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Fantasy Football Player Notes

2020 Draft Rankings
James Conner Note
James Conner photo 16. James Conner (at CLE)
If Conner were able to stay on the field, he'd be considered as a top-10 running back in fantasy. Unfortunately, he hasn't done that, and it's led them to draft Jaylen Samuels, Benny Snell, and now Anthony McFarland. While none of them are better than Conner, it's likely we see them take some of the workload away from him in 2020.
14 weeks ago
Benny Snell Jr. Note
Benny Snell Jr. photo 60. Benny Snell Jr. (at CLE)
Snell Jr. got a fair amount of work last year in relief of James Conner, seeing 108 carries and gaining 426 yards with two touchdowns. When he got enough volume, he generally produced, totaling at least 89 total yards or a touchdown in each game he received 17 touches or more. Reports are that he'll be the primary backup again to James Conner, but Anthony McFarland Jr. and Jaylen Samuels will still factor in. He's a low-end handcuff at this point given the crowded Pittsburgh backfield.
13 weeks ago
Anthony McFarland Jr. Note
Anthony McFarland Jr. photo 68. Anthony McFarland Jr. (at CLE)
The Steelers have already said that if James Conner is healthy, they want him to be that "lead back" that Mike Tomlin has always leaned on. They also said they believe Benny Snell can be that guy if something were to happen to Conner. That doesn't mean McFarland will be chopped liver, but it does mean he's not going to be a 10-plus touch running back without injury. I've compared McFarland to Chris Thompson, which would make sense based on the Steelers' comments on the power running backs. If he gets 6-10 touches per week, he has enough explosion on a per-play basis to make an impact at times, but nothing you want to rely on consistently.
14 weeks ago
Jaylen Samuels Note
Jaylen Samuels photo 84. Jaylen Samuels (at CLE)
Samuels has received just 122 carries in his first two seasons, and although he can factor in as a receiver at times, he doesn't have a path to regular playing time. Even if James Conner deals with injuries again, Benny Snell Jr. and Anthony McFarland Jr. stand in Samuels' way. He's relevant only in extremely deep PPR leagues and barely so even there.
13 weeks ago
Trey Edmunds Note
Trey Edmunds photo 149. Trey Edmunds (at CLE)
Wendell Smallwood Note
Wendell Smallwood photo 150. Wendell Smallwood (at CLE)
Derek Watt Note
Derek Watt photo 152. Derek Watt (at CLE)