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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2020 Draft Rankings
Russell Wilson Note
Russell Wilson photo 4. Russell Wilson (at SF)
The knock on Wilson has forever been "he doesn't throw the ball enough!" That argument only holds so much water, as Wilson has now finished as a top-three fantasy quarterback in four of the last six seasons. Let me tell you... if Wilson attempted 600 pass attempts, he'd under consideration as the first quarterback off the board. Despite topping out at 553 attempts, Wilson has thrown at least 31 touchdowns in four of the last five seasons. There's been just one season he's averaged less than 7.7 yards per attempt. He's hit a 6.0 percent touchdown percentage in 6-of-8 career seasons. He's the good stuff. Can we anticipate more pass attempts? Sure we can. The first year under Brian Schottenheimer they threw the ball just 427 times. The second year (2019), that number went up to 516 attempts. Why did that happen? Not because the run game wasn't effective. It certainly was. It's because the Seahawks defense has trended in the wrong direction, which bodes well for Wilson's pass attempts. They did just trade for Jamal Adams, which will certainly help matters, but their front seven doesn't generate a whole lot of pressure. If they lose Jadeveon Clowney, it only gets worse, but I'd consider 516 attempts the floor for Wilson in 2020. When you add in the growth/chemistry between Wilson and D.K. Metcalf, the ceiling continues to grow. Don't forget that Metcalf was a rookie last year, while Tyler Lockett dealt with injuries over the second half of the season. I can't say Wilson gets to 600 pass attempts, but we don't need him to in order to produce elite numbers, as we've seen. Provided he's healthy, his floor is likely a top-six quarterback, something not many can say.
8 weeks ago
Geno Smith Note
Geno Smith photo 70. Geno Smith (at SF)