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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2022 Draft Rankings

Cam Newton Note
Cam Newton photo 79. Cam Newton (BYE)
He's still a dangerous runner, but Cam's arm is shot. It seems unlikely he'll get another chance to start anywhere because he's simply not capable of making an NFL passing attack go.
34 weeks ago
Carson Strong Note
Carson Strong photo 89. Carson Strong (BYE)
Collin Hill Note
Collin Hill photo 90. Collin Hill (BYE)
Brett Hundley Note
Brett Hundley photo 91. Brett Hundley (BYE)
Anthony Gordon Note
Anthony Gordon photo 97. Anthony Gordon (BYE)
Ben DiNucci Note
Ben DiNucci photo 98. Ben DiNucci (BYE)
Brady White Note
Brady White photo 101. Brady White (BYE)
Brian Lewerke Note
Brian Lewerke photo 102. Brian Lewerke (BYE)
Case Cookus Note
Case Cookus photo 103. Case Cookus (BYE)
Mike Glennon Note
Mike Glennon photo 104. Mike Glennon (BYE)
Jack Coan Note
Jack Coan photo 105. Jack Coan (BYE)
Cole Kelley Note
Cole Kelley photo 107. Cole Kelley (BYE)
Reid Sinnett Note
Reid Sinnett photo 108. Reid Sinnett (BYE)
D'Eriq King Note
D'Eriq King photo 110. D'Eriq King (BYE)
Dustin Crum Note
Dustin Crum photo 111. Dustin Crum (BYE)
Jake Fromm Note
Jake Fromm photo 112. Jake Fromm (BYE)
Garrett Gilbert Note
Garrett Gilbert photo 113. Garrett Gilbert (BYE)
Kevin Hogan Note
Kevin Hogan photo 116. Kevin Hogan (BYE)
Jalen Morton Note
Jalen Morton photo 117. Jalen Morton (BYE)
James Morgan Note
James Morgan photo 118. James Morgan (BYE)
Jamie Newman Note
Jamie Newman photo 119. Jamie Newman (BYE)
Josh Love Note
Josh Love photo 121. Josh Love (BYE)
K.J. Costello Note
K.J. Costello photo 122. K.J. Costello (BYE)
Kai Locksley Note
Kai Locksley photo 123. Kai Locksley (BYE)
Kaleb Eleby Note
Kaleb Eleby photo 126. Kaleb Eleby (BYE)
Kenji Bahar Note
Kenji Bahar photo 127. Kenji Bahar (BYE)
Khalil Tate Note
Khalil Tate photo 129. Khalil Tate (BYE)
Malik Cunningham Note
Malik Cunningham photo 130. Malik Cunningham (BYE)
Roland Rivers III Note
Roland Rivers III photo 132. Roland Rivers III (BYE)
Nate Stanley Note
Nate Stanley photo 133. Nate Stanley (BYE)
Spencer Sanders Note
Spencer Sanders photo 134. Spencer Sanders (BYE)
Steven Montez Note
Steven Montez photo 135. Steven Montez (BYE)
Tanner Morgan Note
Tanner Morgan photo 136. Tanner Morgan (BYE)
Zerrick Cooper Note
Zerrick Cooper photo 139. Zerrick Cooper (BYE)
AJ McCarron Note
AJ McCarron photo 140. AJ McCarron (BYE)
Blake Bortles Note
Blake Bortles photo 141. Blake Bortles (BYE)