
Cooper Rush Note
Cooper Rush photo 89. Cooper Rush DAL (at PHI)
Brett Rypien Note
Brett Rypien photo 90. Brett Rypien DEN (vs . KC)
Easton Stick Note
Easton Stick photo 91. Easton Stick LAC (at LV)
Jake Luton Note
Jake Luton photo 92. Jake Luton JAC (vs . IND)
Shane Buechele Note
Shane Buechele photo 93. Shane Buechele KC (at DEN)
Kyle Lauletta Note
Kyle Lauletta photo 94. Kyle Lauletta CLE (vs . CIN)
Nate Stanley Note
Nate Stanley photo 95. Nate Stanley MIN (vs . CHI)
Mike White Note
Mike White photo 96. Mike White NYJ (at BUF)
Joshua Dobbs Note
Joshua Dobbs photo 97. Joshua Dobbs PIT (at BAL)
Drew Stanton Note
Drew Stanton photo 98. Drew Stanton TB (vs . CAR)
Alex McGough Note
Alex McGough photo 99. Alex McGough SEA (at ARI)
Danny Etling Note
Danny Etling photo 100. Danny Etling SEA (at ARI)
Anthony Gordon Note
Anthony Gordon photo 101. Anthony Gordon KC (at DEN)
Josh Rosen Note
Josh Rosen photo 102. Josh Rosen SF (at LAR)
Kurt Benkert Note
Kurt Benkert photo 103. Kurt Benkert GB (at DET)
Bryce Perkins Note
Bryce Perkins photo 104. Bryce Perkins LAR (vs . SF)
Matt Barkley Note
Matt Barkley photo 105. Matt Barkley FA (BYE)
Reid Sinnett Note
Reid Sinnett photo 106. Reid Sinnett MIA (vs . NE)
Trevor Siemian Note
Trevor Siemian photo 107. Trevor Siemian NO (at ATL)
Devlin Hodges Note
Devlin Hodges photo 108. Devlin Hodges LAR (vs . SF)
DeShone Kizer Note
DeShone Kizer photo 109. DeShone Kizer TEN (at HOU)
Ryan Finley Note
Ryan Finley photo 110. Ryan Finley FA (BYE)
Jake Browning Note
Jake Browning photo 111. Jake Browning MIN (vs . CHI)
Ryan Griffin Note
Ryan Griffin photo 112. Ryan Griffin TB (vs . CAR)
Nate Sudfeld Note
Nate Sudfeld photo 113. Nate Sudfeld SF (at LAR)
Davis Webb Note
Davis Webb photo 114. Davis Webb BUF (vs . NYJ)
Kyle Shurmur Note
Kyle Shurmur photo 115. Kyle Shurmur CIN (at CLE)
Nathan Peterman Note
Nathan Peterman photo 116. Nathan Peterman LV (vs . LAC)
Matt Schaub Note
Matt Schaub photo 117. Matt Schaub FA (BYE)
Sean Mannion Note
Sean Mannion photo 118. Sean Mannion FA (BYE)
Collin Hill Note
Collin Hill photo 119. Collin Hill FA (BYE)
Tommy Stevens Note
Tommy Stevens photo 120. Tommy Stevens FA (BYE)
K.J. Costello Note
K.J. Costello photo 121. K.J. Costello FA (BYE)
Cole McDonald Note
Cole McDonald photo 122. Cole McDonald FA (BYE)
Peyton Ramsey Note
Peyton Ramsey photo 123. Peyton Ramsey FA (BYE)
Jake Rudock Note
Jake Rudock photo 124. Jake Rudock FA (BYE)
Matt Moore Note
Matt Moore photo 125. Matt Moore FA (BYE)
Kevin Hogan Note
Kevin Hogan photo 126. Kevin Hogan FA (BYE)
Robert Griffin III Note
Robert Griffin III photo 127. Robert Griffin III FA (BYE)
Josh Johnson Note
Josh Johnson photo 128. Josh Johnson FA (BYE)
Tyree Jackson Note
Tyree Jackson photo 129. Tyree Jackson PHI (vs . DAL)
Jordan Ta'amu Note
Jordan Ta'amu photo 130. Jordan Ta'amu FA (BYE)
Brett Hundley Note
Brett Hundley photo 131. Brett Hundley FA (BYE)
Tyler Bray Note
Tyler Bray photo 132. Tyler Bray FA (BYE)
Jake Dolegala Note
Jake Dolegala photo 133. Jake Dolegala GB (at DET)
Kai Locksley Note
Kai Locksley photo 134. Kai Locksley MIA (vs . NE)